Sun and Moon

I love to read the psalms and the words for the sun to praise Him, the moon, all the shining stars. God decided to create, bara, the sun, shemesh and chammah, of course light and hot make a lot of sense. And the moon, yareyach, yar-e-a-ak. from the root, yerach, which means month, God was on a lunar calendar and I will give you a list of months at the end of the post.

While the other word for moon, l’vanah, from lavan, or white is more poetic. Yareyach, has a masculine concept and l’vanah a feminine tone. The same is true of the words for the sun. Wisdom is even referred to as a woman, so it is conceivable that He made everything to reflect the idea of both men and women created in His image and sharing qualities with each other that make them one, or echad, e-hod, Jesus and the Father were one, both God, loving and strong, male but full of empathy toward woman. Ehad has a numeric value of thirteen as does ahavah, love.

So God meant for the sun and moon to be used as signs and seasons. It was a calendar for people with no calendars. Each new moon was the first of the month. There were only 360 days at one point. But we are using a Gregorian calendar today, and that is why there a lot to learn about Hebrew and how the Bible records feasts, what there meaning is to us today as Christians, it is a broad topic and one of controversy. No one knows the exact day of His return, though I do believe He points us to a fall feast, we still would not know the day or the hour.

Much has been made of the recent blood moons. But I know that God will take care of believers and we do not have to live in fear about these signs or seasons only be aware of them and be secure in our salvation. Originally, the sun and moon had no names, they were called the greater and lesser light, ancient people worshiped both, they were pagans and practiced idolatry. Abraham was called out of idolatry, he would have known about astronomy. Nimrod corrupted astronomy and we have astrology.

The sun and moon did get names, shemesh, the sun, is a word similar to shamash, the center candle of the menorah. Both are light, and servant. Unfortunately, both the Son and the sun have been worshiped. The moon became yarakh, another spelling, and from ore ach, meaning the path way. The moon does orbit the earth. Yet in early time they were worshiped a Ba’al and Asherah.

The tides are affected by the moon, some people appear to be with seizures and other ills, it is where we get the word lunatic. But the night doesn’t make people ill or angry or cause them to be frenzied. It is a fear of the dark that is not just the dark, but the evil that is the realm of the devil’s domain that both oppresses and possesses souls. Illness can be from a fallen world or an attack of the enemy which is oppression, Jesus healed those who were oppressed of the devil. And while I don’t encourage being afraid of the night or the dark,we should all be cautious, it is not a good idea to watch, read or allow certain things in your spirit, the devil sees doors and a toe hold becomes a stronghold.

It is wisdom to learn things but not to get into worry or fear, as far as the blood moons there have been an number of them coinciding with feast dates, there was one when Israel became a state, in 1948, one before the six fay war in 1967. There is a sturgeon moon happening this month, a name given because of native Americans and the fish that are plentiful. It is a time we should be catching souls as well, not with fear but love. there are other names for the moon, strawberry and buck.

And of course the supermoon and blue moon. And the last word for moon is sahar, meaning crescent. Is there a time of war coming, no doubt, because it is predicted in the Bible, but we as believers can rest in our knowledge of His saving grace, and for now just enjoy the sun and moon. When He appears in His glory, He will rightly divide it all. Rebecca Jones / pixabay


2 thoughts on “Sun and Moon”

  1. Oh, thank you for this insightful and comforting post. I have someone in my life who is very aware of these blood moons and the relation to Israel. She sees them as ways for us to be aware of how time is progressing towards God’s timing. Yet you have given me that along with the comfort that they are there and life goes on and I am to live and love and share Jesus out of my life and the love that God has given and continues to give to me. I also love all the words and the digging deeper! Great post!


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