The Devil’s Mouth Piece


The dark plum lipstick behind leaves is pretty, but for my post it belies the beauty. What is the devil’s mouth piece, you ask? Well, a mouthpiece is a euphemism for a lawyer, perhaps a crooked one, or a spokesman of some kind. You know those kind of people who won’t relent like telemarketers or door to door salesman. They think if they get you on the line or a foot in the door, you are hooked, lined and sunken.

The lawyer badgers His witness, the Christian, of course, Jesus, our High Priest will object and the Holy Spirit, our advocate is not going to be overruled in heaven’s court of law. By the blood of Jesus, and our repentance, our very profession of Him and walk with Him, the fact we remain in Him, is not circumstantial evidence, the devil is overruled.

So what about the devil? Lucifer? One of the four named angels of the Bible. In his day, he was created perfect, but iniquity was found in him. Lucifer was the bearer of the seven deadly sins, beginning with pride, he sought to overthrow God or particularly, Jesus whom God had placed over everything. The devil was in competition, we have no need to be, in a manner  of speaking.

It is alright to compete in events, or competitions, but not with the idea of doing just anything to win. The cheaters, the liars, those would envy or deceive, and humiliate another for  gain, the devil’s mouth piece. If you belittle someone, lie about, judge falsely or act in a mean spirited and vindictive, the devil’s mouth piece.

He was the Son of God, beloved by the Father, our Lord Jesus. And who knows why a cherub, with musical prowess and a garment of jewels would risk losing his position, but he did, and he fell as lightning and Jesus saw him, and He has given us power to trample right over him and keep going. The things believers say to each other, and I am guilty too, usually trying to get someone to stand up for themselves or to see what is really going on.

Pray for that person, but against the adversary. Be encouraging, if you can’t lift them up don’t tear them down, I still say the wrong things sometimes. I have prayed for people who do not receive what I would want for them, for their I to open, but mostly I pray they know His love. If that doesn’t win them nothing will.

The devil is a jealous liar. Jesus said anything he said was a lie and called him the father of lies as opposed to God who is not a man or human that he can lie. This is what Manoah’s wife Hazeleponi said after encountering Jesus as the Angel of the Lord. Let me tell you too, his accusations are false. If you speak for God make sure of what He is saying. It may not be your place to call someone on the carpet. I have turned a lot of people over to Him. If He can’t fix a problem, how could we? Never let him deceive you again if you have been truly born again, really committed your life to Christ, if you still struggle with old ways, and it troubles you, torments you, that is the accuser and he is lying to you that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, perhaps even really saved. Staved people will have fruit and the the Holy Spirit, even if they have off days. Jesus says you will know them by their fruit and His Spirit will bear witness to them as the children of God.

You can ask Jesus to help you here, cast down wicked imaginations that are against God’s word, think good things. A believer should not have an evil conscience, it is under His blood, sanctified and holy, even if you think things you should not, the Lord forgave you and forgiveness is a present and ongoing process in the life of a believer, the Holy Spirit is your teacher. Jesus blood is over the place the devil went to accuse Job. And he no longer runs complaining to God, he slyly whispers lies to you. Don’t listen.

Are you big on gossip? I never thought I  was but I tend to explain situations and what happened to people in an effort to make some people understand the error of their ways, they haven’t gotten it anyway, so repeating it may just be gossip or a waste, the Lord will have to prepare hearts and draw people closer and still some may never believe.. That is a purely as shame.

The Bible warns us an awful lot about our words and we are not to let corrupt communication out of our mouths. If you can swear, you can preach. If you can lie, you can discern the truth. If you can be jealous, you can be zealous. And I know God is jealous, but not in a bad way. Not that, ”  If I can’t have you no will attitude.”

Lucifer was not created to be our adversary. The one who masquerades as an angel of light, was an anointed cherub. That is what he wants from believers, what Jesus has anointed you with. Whatever it is, hold on to it. It is the anointing given you by the Holy One, and it is powerful, that is why he wants you to lose it, he can’t have it again, he is a fallen angel, doomed to be condemned to the lake of fire for all eternity. And he brought fear into the world, he is fear, he is afraid of God, of us as believers.

And does he ever pervert and twist things, even if it is subtly, he sows tares patiently and waits for a mass murder. Or gossip for years to destroy a church. Oh, the taunting and torment, and ridicule. Some things are just not funny and there is a price to be paid for profaning the holy. The devil is the spirit of fear that we have not been given.

So let’s focus on Jesus, and not the fallen one whose name is no longer Lucifer, the light bearer, he feigns light and deceives many, but not those who love Jesus and worship Him, we do not bow our knee to wicked one, but treasure our words enough to  keep self control in a world that is out of control. We must claim, His righteousness, His grace, only by that and His mercy freely give would we ever be saved. We claim the righteousness of God, Jesus died to give us that right. We must use it to keep fear, terror and torment at bay. It says he created the waster to destroy, but it’s fair to say that destroys. Death and hell are demonic powers  and places meant for the fallen angels, not for mankind.

Jesus paid a high price to love us, what is on our tongues, the law of kindness? Or the filth of self righteous rags, condemnation or self pity, we are victorious in Him and not victims  and the devil has no right to victimize us. And his time is running our. So don’t play his silly games, or be the devil’s mouth piece. Rebecca Jones / Wesner Rodriguez 

2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Mouth Piece”

  1. You’ve hit on 2 of the biggest challenges for us as followers of Christ: listening to the wrong voice (Satan’s) and the need to control our tongues. Thanks for reminding us that there’s no condemnation to those who are in Christ and that we need God’s grace to control what we say.


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