The Miracles of Jesus

The miracles that Jesus performed would overflow the gospels, had they all been recorded. The Hebrew word for miracle is nes. And you know, only He and the records in heaven are able to have an accurate account. What about all the ones since His ascension, through history and until now? What about you or I? We are miracles aren’t we? We believe He heals or truthfully has healed and we’re not letting the enemy have our health. He gave Himself for us and Isaiah 53 is proof of His suffering heart / lev for us. I shudder to think how many times I may have disappointed that heart or how often He was close to me and I did not realize it.

We want to talk about the miracles of Jesus. But where do we start? Healing the blind? The deaf or mute? Cleansing the leper is good. Jesus broke tradition, touching unclean people, but He was fulfilling all the law and prophets as the Son of God. My favorite is the instance with the woman with the issue of blood, she had been ill for twelve years, and had no money. She was breaking the law by even going to Him.

Who touched me? He touched her. And the daughter of Jairus, that’s power, miracle and wonder working power. The girl was also twelve, when He raised her up. When He doubles or couples instances or phrases, it is a powerful promise. Healing is for believers. But even the Phoenician woman got a miracle. Jesus, performs miracles and is our nes, as believers bringing life to souls dead in the trespasses of sin.

And the centurion, who knew Jesus could just speak the word and the servant be healed. He raised the widow’s son at Nain and Lazarus, but how many more, we can’t say. And how many since? I have heard of a few, had a close call myself and know of a toddler in the hospital right now who had drowned in the pool. Her heart/ lev had stopped, but prayers brought her back and she is recovering.

I have seen two people recover from snake bites, come off ventilators, those who beat cancer, have had results come back negative that were certain to be positive. I know a miracle baby, who wears diapers and not a colostomy bag, and a minister in New York, with kidneys restored. This is still Jesus. He is still in the nes business.

He told a man to take up his bed and walk, told Peter to walk on water and where to find a coin. He calmed a demonic wind. Calmed a madman, cast the devils out of Mary Magdalene. He touched Peter’s mother in law, and the boy who the disciples could not rid of seizures, because of unbelief. Mary’s motherly advice applies to us today, as she told the servants at the wedding at Cana, to do whatever He said. So should we. Take up our bed of His rest and walk with Him, all He told the disciples was, “Follow me. ”

Fasting and prayer was added by the translators however fasting, with the right attitude will strengthen your faith. It does not have to be forty days and can be giving up a meal or your phone. Jesus knows your heart. Communion is something He instituted for healing as well if you discern His body. People are asleep, He doesn’t say dead. His flesh was beaten like the bread affliction to remind us of His healing power, fear makes us think we are unworthy, but if you are a sincere believer,  He worthy.

I am always amazed at that crown of thorns that to me He wore for our minds and yet we have so many suffering depression, it should not be difficult to cast down imaginations, but I know there are times it has been for me and I do understand.. But I want you to know the willingness of His suffering so we would not have to. Thorn is shamir in Hebrew and qots (kotse) like a thorn bush. Not a part of creation, but a part of redemption. We have all heard of the Greek word for crown, stephanos but it is interesting to note the word nezer in Hebrew, or atarah, a crown for a king, it did not go all around the head. Tiara, diadem, are other words for crown.

I read an article suggesting wreath was a better word for the thorns they wove to mock His Kingship. Perhaps, that is true, black wreaths were often hung on doors denoting death in the old days, and even today there are those who oppose Christmas wreaths, but I know Jesus took death for us to have life and it is up to us to proclaim His death until He comes, and take our Communion, knowing that those thorns He wore for us, and as for all of Isaiah 53, He took our place. Let’s try to walk with a risen Lord and not just venerate the crucified one. It is a simple exchange death for life.

People went to great lengths to get to Jesus. Crawling or pushing through crowds, gathering on mountains, even going hungry. Some no doubt brought their loved ones a long way. But Jesus went to greater lengths for us. He told the leper it was His will to heal, is it ours to believe? He’s much closer to us through His Spirit, the Ruach Ha’Kodesh and He still performs miracles, you don’t have to be at a crusade or even at church. All you have to do, in His own words, simply believe. Nes or miracle, just believe. Or nasya, miracle of God. Miracles elevate and lift up, we have them because He was lifted on a cross and because we lift His holy name. As we head into Supernatural September, let’s expect miracles. Rebecca Jones / public domain

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2 thoughts on “The Miracles of Jesus”

  1. “ was His will to heal, is it ours to believe” – what a wonderful list of reminders of the faithful touch of God to do the impossible in our lives, as He did in bible times. Thank you!


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