Divine Intervention and Angelic Protection


Have you ever missed an accident? I have. Several. I was even two houses away from a fire. I was able to call the police seeing someone trying to break in our house. I was at the dentist when a tornado went down our street. I was at home when one demolished his office.

I had a double rainbow appear over my house and the neighbor’s after a terrible storm. There have been many more incidents. The close calls, the near misses, or are they? As a believer,  a true born again believer who holds the Lord dear, we are operating in salvation, more than not going to hell, we are walking in divine intervention and angelic protection. Yet, Christians are quick to say how lucky they are. Luck is rooted in superstition, fear and folklore, it falls on the demonic side.

Believers, walk in grace, whether they know it or not and many people abuse their grace and keep sinning. God is patient and forgiving but grace will take you so far and there are consequences, the Spirit of God will not always strive with you. You cannot lie to God.

I want to challenge you today, to recollect something. It may not have been something as dramatic as the lady whose child never cried at daycare, but would not stop screaming until picked him up, only to see the Murrah Federal Building collapsing as she drove away.

It may not be that the day you took off work was 9/11, when the towers were hit by terrorists. It may not be that you had a hunger for a for a certain  food and drove away from where the tsunami killed thousands. It may not be that you left your neighborhood because the weather man said get out now, this is F5 tornado heading your way. Only to return and not even recognize it, bodies scattered.

These are things that did happen to people. Divine protection and angelic protection. Psalm 91 is in effect. I have even heard the story of a man being shot at, he realized bullets were pinging all around him and perhaps off him. He remembered Psalm 91, the only thing he focused on in church as a youngster, a sign on a pulpit. He was not being shot. Divine intervention and angelic protection. His friend had kept confessing he’d probably get killed in the war. he was one of the first shot. Luck No. Divine intervention and angelic protection. Thousands were falling at his side, in a sense, but it, death, was not coming near. Angels were charged.

So the challenge is, remember and write down anything you can think of. Like I said, it may not be as dramatic as all that. In fact, there are probably times when the Lord saved you from something or averted disaster, that you probably didn’t know of. Look back over you life, and see if you can think of ways that divine intervention and angelic protection covered you with whispers or feathers.

Did you pass on a blind date, not take that drink, stop hanging around the in crowd. Did you decide to go to school, church, do things for others? Did you not drive drunk, or take that drug. Did you avoid uneasy situations, call a friend?

I know that 70% or more Americans would claim to be a Christian. Believe in angels. But do they really? Are you certain the watchers or watching you or are you claiming to be one of the lucky ones? You better be giving God the glory for His work, His grace ignores those slips, but even angels fell in disobedience to God.

While angels are not able to receive salvation as we are, they desire to look into it, or be  a part of it. We must be careful to give God His due, if you keep letting your words slip, your grace is shaky, your faith weakens, and you may not lose your soul, but you life can be on the line.

Cars wreck, planes crash, wars break out, wild fires burn, tornadoes, floods and hurricanes happen, people are shot in workplaces, malls, and schools. And these are major things, what about getting pregnant, overdosing, addictions? Rapes, robberies, not that these are minor. The world is full of danger and could be a scary place. But fear not, God is watching us and angels are charged.

Keep them charged in prayer. Be thankful for the divine and angelic assistance in you life, He’s the 911 you call before calling 911. I charge angels over you today, and if you care to comment, I’ll be happy to read it. Rebecca Jones

If you are joining me from Coffee For Your Heart, you have read Day 11 of my Write 31 Days Challenge, Angels, please scroll back to read more or visit anytime. Thanks…..

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