Sound the Shofar


Perhaps you have been in a service where the shofar was blown, or heard it on one of the feast days or High Holy days. Shofars are varied in size, can me made from a ram’s horn. Any horn but cow. Abraham made the first one to commemorate God providing a sacrifice.

Shofars were sounded as they went into battle, they are meant to confuse the enemy. Remember, the walls of Jericho. They are sounded at Jubilee, the celebration of every 50 years when land was returned, slaves freed It would rouse the camps and wake the sleeping. And that relates to Teshuvah.

They are sounded during the month of Elul which is usually in our month of August and September, as a call to repentance during the forty days of Teshuavah, which is a time to repent and turn to God, it is said God decides the next year accordingly, it precedes the fall feasts.

It precedes the High Holy Days, Rosh Hashanah, the new year, which is September 10, 11th, this year. Rosh Hashanah is also the Feast of Trumpets. And Yom Kippor, the Day of Atonement which is the 19th. Rosh Hashanah is celebrated with fruit and honey. Pomegranates and apples, braided challah bread, dipped in honey. Personally,  ( I would love the potato pancakes, whenever they are served. ) There is also the Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles in the fall, 24,th and 25, and Shmini Atzeret, October 1st, when God asks you to stay another day.

The trumpets have different sounds including a loud blast. Since Jews were on a lunar calendar and the month started on the full moon, the shofar announced the days, so when the call to the feast comes it is blown over a two day period and then a loud blast, like a last call. There were three mandatory feasts, you did not want to miss the Day of Atonement.

Many people, including myself, believe that Jesus alluded to this when He spoke of not knowing the day or hour of His return. He could have been been referring to a fall feast, since He was crucified at Passover. Yet, He could return anytime. Only the Father knows. But I have to believe it is imminent, though wars and rumors of wars have persisted, He will know when the last soul is won. It is important to be ready, so if you don’t know Jesus, ask Him to be Lord.

When the Lord returns to catch away the church or Rapture us, He will return with a shout and a trumpet. Surely, a shofar. Interesting note He may blow the shofar, Himself. Many believed a shofar was the voice of God. Much like those who believed it was God when it thundered, but some heard God, some the thunder and still others, nothing. That is a likely scenario for His return, the Second Coming after the Tribulation. I realize some do not agree, that’s fine.

I did not want to complicate my study only to inform, and the forty days of Teshuvah is a good time for reflection. Though our New Year is different, Jesus is our High Priest, and should He go in to make atonement in ceremony, for His sacrifice was once and for all, I like to keep a repentant soul, and here is a further study and be sure to listen to the shofar blast, especially, if you are in spiritual warfare. I pray it sounds over us. Rebecca Jones / Turn Back To God You can download free brochures including a shofar one.

Take a listen…

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6 thoughts on “Sound the Shofar”

  1. I can’t wait to hear this someday…possibly. I didn’t know that the Jewish calendar was based on the full moon. That explains a lot.
    I am a pre-tribber. Only because I just don’t wanna go through the tribulation. But God may see things differently.


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