Earth Angels


While earth angels are not only messengers, they of course, are not real angels. Because someone does something for you, they may indeed seem like a real angel, they are likely influenced by the Holy Spirit and angels, but they are still people.

Have you ever met an earth angel? I hope so, please remember to not label people, they may not live up to it. earth angels are often volunteers, they probably even go unnoticed. They are the ones you can count on. God is rewarding them for their efforts, but why not take a moment and send them an e card? Better still, take them for coffee, lunch or send flowers or a small gift. I try to keep books, cards and small things for just such occasions.

I have recently gave a gift to a girl who turned twenty one. She has only recently started to date. In a day of friends with benefits, in a time when bad behavior appears to be rewarded, I thought she deserved a bag of goodies to celebrate the good.

There ware many ways to encourage each other and that’s what earth angels should do. We may not all be real angels but we are till servants of the Lords, actually, He calls us friends, we serve Him out of love not  being in bondage, we are prisoners of hope and love, we can freely share and express both.

I have had a couple of instances when there may have been real angels show up, one urged me to keep writing, in a time when I considered quitting, I was so often told I needed a real job, and rejection slip kept coming. But Jesus never rejected me and He has a plan, another time a man appeared and asked my mother to pray for him. There was even something about a homeless lady, I had to wonder.

Whether we are encountering angels unaware, and I still urge caution about entertaining strangers, or whether we are blessed to have an earth angel or if we are being one to someone else,  I pray we learn the value of blessing others. God loves cheerful givers and we are to sow seeds of love and kindness everyday. And share a laugh or a smile. We are His children, as believers, children or adults and our angels are looking at our Father as well. He wants His children joyful.

We want us to be children of His light, so demonstrate that today in some small way, even a phone call or note. And someone may think of you as an earth angel too. As you know I am on Pinterest, lots of angels too. I sent a pin to a girl, I just thought of her, the Lord put her on my heart. She replied, I needed this, I have been at the hospital six hours. And I was floored when a girl sent me a pin thanking me and calling me a gorgeous angel. Rebecca Jones

If you are joining me from Debbie Kitterman or Imparting Grace, please go back and read other angel posts. It’s all angels, all month.

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