The Demonic Side




There is a dark side to every thing I suppose. Let’s talk about demons. They are nothing but fallen angels. Yet, they can instill fear.The word demon is not in the Bible, it comes from the word demonstrate, it will usually say devils. But like angels, in an attempt to copy God, the devil has ranks, principalities. powers, rulers. The irritating imps and tormenting spirits, you probably have run into a few. The nagging little nuisances of life.

While Mark 16:6 say we can speak in tongues, lay hands on the sick, take up serpents, drink deadly things and not be hurt, cast out the devil…we should delve further. Speaking in tongues is a spiritual gift, we do pray for the sick, and I’ve seen people raised from the near dead anyway. The serpents are spiritual, you might see them in a vision or dream, usually snakes are representative of lies, the type and color may have meaning also. People should not think they have to grab up snakes to prove their faith.

As for poison, wells could have been in those days, but it can refer to leaven or false doctrine. It means we will know by the discerning of the Holy Spirit, the truth. He is after all, the Spirit of Truth. When Paul shook of the snake bite, by the Spirit, it won converts, another story entirely.

I know of a couple of instances that speaking in tongues has caused people to avoid becoming involved with the wrong people. One of these people later died of a drug overdose, the demon that was seen in a dream was a better looking one, sources inform me that they are principalities and look more like people. This man was obviously a drug user, either oppressed or possessed by this demon, And the thing about it, the intercessor knows who she was praying for, the girl still doesn’t know but she was being protected from a bad situation. She could have married him, or overdosed along with him.

Demons can look like lots of things, wild looking cats, large or jungle kind, mad dogs, bats, buzzards or evil birds, snakes, python and constrictors. Alligators, spiders, people bound together, apes. They can have an odor, putrid about them or even a charming but deceptive tongue. A little girl was lured away by a man who had something his mouth that she thought was sweet, in reality he was going to sacrifice her to his god but rejected her because prayers were said on her behalf and for her recovery, this makes me rethink that I should pray for people and not just assume they have run off.

But most are fowl, even alcoholic, and rotten even smoke smells can follow unclean spirits. As for the reptile of alligator one, a minister was called to pray for a suicidal girl, six people were with her and wrestled a knife from her as the preacher drove through storms. When he prayed, three of the six saw the alligator or reptilian spirit leave her body. Not everyone will be able to see into the spiritual realm, and you must be careful who you trust, namely the Holy Spirit, above all. Not every one needs to.

Please know that I am not attempting to frighten you, as a believer Jesus gives you authority of over all these spirits. Don’t argue, just tell them to go, in Jesus name, three times if necessary. A for the devil, he is not in a red suit with a pitchfork, he is more in line with the he goat, horns that curl back to his feet, black. The movie, Alien, that creature is more like him, though he appears as an angel of light, people who walk in the Spirit will never be deceived. That is why it is a must to follow love and desire spiritual gifts.

Truthfully, we all cast off devils everyday, they are anger, fear, hate, greed, envy. Lust and jealousy, and lies. We all chose to avoid these as a believer or we should be. There have been people arrested who have tried to cast demons from their children. The better thing to do would be to pray over them, for them to have a teachable spirit, plead the blood of Jesus. Make sure they understand  your beliefs and why, and at the right age level. Teaching the crucifixion to a toddler would be scary. It’s better they know Jesus loves them.

Children can be very oppressed, just as adults and attacked with sickness and disease. But if we walk in the love of Jesus the Holy Spirit will show you things and guide you into all truth. So as long as He says fear not, we don’t have too. We have the greater one, Jesus, so there is nothing to fear with Him.

Theodore Roosevelt once said there was nothing to fear but fear itself. The devil is fear itself. I for one have had enough of that. I will walk with Jesus hand in hand and listen to Him say, fear not, everyday. The worst thing to be in is strife or division, it will divide your house, remember, believers  can be unbelieving about some of these things but they are Biblical. Rebecca Jones


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