Ministering Spirits

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? Hebrews 1:14

The Lord is, through the Apostle Paul, explaining the Supremacy of Jesus as the Son of God. He previously states that God never said to any of His angels that they would be in charge and the earth their footstool. The position of the Son of God and everything placed under His authority, was always for Jesus.

When Jesus was made a little lower than the angels, it was only temporary and necessary  to the plan of salvation. While Jesus was all God, He had emptied Himself and had to rely on the Holy Spirit, just as He wants us  to do. While doing His Father’s will, He was also very much human, tempted and tested every way and without fail. He knew hunger, exhaustion, temptations. He knew the consequences of sin and never fell into the devil’s traps.

And He knew pain, excruciating pain. Did you know the word excruciating actually means from the cross? Lets look at Jesus being tempted, He had fasted forty days. He was asked to turn the bread to stone. If you are the Son of God. The devil wants Him to give in, second guess Himself and he leaves of the word beloved. God called Him the beloved Son of God in who He was well pleased. And the devil wasn’t about to remind Him.

I have done forty day, twenty one day, fasts. And they were partial ones, I gave a meal or two, some Pinterest time, ice cream because it is so tempting and tends to line up with the phrase, lust of the eye but this is Jesus, strong enough to tell him off and not turn the rocks into rolls. He didn’t jump off and risk His life to angels, either. He had nothing to prove.  And He knew never to bow His knee to the wicked one, even though he offered Him the world, and it was his because Adam gave away the authority. We all know he is a liar, Jesus knew too. And he wouldn’t have handed anything over. Jesus wasn’t buying it. Nor should we. Never argue with him or play the devil’s mind games.

And while Jesus did not take the devil’s Psalm 91 dare, He required the assistance of angels as a human. He would know where and when and it started with Joseph’s dream to flee to Egypt. The best example is that ministering spirits attended Him after He was tempted. I’m sure there were many times, Jesus was weakened, for He gave out so much to so many. The power or dunamis left His body to heal the woman with the issue of blood, and there was still power to raise a dead child. Even after agonizing in the Garden of Gethsemane, in John’s Gospel, He has even asked God in His humanity to take the cup if possible, sweating blood and braking Adam’s curse over the earth, He was still able to step up to those who would arrest Him and declare Himself the I AM and knock them backward. That is power and authority.

He was even able to endure the cross for use and dismiss His Spirit, and cry out, ” It is finished. ” That is power. Then he was able to go to hell and retrieve the keys from the devil and He was raised He gave us back what Adam had lost, authority over the enemy. Jesus was able to do this with the Holy Spirit that He left for us, He was tempted and while in the Spirit, overcame. He promised He would baptize us  with that same fire.

So if you are ever tempted, speak His words to the enemy, and it is fine to ask ministering spirits to accompany you in travel, to watch over family, to get in the middle of a problem you have, and to strengthen us as they did Jesus. The Hebrew phrase, ” Hazak, hazak, v’nit , chazek. ”  Sounds like, huh zock, huh zock, v neat, huh zeck. means Strength, strength and be strengthened. I pray that for us today and every day as we journey with and rest in Jesus.

And  I pray for angels to flood our hearts and minds with His peace. And it is His strength that is our joy. I hope you are enjoying learning about angels. Rebecca Jones

I am also adding the Carl Block painting for you to enjoy. And one by Franz Swartz.

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