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I suppose there is a darker side to every thing, which brings me to the subject of fallen angels. I hesitate to discuss things that are in the realm of the occult or the enemy, but we are not supposed to be ignorant of things. In fact we are to be both as wise as serpents and as harmless as the dove. I had trouble with the former.

When Lucifer fell from heaven at whatever time that was and there is debate about that, he took with him a third of all the angels, and they are described as innumerable. There was no word back then, like trillion or quadrillion. We have no idea how many that would have been. And my personal belief is that they are still being created, so the demonic is even more greatly out numbered. Remember, the angelic army that the servant of Elijah saw?

I have also heard of people in dire situations being delivered from tribal attackers in being protected, later when they found out why, they heard that natives were asking who all the men with swords were. When of course there were only a couple of missionaries.

And I remind you of the angels who did not stay within the limits of authority God gave them but left the place where they belonged. God has kept them securely chained in prisons of darkness, waiting for the great day of judgment. Jude 1:6

Some translations say estate, which can also include a notation that says principality, which we know is a rank. These angels decided to go against God at some time, and face eternal consequences. These could be the angels that wanted to be human, and fell into fornication with the daughters of men. Perhaps, you have heard that there are beings called Nephtillim or that these angels produced a race of giants. I know there is debate about that as well. These angels in the form of men, even larger or taller men, fell out of their grace or rank, even estate as it says by taking wives. The race of giants were likely all killed in David’s day, however the evil spirits, are either in chains or still deceiving people. I cannot say definitely, I may have to do more research but that is not as much of a concern to me as that we have so many more doing good for us as believers.

Genesis 6:4, says that they were here. I believe angels were assigned duties just like they are now, but these angels did not keep their estate, they would go to the mount, Horeb, I believe, and probably deliver messages from God. As people were pagan and worshiped many gods or none at all, God still tried to win them back to him, but these descendants of Cain were carnal, wicked, which is why the Flood eventually came. Still, the angel would have been in human form, and angels are much larger that people, so there could well have been many giants in the day, including perhaps Nimrod, who corrupted astronomy and turned it into astrology.

Whether the angels died and went to Hades and were chained or were gathered up after their fall into sin and bound, I could not say. It is very safe to say that some very bad angels, and their very bad offspring are  reserved in chains, and that is great news. Whether the souls of the giants are demons, or in Hades, or they too are chained. I could not say. there has been evidence found of giants, and the last ones were Goliath and his brothers, probably not having anything to do with these. And people today, who are extremely tall usually have a medical condition.

I have to tell you, I have several books by a woman who has had many visions of heaven and hell. She appears very credible to me and is recognized by major ministers. When Jesus showed her hell, people were being loaded onto ships and hurled by and angel like the discus thrower into outer darkness. Doesn’t that sound like a flying saucer? Perhaps, many are getting glimpses of hell and don’t even realize it. And aliens and green men and alligator people are right alongside the walking dead, the subject of fascination. But also a deception of the enemy.

I like science fiction too, but when the Rapture or catching away of the church comes. Many will be quick to buy anything with people missing. I am not adding or detracting anything from the Bible here, the story is there. He has angels chained. Have more fallen since, I don’t know. Hebrews talks about angels letting their word slip, uh, oh…no wonder we should watch ours.

I prefer to think they have learned their lesson although the subject comes in movies, even one of my favorites, The Bishop’s Wife. Dudley, the angel likes her very much, but leaves. Other movies are not just so enjoyable and family entertaining. There are many I will not watch. I believe parents should be responsible for what children watch as well. Never instill fear into a child. But teach them how love is the opposite not hate.

And while there is good and evil in most every story, we have to use good judgement. If you say don’t watch this or that, they will. Even many cartoons have adapted things that can be occult. While I would not say, ” Don’t watch the Wizard of Oz, because of the witch. ” It is a dream. I would explain why Christians should not have anything to do with the occult. What you watch opens doors, whether curiosity or worse. These little impy things are called fascinations. I know because it was a word from the Spirit and someone confirmed it. Being fascinated is normal, giving in to overly obsessed ideas or beliefs is not, allowing the devil a place. People who are not rightly dividing the Word will not be aware of this and unbelievers are clueless and fair game for demons and evil spirits.

Always ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and test or try any spirit, angels will acknowledge Jesus came in the flesh as the Son of God. Demons will not. So at least a third of heavens angels fell but that okay because we have many more at our side. God did not create sin, it was found in Lucifer, he was prideful and fell, he was narcissistic because of his beauty. No way, he is as altogether lovely as Jesus. He wasn’t then and isn’t now. And they were not brothers, and in no way equals. The devil, ha’satan, Beelzebub, Mephistoflees, and all his names, he is still a fallen angel defeated by Jesus on the cross with all the other demons, including death. The death angel is not John Dye from Touched by an Angel.

The devil comes and goes, he is not everywhere, he has ranks of angels trying to copy God including imps and minions out causing trouble. I think most people are oppresses of the devil, even believers. That does not mean possessed. If someone says the devil can’t do anything to a believer, he’s mistaken. Oh, he cannot go down to Georgia and steal a soul, deceive, yes, but the person has to be a willing participant, just as in believing Jesus. God won’t force you, the devil will, he will lie and accuse and torment.

Finally, if there are many more angels, why don’t we see more believers? More miracles? More good? We believe the lies the devil has sown in our hearts and minds, remember, he comes for the Word. Mark 4 and Matthew 17 adds a phrase, when you don’t understand, he steals it. And he cannot accuse like in Job’s day. Even in days of Noah, when wickedness abounded, he found grace and there is grace today.

Please remember, he is not in anyway an equal to God. And he is telling the same old lies, still railing and spewing false accusations and reminding us forgiven sins. Don’t listen, let your ear be open to the Holy Spirit, and Truth, not a deceiver, accuser and liar whose name is fear.

Let’s rid his evil and unbelief, and lie, false accusations from our hearts and minds as believers and enjoy the abundance of God’s holy angels and let them sing praises to replace fear and frustration. Greater is He who is in us. So don’t worry about fallen angels, the Lord’s angels are mightier than any race of giants, doctrines of devils or cult fascinations or even mythology.

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