Harvest Angel

Harvest Angel

Harvest angel, gather in those that are blessed.

Invite them to Thanksgiving dinner.

Saint, no longer sinner, He gives us  grace for living.

In a time of giving, He gives us rest.

We give Him worship and praise,

He gives us His love, over the beloved, always.

We come from west and east.

To celebrate His Feast.

I’m honored to be His guest.

He is at the head of my banqueting table.

The Lord will provide, God is able.

Harvest angel, gather in the blessed.

May our homes be filled with His presence,

The aroma of His love, may it be found.

In hearts that are full,

In sleeping sweetly and sound.

Harvest angel gather together the beloved and the blessed,

And let us come to praise and thank the one who gives us His peace and rest.

Rebecca Jones

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