Even Death Bows His Knee



I recently heard about Jesus as the demons had Him in hell those three days when He was in the tomb. He went into hell defeated death, hell and the grave. He took the keys of hell, He overcame the devil.

Jesus led captivity captive, He brought the souls of those who had believed and entered Paradise with Him out of the grave. The thief who believed as well, who while on the cross recognized Jesus innocence and His own guilt as repented arrived about the same time as the Lord.

The souls in Paradise rejoiced, I’m sure, to see Him come and free them. Heaven at that time was referred to as Paradise and there was a gulf dividing it from Hades in the center of the earth.

No doubt, as that horrid enemy watched Jesus carry a cross after being beaten and scourged, spat upon and mocked, His beard plucked and blood run down His forehead ripped by a crown of thorns, thought he had defeated Jesus once and for all. When in fact, even after agonizing in Gethsemane, sweating blood to break Adam’s curse upon the earth, He was able to stand and declare I Am He and knock over 600 men with His power, He even healed the ear of Malchus to keep Peter, the denying one from prison.

No, Jesus was all man and all God in all ways tempted but perfection itself. Sweetness, Himself, allowed the Romans to take Him. No one could hold Him. He willingly gave His life to save us, heal us and provide angelic protection and divine intervention.  He keeps His promises and we should Amen them, these and so many more. Clearly, Jesus was the Lamb of God, sacrificed, atonement for those who would believe, He died once and for all.

As for the devil, his demons must have been dumbstruck, He was seen in Hades, they must have dragged His soul from His body, this is the first teaching I have heard that describes Death as a demon, or perhaps even higher dominion or principality.

They laid hold of Jesus alright but His power overcame every demon, they were probably trembling and whatever plans they had Him the Holy Spirit did not allow, He had the keys of Death and Hell, the devil was probably off celebrating and highly disappointed to see his arch enemy missing on the third day.

We can only speculate on what actually happened, I know people have had visions and I believe some are very credible. And still I know some who would even dispute He was in hell but the Word is clear…it was prophesied in the Old Testament.

For you will not abandon my soul to Sheol, or let your holy one see corruption. Psalm 16:10 ESV

Because thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption. Act 2:27 KJV and again in Acts 13:35

Death bowed its knee to Jesus as the Holy Spirit brought Him forth and rolled away the stone, He folded His napkin that covered His face as a sign of His return, a custom at the time, but at meal time, they would understand His return.

God did not leave Him there, he had Joseph of Aramathea to offer His tomb, people who were crucified were usually thrown into  a fire pit another reference with Hades or hell. And He was not dead four days like Lazarus, imagine the groaning of the Holy Spirit to bring Him back even more than Jesus did for him. Lazarus was beginning to decay.

And there was no way the already tortured and mutilated body of Jesus would be put in with the bodies of prisoners, animal carcasses or trash, or even feces or whatever was rotten that needed burning. No way God would let it happen. Jesus really had to trust His Father. Remember, the law of the Spirit of life makes us free from the law of sin and death. Romans 8:23, and the wages of sin is still death, even believers who continue in it, sometimes unwittingly. Roman 6:23, we should keep His words in our hearts and our minds on Him.

I realize this is an extreme post, that was impressed upon me as I overcome my own health problems. Jesus took the sting of death and is merciful to those who have fought bravely and are just to tired, but if you can trust Jesus, and whatever spirit Death may be, it bowed it’s knee to Him, It has to bow to His name. Jesus gives us authority, it will take faith, hop and love, and the greatest is love, His love, but He makes all things possible and new. Can you believe Jesus, and let Death bow to you, because He is beside you. Rebecca Jones

I hope you have enjoyed 31 Days of Angels, in the future I may even learn how to make an e-book and offer it to subscribers, but you can find it all on Pinterest, Writer’s Challenge 2017, and all links are on the October 1st post, Who’s Watching the Watchers? God bless you, may angels watch over you. Thank you for reading any or all posts.




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