The Reality of Angels


Are angels really real? All throughout history and in many forms of art angels have been written about and dreams or visions, deliverance from harm recorded. The Bible is really the beginning of history. No doubt Adam and Eve were in the company of them from time to time. If God, probably, in the form of Jesus, walked in the Garden of Eden with them in the cool of the day, angels may have come and gone also and it it is not entirely impossible, He allowed them to visit heaven, but then there was the fall.

Sin originated in Lucifer, that was pride, not with Adam and Eve. Sin is not allowed in heaven, so he was cast out. The devil was then determined to start a war on God’s newest creation, mankind. And he was full of every evil work, beginning with deception.

God did not create sin. He created angels. And one of them decided to take over. Guess who failed big time?  Even though Isaiah 54 contains a verse about creating the waster to destroy, a better translation is who destroys. It was never God’s intention to use the devil as a teacher. God is love and He had a better way to teach us, His name is Jesus, and He left us the Holy Spirit as believers.

That passage also contains God’s covenant of peace. He wants children to be taught of the Lord and to have great peace. Jesus left us His peace. But that is for believers, the world won’t get this. We are to be established in righteousness, and the unholy three fear, torment and terror will be far from us. It should be a daily confession for believers as the devil roams seeking who he can devour. We are not righteous except through Jesus, not our works, nor faith, we are nothing without Him. The devil is fear, not caution, not concern, or taking care, common sense or wisdom, but mental torment, anguish, phobias, panic, terror. It is what he is and does.

But God is love. It is unfortunate that His plan of salvation took so long. Mankind was driven from the garden, a cherubim with a flaming sword guarded it to keep them from returning to eat from the tree of life. They would have lived in the flesh forever in a fallen state. And man has always had a free will. I am so glad I was willing to trust God with my life, and I have had to overcome fear.If the devil accuses you, which he has no right to do if you are born again. You can cast down those thoughts, but Jesus will help you when he accuses your heart, because He is there.

Are angels real? Very much so. And there for believers, again they accompany the Holy Spirit, are not objects of worship, remember there are fallen ones, you will have to trust the Holy Spirit and desire spiritual gifts to discern, the fallen ones who will try to be deceptive. Do not trust everything on the internet.

The reality of angels is such a beautiful thing, angels were once teachers but some of those angels fell because of relations with the daughters of men. A third fell with the devil.  Are angels still falling? It is not for me to say. Personally, I would think not, Hebrews talks about them letting their words slip, I think they probably learned from this part of ancient history. Our words are very important, read and pray the Scriptures.

What we can take away from this is that angels are very real, good and bad, There are so many more good angels than bad, we have nothing to fear, as long as we are in God’s camp, and greater  is He that is in us than He that is in the world. John 4:4. And the angel of the Lord encamps around the saints. Psalm 34:7

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