Being The Beloved



To compliment Holley’s post let me add that I have a one on my blog called Mary, Mary.  And also, she is the woman with the alabaster box, though many people think mistakenly it is Mary Magdalene. I apologize for such a late addition to our Wednesday but my internet has been out.

I ususally write posts in advance with whatever God lays on my heart in my prayer time. I have been working on series about rest because I have found it very needful. I am wrapping up a 21 day partial fast with a friend, it has been very blessed. It is called the Bridegroom Fast. October promises some restful posts for sure as I have managed to get a lot done, including working on a children’s blog.

I am learning what it means to be beloved. So many women don’t know. They work, they stress, they don’t sleep. I, myself, have been chasing those dust bunnies that multiply by the dozens, I had to hit the house with some spray, either the heat or rains have driven little spiders inside. It seems I spray the furniture, dust, and then can write my name in it in a day or two. I watch it while I type sometimes, feeling guilty and I see my laundry piling higher, some days of doing it is like climbing Mt. Everest. So, we can understand both sisters.

But I made a conscious decision to be, Mary. And no one knows the cost of the oil in my alabaster box. Just like no one knows yours. Some things are better left between you and Jesus. I wasn’t a big sinner, and it does not specify Mary’s sins. I think that may be the reason for the Mary mix up. Mary Magdalene has a history. See John 11:2.

We all need to take time to rest, become the beloved. If we don’t, we’ll never find the one thing that is needful. Jesus? No, we have Him as a believer. The power of His rest, the rest He intended the beloved to have, we can rest, knowing He completed plans for us on that cross so long ago. I don’t want to insult Him by not taking this gift, that goes with the Holy Spirit and His peace.

I’m not telling anyone to to sleep all day and do nothing, though it’s nice on occasion. But nap, pray, set aside the quiet for you and Jesus, just like a date night with your husband. We have to make time for the people we love, and who knows, he may even pick up the vacuum for you. Have a paper plate or sandwich night. Make things easier not harder for those you love.

We’re making it harder for Jesus to help if we try to do it all, we can’t. He did!!! Rest, relax, enjoy your life and your Lord. Let’s all be Mary. Rebecca Jones

This post should have went up on Coffee For Your Heart. The link would not add, my apologies. Please read Holley’s post.


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