Charge Over Me

We always quote Psalm 91. But do we really even think about angels during the day or at night when something has us troubled or walking the floor?  First of all, Jesus said not to let our hearts be troubled. And to not let it be afraid. I love reading John. So what about our favorite or one of our favorite Psalms?

If we are dwelling in the secret place of the Most High, which really is in Jesus, we are dwelling under the shadow of the Almighty. Shadows in the Bible represent protection. There are many types and shadows of Jesus in the Old Testament, Joseph, Joshua, and Boaz.

We are free to say that He is our refuge, we can run to Him for safety, and our fortress, He surrounds us like a castle wall to guard us from the enemy’s invading army. We can trust God. And He set us free, like little birds trapped in the brambles of the fowler’s snare. We will fly again.

He delivers us from noisome pestilences. Pestilences are some diseases like a plague. The probably were very noisy with moaning and screams, considering there was little in the way of medicine and doctoring. His truth is like our shield and buckler. See the one attached to the angel’s arm.

We are not going to be afraid of night terrors, something a lot of children have had, and many suffer panic attacks. It’s all under the same protection if we can believe. Even arrows that are flying by day won’t phase us because God is our shield. Whether really arrows, spiritual darts or just the cruel words of others. They hit the shield and are rendered inoperative on the ground, the angel may even stomp out the fire if it were ablaze. It was a common practice to soak shields to keep the flame away, and if they were polished the sun would blind enemies.

Jesus keeps us in the Holy Spirit, it is up to us to soak Him up. We indeed, fight one kind of fire with another. He will extinguish the flames with truth. Blind the devil with His glory. Offerings were made to false gods at noon. The devil was stirred up but the Lord is greater. The devil walks in darkness but that won’t matter if the Lord is there.

In battle or in life, thousands may fall at our sides but it won’t com near us. We will see the wicked and what becomes of them. But are in the Lord our habitation. He is our home our dwelling place. Jesus said for us to remain in Him and His words in us, so here we are He had commanded angels, and they have charge over us.

We are their charges. They are assigned to us. We will report on them. Mine are getting glowing reports so far. So the next time fear starts to worry you, just remember an angel like this is nearby, tell the Lord to send him to help. I have fallen down, been hurt, but it could have been worse without angels, I even had a man show up and push me on an escalator with one hand as I was falling.

I tread over lions and cobras, I have seen them in spiritual dreams. You are walking past them in faith and in the Spirit. Me, I couldn’t tread on anything without Him, but as long as He’s with us, either the Lord, Himself or His holy angels will walk you through.

I was going to do another post on angel stories and I will but this story is credible and I believe true. It relates to the psalm. There was man out west who told of his grandfather’s angelic encounter, not in the Spirit, he actually saw the angel, he was a doctor in the days where he traveled by horseback, on his way to make rounds and visit the sick one day an angel appeared in front of him, the horse stopped and the angel reached over and pick up two snakes and threw them further away. And the angel was gone. Had the horse been spooked, the doctor could have dies and maybe his patients. With Jesus one way or another, He’ll get us through.

Because we love Him, because He loved us, He delivers us, honors us and is with us in trouble and when we call on Him. He will give us a long life and show us His salvation. I’m really looking forward to having this prayer so down pat that I won’t even stub my toe on the chest of drawers as I go to the bathroom in the dark,

And it would be nice to have them bear me in their hands, just pick you up and move you out of harm. that would be something, I try not to keep mine too busy, but sometimes I know they are just keeping things away from me, I’m glad to have them be in charge of me, and now you understand a little better how they have charge of you as well. Keep walking with angels, guardians and protectors of those who will believe. Rebecca Jones



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