End Times Angels

Revelation tells about angels, angels with trumpets with vials, angels that pour out bowls during the tribulation. I always tell people to read John, about love, before even beginning to attack the prophetic. It takes a lot of study, some knowledge of history, even ancient history to tackle it.

Jesus talks about the last days in Matthew 24. He talks about how His angels with gather His people, His elect. I have always been taught a pre Tribulation Rapture or catching away of the church. Many object to that term saying it started in 1800’s. There are differing beliefs, pre, mid , and post Tribulation. Some expect Jesus after 31/2 years, others believe we will go through the Great Tribulation.

Admittedly, Jesus says we will have tribulation in the world but to be of good cheer. He says He overcame, by the blood and His Word, we do as well. It even says so in Revelation. Matthew 24, explains the wars, rumors, the famines, pestilences and earthquakes. With the recent earthquakes, fires and hurricanes, it has had people worried and indeed we have been in the high holy Jewish feast days. All of which could be a time He could return for the church or His bride. Some people believe that is Israel, I do not. Israel was referred to as God’s bride and He will redeem her in the Tribulation.

Jesus tells us not to worry that these things have to take place. He warns of false prophets. Many of the people that some are calling false prophets today unfortunately are ministries I have benefited from, but I know how ill I was and He is the healer, I’m here, I tasted His goodness and grace as He tasted death for us. So it up to the individual to seek the Lord and study, to follow Jesus and desire spiritual gifts. No minister I know says they are Christ. In my opinion, we are not in the Tribulation.

Jesus said it would like the days of Noah, there is lawlessness, racism, tolerance of most anything, any belief, except Christianity. The spirit of Anti Christ is at work. Yet, there more than eight souls saved now, Jesus is a type of ark, Noah found grace. the grace message abounds, and is true, though many are abusing and disgracing their gift of salvation and their grace. It is not a license to sin, it is the desire and self control not to. So that answers that question.

When He comes, one will be taken and one left. I am not good at math, but I believe that is an illustration, an example, if you will, otherwise, half the planet will be caught up.  That may not be the case now or then, depending on the population, who believes, or is deceived by an Anti-Christ and who is put to death, or killed during the Great Tribulation.

Jesus also talks about the owner of the house. He would not let the enemy in, if he new the hour, NO ONE DOES, if they say they do, do not believe them. Jesus wants the house of our minds, our souls, clean. It is also a parallel to the wise virgins and to keep the light of the Holy Spirit in you burning. So, whether, we are caught away, in the Rapture, or the people in the tribulation, angels will gather them. It is why the harvest is ready and laborers should be shining a light into the darkness of the world before it does fall into complete lawlessness as He says it will. We still have laws, we still have some order.

Finally, let’s look at 1 Thessalonians 4:17, where the dead in Christ rise again and we who are alive and remain.  I have to believe that remain is not simply those left upon a scorched, destroyed earth but those who remain in faith. The Lord uses the word remain in many instances, so He would have to Paul also. The word for catching away indicates force, I believe He will remove the church before or at the very beginning of the Great Tribulation.

With all that is going on, even still, it is not like that. And He will come on a cloud as He left. I know it says every eye will see Him. And I do, in the Second Coming believe they will, in a Rapture of the church, every one of those eyes will see Him as well. I must emphasize that I make no attempt to add or detract from the Word, I can not make up anyone’s mind. I am relaying what I believe and was taught, I can’t make myself belief He will leave us in that type of world when we already believe. The great tribulation will separate wheat and tares, and that is why encourage anyone to receive Christ now. It will be harder to accept Him them and you could pay with your life, and if you ever take the mark of the beast, you seal your fate in hell. Why wait, why take chances?

Why refuse the love of Lord who gave His life? He will come quickly, 1 Thessalonians 5:1, like a thief in the night, which was a popular phrase in the 70’s after Vietnam, we have never seen blood to the horse’s bridle, at least not in America. And not a nuclear holocaust, though Hiroshima and Nagasaki were horrendous. There are still those who want to rule the world, only Jesus can sort it out and save us.

There are rumors of the Rapture on Pentecost 2021. No one knows the day nor hour. Jesus refers to that and the trump, it is blown over a period of two days to call Jews to the feasts. Since He was crucified at Passover, He could have been giving us clues, to those two days of the shofar. But we do not know. However, there is a sense of urgency among believers to repent, pray and witness. And angel will play a role in the End Times as we know them and be a beautiful part of the new heaven and earth, and eternity.

I will enjoy forever with the Lord. So let’s not worry but watch and pray. He is still in control no matter when He comes. And two other thoughts, Acts 3 say He will restore things, He could do it all together or first, and Weymouth translates prophesying as rapture, that could be a reason people believe Pentecost is a possible time of His arrival, one mind one, accord. That’s possible at any given moment with the Lord, believers everywhere praying at the same time, God exists in eternity, not time as we know it. And we are changed in the twinkling of an eye. Rebecca Jones



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