The Alabaster Box


Jesus was in a house in Bethany when a woman came to Him with an alabaster flask containing very costly fragrant oil. She poured the oil on His head. Matthew 26:6–7 This woman loved the Lord. She had set her love upon Him.

Setting our love upon Him is in Psalm 91, it has a promise of being delivered. A lot of times I would think it was because He loved me I was delivered, but even though that is true, He delivers me because I love Him.

I have to say I always have, sometimes, I thought I was alone in this even with other Christians. I talked a lot about whatever I was studying and prophecy, Hebrew studies, I was excited to share.

My mother would also read and study so much, that I told her to balance it out. It saved her life from a major attack on it, but that’s also an attack that was brought on by serious overwork. It is something I encourage her to avoid now that we are focusing on grace and rest.

It doesn’t seem possible that you can over love. But Jesus does, He loves us over and over again, every moment of every minute and every hour of the day. His love is ever present, omni present, effervescent. It will bubble up and overflow. It is infectious and will cause pure and genuine joy.

This woman was a sinner, a great sinner. She realized she’s forgiven much and was able to love much as we all should. I have read that it is Mary Magdalene, and she would qualify having had seven devils cast out but John 11:2 plainly says that is Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha.

Nevertheless, she entered, it was during the week of Passover and the Jews already wanted to arrest Jesus. She entered and the Bible says she poured it on His head, while most of the time in paintings she is at His feet. That is the account of Luke 7:38, that she entered stood behind Jesus and poured the oil on His head as she wept, and also put it on His feet still in tears and washed His feet and dried them with her hair.

This is a personal favorite of mine, a beautiful story of loving Jesus. She knew she’d been forgiven and recognized Jesus as Lord. Apparently, when others did not. The Pharisee objected, Judas complained, a pretense that the money  could have been used for the poor.

Jesus gently rebuked them, for He already knew about the betrayal.No one offered to wash Jesus feet, which was customary, but Mary did and with costly oil, Jesus said He was being anointed for burial and gave her the honor that wherever the gospel was preached her actions were recorded for posterity.

More than even a recognition of her forgiveness was her devotion to Jesus. Something that Judas lacked. Even though He more or less called Peter the devil for his aspirations of making Jesus a ruler, He was restored. With His crucifixion at hand, the beauty of Jesus sacrifice is apparent with Mary’s devotion, and evil betrayal of Judas is a cruel  juxtaposition.

As much as Mary loved Him, Judas loathed Him. Mary’s heart was broken like the neck of her alabaster box. Judas heart was evil with ambition, he must have perverted the scene into Jesus betraying his plans, his heart was black and cruel, and the devil turned into a madman. Having watched the silent version of King of Kings, Judas palms his communion, I wonder if the real Judas did the same? How could one so close do such a thing? It happens all the time. I have heard so many say the anointing of the Holy Spirit is costly, I suppose it is, if it cost effort time with Jesus and giving up friends or ways that are hurtful, but I always felt like, it cost me nothing and Him everything.

What a beautiful love story between Jesus and a woman named Mary, the same one from Luke 10:46, where Jesus says, …” one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.” Please enjoy this video with the CeCe Wynans song Alabaster Box. Rebecca Jones



2 thoughts on “The Alabaster Box”

  1. “… He loves us over and over again, every moment of every minute and every hour of the day. His love is ever present, omni present, effervescent.” What a wonderful truth that we should always remember! Thank you for this great reminder. Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at #CoffeeforYourHeart.


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