Commanding Angels

God says He will command His angels concerning us. When we speak God’s Word, we too, are commanding angels. We don’t need an unemployed angel do we, not even one in today’s world. The Archangel Michael is one of only four named angels in the Bible, although you see Catholic teaching naming more and giving classifications, such as archangel, guardian. The Bible calls them principalities, powers, dominions, and rulers. Both heavenly and demonic armies have rank. The named angels are Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer and Abadon or Appolyon, two good and two evil.

Michael is over Israel, he put the devil out of heaven, he will eventually put him in the lake of fire. If you care to read the account, he does not rail on the devil. We don’t have to either. We have a believer’s authority to use Jesus name and trample over spiritual serpents and scorpions. Depending on your spiritual perception, or as the Holy Spirit sees fit, you may at some time actually see an angel, but be warned if you can see the good, you will also get a glimpse of the bad. But the Holy Spirit is always your protector, so fear not.

We should be commanding angels over our cities, towns, schools, airports, anywhere we go or feel the need to protected from danger, even going to the store. And we can command the devil off our lives and loved ones, but he will return and with worse demons and situations, Jesus said so. So if a person asks for deliverance, it is better for them to renounce their ways even ask for baptism of the Holy Spirit and be replace the bad with the Word, so they do not fall prey to the enemy.

Remember, people are not the enemy, the devil is. And we wrestle not against flesh, but engage in spiritual warfare. The key to this verse is wrestle, it’s there one, then look at the rest of Ephesians 6, stand, stand, and more standing. God stand with you, Jesus stands, with you, the Holy Spirit stands with you and and angel, twice as many as the number of fallen ones.

If you study angels, you must be careful. Different denominations recognize different things. While Islam recognizes archangels, they do not see Jesus as the Son of God. Latter day saints believe that Noah is actually Gabriel. And  mostly I have heard that there are only male angels. Why would God create everything in both but not angels, He didn’t. However the women with wings in their feet are transporting wickedness in a basket over Babylon, in Zechariah 5:9. Clearly these are angels. Both male and female. So there are both good and bad. I cannot tell you what to read or not to but I would avoid the things which are more mythology or New Age. There are many ways to study about angels, they always travel with the Holy Spirit, and demons shudder and flee at the name of Jesus, and while I believe He is the only name that will save you, it is and individual decision.

As for ascended masters and other things. Jesus was and is the Master or Lord of all. And He did ascend and is seated on the throne right now making intercession, commanding angels, watching over His Word, the only way we ascend is by praying in the Spirit, if you have that gift, and renewing our mind in Christ and we hope, one day, to ascend to heaven. This is not becoming a Jedi Knight, that involves many religions, nor is it video game.

Jesus us sometimes called the angel of the Lord., but I do not think that He is Michael or Gabriel as some do. A fallen angel, Lucifer and his minions are no match for Jesus, and I pray that He releases spiritual knowledge and discernment to you as you learn about commanding angels.

Go ahead, command them over your home, your children and rest in the peace He leaves us as to safety, and remember if anything does happen, the devil intended worse, like my cousin’s wreck, she had just dropped off her daughters, flipped and SUV into a church parking lot, the paramedic who opened the door thought he needed a body bag, all she had was badly broken ankle. Heaven was watching and I know the prayer warrior who charged the angels. Rebecca Jones


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