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Many people are under the misconception that when we die and go to heaven we become angels. How many times have you heard someone say at a death, especially a child, that God needed another angel in heaven or that grandpa Joe is now their guardian angel?

First, it is not Scriptural. I’ll give you an example. Lazarus, the beggar, went to paradise while the rich man went to hell. The rich man has all his senses, is in torment. And is not a demon, he’s still the rich man. Lazarus, in paradise, where believers went before Christ died, is still Lazarus, he is not an angel, but no longer a beggar. He would have ascended to heaven after the resurrection and He is still Lazarus. It also debunks the theory of soul sleep in my opinion, but I am not arguing with Adventists. I believe that when you die, you go to heaven or hell.

And when Jesus spoke to Moses and Elijah on the mountain, they were still Moses and Elijah, not angels. And let me add that Jesus was God and could talk to them. Necromancy is forbidden, we are not to try to communicate with the dead, ever. This is why I tell you to avoid psychic readings cards, mediums, even some spiritual advisers, and seances. Even movies and books about such things can open demonic doors, close them, cut off anything the Holy Spirit leads you to.

So we are not going to be sitting around plucking a harp on a cloud and waiting for our wings as an angel second class, you see, It’s a Wonderful Life is a great movie, harmless enough when you know the truth. Clarence did not die and become some clumsy, inept angel. But there are so many movies and games filled with violence and demonic devices, it is something I would ask the Holy Spirit to help prune. You may see a big difference when you take authority of over these fallen angels and their influence.

So let’s talk about people as guardian angels, I believe it helps to cope with grief, and grieving is natural, when it overcomes you, it is spiritual, if it dictates your life, it is more like a spirit (evil ) of grief.  I have counseled women about this, one who remembers losing a son before Christmas, one on Valentine’s Day. The devil works in cycles, patterns and seasons and with numbers, he tries to copy God. Will these women remember these days? Always. Does it have to be a source of grief, ruin your holidays or a romantic Valentine dinner? No. Will the devil try to torment you, or try something else? Oh, yeah. But we have Jesus.

Let me pray for you now if you are grieving, Father I ask you to remove the spirit of grief that shrouds your child in guilt, blame and self punishment, if there is forgiveness needed give it, let her receive it. The babies are not cute little cherubs, but they are with you. And the adult believers who passed for whatever reasons are not angels either, but they are with you, so may they receive your peace and rest, know you know the answers, in Jesus name, amen.

Now another movie I like is considered a fantasy, it is a Christmas movie called Beyond Tomorrow. If you are not a fan of old movies, you’ve never heard of it. And even if your are, it is not well known. I had a chance to talk it over with a young film critic.  Three older men, all wealthy, toss wallets with ten dollars out onto the streets with their cards. One is very skeptical, who will return ten dollars to a rich man? But two people do and the men become their ” guardian angels ” in a way. The men are killed in a plane crash, they keep being angels, guiding them away from danger, the old curmudgeon even follows the light to heaven, after a change of heart.

I enjoy this movie, it is full of love, but not everyone is going to get these chances, especially after death. I know He can send you back, give you glimpses or visions of heaven or hell. It is considered a fantasy and a lot of people would think of angels that way, or Christians just a bunch of nuts, but look what they believe in.

The main character even refuses to come to heaven until he helps the young man who was shot at the nightclub, he wants him to stay with the girl he came with. It all works out. the couple gets together and Michael goes to heaven. It is a beautiful old film and relevant in some ways, but not accurate.

As for being an angel after you die, it would not be heaven for you if you knew what people are going through. However, we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, the Bible says, so these are likely angels, possibly fellow believers. If God chose to show them good things, I suppose He could do that. There is a story of a little girl who saw her grandmother in a school bombing, that appears very credible, she saw an angel save the children by diverting the blast, only the one with the bomb was killed, I believe she saw the angel and momentarily, her grandmother. Was the grandmother her guardian angel? No, I don’t think so, it had not been that long since she had passed and maybe it was more of a comfort in a bad situation. If Jesus allowed it or some dream or vision of heaven, it is different. Most people are not capable of discerning correctly and can fall into wrong thinking.

As for near death experiences, people who have died and went to either heaven or hell and returned, you have to use wisdom. Most people will  not admit to hell, or at least I have not read many. There are some very credible, a teenager who committed suicide, was dead when paramedics took her away, was in hell, called on Jesus was revived. A man burning in a plane, also going to hell, but a man dragged him from it, he also survived, a telephone lineman who fell from a post and died, was in hell, saw the robe of Jesus pass him, he called out to the Lord and he survived. Be careful of these, especially the heaven ones, people in sin and unbelievers are not going to heaven and back. I know some great stories about that, perhaps another post, believers who went and came back.

So we are not going to be angels? What are we going to do? Even a friend of mine who passed in her eighties thought heaven would mean a cloud and harp. This lady had been to church most of her life. What had she been taught or what had she learned? I want to teach you as simply and truthfully as I can. And I know, some things can sound out of this world, they are. God is an awesome God. We will be writers, teachers and artists, whatever you were on earthy but better, doctors, nurses, cops and firemen will have to do something else. Personally,  I think a lot of people will be in school.

Don’t talk to the dead, demons will talk back, be deceptive and hurt you, keep you in misery and grief. Don’t talk to tombstones. If you ask Jesus to say, Happy Birthday or Happy Mother’s Day, let Him do it. the devil is not above sending you a spirit that is a look a like or sound alike. Once, I heard my mother call me, she sounded sick. We had a spiral staircase. I called her from the bottom. She said she didn’t call me, wasn’t sick. However, there was a broken step. The devil’s deception, had I went up and fell, I might not be here telling you this.

And to send chills down your spine. There is the story of a man who had friends call him and warn him not to go to work, the Holy Spirit had them praying for him. He indeed told his boss this the next day that he was Christian was warned, another man said he was a Christian too, he went up on a crane or some contraption to do the work, there was an accident, he was decapitated. One listened, one did not. Learn to follow His voice or the whispers of angels, or they may be carrying you to heaven sooner than you think, actually,  Jesus comes for believers.


If you are joining me from By His Grace or Pinterest, this has been updated from the 2017 Writer’s Challenge, Day 1 will connect to all of them. Angels all month long here. Enjoy!



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