Who’s Watching The Watchers? 31 Days of Angels



This might appear to be a silly question, but who is watching those who watch us? The Holy Spirit always accompanies angels, it so it important to know that while God gives them charge over us, we have charge over them too.

Psalm 103 describes them as having superhuman strength, and says that they hearken or listen to voice of His Word. That means if we are speaking God’s Word over our problems and situations that they are listening and acting in obedience. Since angels can only obey God and His Word, and believers as they speak it. We are in a sense watching them, we will get to judge our guardian angels. 1 Corinthians 6:3 How many people actually know that or really believe it? That is why I chose to write about angels for my 31 Day October Writing Challenge. This is my 3rd year. And I want to thank Crystal Stine and everyone who has offered encouragement.

I want anyone reading this to understand clearly, I am not advocating card reading, psychics or anything except the pure and holy presence of angels sent to assist believers in Jesus Christ, the devil has counterfeits, he will use lies and confusion, but Jesus gives you clarity and peace. We must know what the Bible says and not trust just any book about angels, though there are several good ones, and each of us will have to decide for ourselves whether to believe stories, some may sound as way out as alien encounters but you will know the truth, as a follower of Christ.

I often pray for ministering spirits to strengthen me just as they did Jesus, though my forty day fasts only give up a meal or two. I do not pray to the angel, they are servants, not to be worshiped. Though I love reading angel stories, I use wisdom as to who is credible. The same is true of those photographs you see. Most are double exposed, photo shopped or just blurred, orbs are often glimmers of sunlight. One lady claiming to take dramatic photos around a statue of Mary was just a poor photographer getting the sunlight.

However, I have seen some that definitely outline a white figure, one caught by a hospital security camera, makes it more credible. And the story of a girl in a wreck who asked paramedics to pray out loud, brought a priest to anoint her. The absence of the priest, who told them they would get her out, in any of their photos, adds credibility to that as an angelic appearance, no Catholic church in the area had a priest who was there either.

I don’t want anyone to doubt the existence and reality of those who watch over us. A woman who had heard about Psalm 91, was walking home when she grabbed and dragged to the bushes, all she could remember to say was ” feathers” but she was released. Knowing or at least remembering one word of that Psalm probably saved her life. I encourage everyone to pray over themselves, families, houses, workplaces, plead the blood of Jesus over the person and place as well and also every route and mode of transportation, from subway to SUV to 747.

We know God is watching, and angels. We are watching those who watch as well. We know God is a promise keeper not a promise breaker. Sometimes, you will notice that babies are very aware of angels, especially, when being sung to. Pets are also very aware,  my Yorkie will kneel in the Lord’s presence in our house. He is in the midst of two or three who gather in His name to talk or pray or seek His face.

Isn’t it amazing to have angels to go to and fro, ascend and descend the ladders of heaven, who can strengthen us and protect us and even touch us with the healing of Jesus, that He places upon the wind of their wings?

You know that funny feeling you have when your being watched? Well, this isn’t one of them. It’s a great feeling to know these watchers are watching. God watches His Word to perform it. I hope you will enjoy my 31 Days of Angels, and be alert to the watchers, we all could use a guardian angel. Rebecca Jones

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Day 2 : Charge Over Me / A Study On Psalm 91


Day 3: Witness Protection / A Study on God’s Protection Plan


Day 4: Friends In High Places / A Look At Angels and the Children of God


also a link to my poem The Children’s Moon, a reminder to pray for children everywhere. And one to Halo Moon, a prayer for women.

Day 5: Wrapped In Wings / Prayers and Comfort From God’s Angels


Day 6: The Healing Pool / A Look at Angels and Healing Through Jesus


Day 7: Ministering Spirits / Angels and the Heirs of Salvation, Believers.


Day 8: Warrior Angels / God’s Mighty Protectors


Day 9: Gabriel / The Annunciation Angel


Day 10: The Devil’s Mouth Piece / Lucifer’s Fall and how he wants us to fail


Day 11: Angelic Protection and Divine Intervention / Looking Back At Life’s Moments


Day 12: Fallen Angels / Taking a Look Into Evil


Day 13: What Angels Really Do / Not Just Cherubs or Valentines


Day 14: Angelic Appearances / Who Saw Angels in the Bible


Day 15: Commanding Angels / God’s Powerful Host


Day 16: Angel Stories / Some Memorable Stories About Guardians


Day 17: Angels In Heaven / Do People Become Angels?


Day 18: The Reality of Angels / A Very Real Look At Angels


Day 19: Earth Angels /  People can be ” angels ” in a way.


Day 20: The Tongues of Angels / Do Angels Have a Language?


Day 21: The Angel of the Lord / Jesus Through the Old Testament


Day 22: Abundance Angel /// Jesus came to give life more abundantly.


Day 23: The Demonic Side / A Look at Fallen Angels, But Fear Not!


Day 24: End Times Angels / Angels and the Tribulation


Day 25: Praise Him, All Ye Angels / Praise from Psalm 148


Day 26: Michael, the Archangel / Jesus’ Right Hand Man


Day 27: The Burning Ones / God’s Closest Angels, Seraphim


Day 28: Heavenly Stairs or Ladders /  Jacob’s Dream


Day 29: The Promise of Angels / Some verses to study or memorize.


Day 30: Harvest Angel / A Poem for Thanksgiving


Day 31: Even Death Bows His Knee / Jesus Defeated Death


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