All Wrapped Up In You


Can’t we manage to find ourselves wrapped up in so many little things? Our jobs of course, but housework, homework, planning this or that. We all answer e-mail, delete spam or throw out junk mail, there’s barely time  to grab a gallon of milk much less linger in food aisles.

We manage accounts, pay bills, do online shopping, make lists. Prepare meals, fold laundry, get stuck in traffic. We’re so wrapped up in our own lives that we don’t consider others, maybe they need a kind word. So wrapped up, do we consider Jesus? What if the Holy Spirit never gets a word in?

What if you miss a hint of His presence and also a blessing? What if life is taking you down the wrong path or you’ve become involved with the wrong things or people and as a believer, He gives you a dream? Do you dismiss it? You’ll never how many times that I hear people say,  ” Oh, anybody can dream anything. ” Driving dreams are common, what about doors?

Believe me, there are foolish dreams, dreams the enemy tries to torment you with and true dreams from God, that a Godly person can interepret or God will for you. I encourage people to be careful of this. There are many false interpretations, trust the Holy Spirit to guide you in this if you are a believer.

When I was very ill four years ago, I was considering going to the hospital in pain. I won’t go into detail but, I prayed  had my mother pray, it took a while to recover from the enemy’s attack but I dreamed I was at the hospital and two doctors were telling me I should be with my Father. Prayer had overcome a life threatening illness. To be more precise, it was praying in the spirit. I encourage people to seek medical attention and take medicine in faith, God will confirm your healing. He did mine with a dream. And the devil comes to see who he can devour, that’s why

I realized that God was telling me, if I had gone to the hospital, the doctors would not have known what to do, He did! A prayer warrior did. But as I say, do not take foolish chances with your life. Never! I really had to walk a line of faith on this, it was hard.

I had had a few instances when I was told to listen to the Lord and I let fear get the better or me in that instance. I was afraid I was doing something wrong, really afraid of what God would do, but He loved me and showed me a better path, in fact, that I was on the right path, just under attack. what a loving God. I got wrapped up in tradition that made His word of none effect, I was always rebuking the devil and he was happy, my focus was off Jesus. Keep your eyes on Him.

It’s better to be wrapped up in Jesus than anything or anybody else! Rebecca Jones


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