Angel Stories


I decided to recount some of my favorite angel stories. But first I need to tell you that a lot of the stories you hear about people being stranded and someone showing up to help out of the blue, some are just good Samaritans and some are angels unaware, that look like people, no wings.

I heard of one lifting a car off a man, a man appeared from nowhere to do it, a story of two little girls lifting a tractor off their father, girls, even with adrenaline can’t do that. They had help. A Christian man in Hawaii, who was big strapping guy, held a helicopter out of the water, so the pilot would not drown. The copter weighed over a thousand pounds, it was the Holy Spirit strength and angelic assistance.

You will also read of pilots landing with no radio, being guided in by the voice of a controller, only to be told they had had no contact with them. Food arrives when you need it most, this kind of thing. Now, let me tell you some more.

The one i suppose I never forgot was about a boy in Florida. He was old enough to watch out for snakes and was wearing boots, but one bit him above the shoe anyway. As he lay dying, a man picked him up and carried him home. His mother was able to get him to the hospital and he survived, asking about the man. Of course his mother, had not seen the angel. Or was it even Jesus, Himself?

And then there was the man in an accident, who was suddenly on the outside of the car watching it burn. Another similar incident happened on a plane when a passenger turned to see a fireball coming down the aisle, then was on the tarmac instead. I read of a car full of nuns who were about to be in a wreck, expecting a head on collision, they braced themselves for impact, when nothing happened, they turned to see the truck as if had passed right through them. Angels were likely involved here as well.

Aren’t these fabulous? God, the creator of physics, can move time and alter matter should the need arise. that is why it is important to pray for protection, to be alert and on guard for the enemy enjoys keeping fear and confusion, in our hearts and minds. Jesus left us His peace though and that is a treasure. The same God who raised Jesus from the dead, watches over us, with innumerable angels at the ready.

There is a a photo of a cherubic looking cloud over the funeral of a police officer. And a man who felt a hand on his shoulder saying he was about to die. Knowing Jesus is not about fear, I find it hard to believe He would say that, except the man says, the voice said die for Him. He was a believer, in good health but way overworked, by his own doing. So at forty, he fell dead.

It took paramedics longer to revive him than the time allotted for there to be no brain damage. Yet. after a time in the hospital, he was responding to commands, and mouthing his nurse’s name. He survived with a slight impairment. The story he tells of going to heaven, flown on the back of angel, and being told by God to go back, that people had forgotten His power, is very convincing. And that is true.

A boy fell through the frozen ice, paramedics searched frantically, they founded him by poking  around with a hook and finally after over half an hour, the pulled him onto the boat, and went to shore, one of the rescuers ran to the ambulance with him. This was a rescue that involved angels for sure, at the hospital, doctors ran his blood through a heart/lung machine to warm it, he survived.

And then there was the dog who was just being brought home, he ran toward a fountain in the yard, the toddler along side him, the dog jumped in the pond and was electrocuted, while the parents grabbed the child. A true laying down your life for a friend story. He had given his life to save a child, and the parents were grateful. No doubt an angel was involved in that.

These are just a few of them, I hope you enjoyed reading them. There are many good books out there, just be careful about which ones you believe, the Holy Spirit will guide you.  If you have an angel story, leave a brief comment. Rebecca Jones

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