Supernatural Surgery!


The doctor is in, and she looks amazed, even a little puzzled, doesn’t she? Well, I have to admit being amazed at Jesus myself sometimes. though I have always believed in and have seen miracles. There are so many times we don’t though, I think it because we don’t expect them, think we are unworthy, and maybe just give up. I don’t have all the answers. Or I wouldn’t need Him would I? And I sure do.

We are so close to His return, it just appears inevitable. He is pouring out His love and His Spirit. And He is performing supernatural surgery! I got that phrase from a friend who’s cartilage reattached, doctors, three actually, said she needed surgery, and one said no way that should have happened. This friend still has some health issues and sees the doctor, I would never tell you not to go, but there are just some things they cannot fix. And some of those are spiritual or heart problems of another kind, like not knowing Jesus as Lord at all or not having a personal relationship, and some things are decidedly evil or drugs or mental illness or a combination.

Broken hearts and broken souls are among them. Even the most skilled surgeon or loving psychologist does not compare to the Great Physician. God created us, He knows our innermost parts, desires, fears. He peers deep into the souls, and knows it intently. What we may never tell someone, He already knows, and He not only has the answer, He is the answer. We are limited and He isn’t.

Many of us cannot get away from work or responsibilities or even be still long enough to heal. We desperately need to clear our schedules for some alone time in His presence. Headaches might appear easier to heal than cancer, but not to Him. Some things may take longer than others, I was one of these people who was so busy being good and doing good, that I never fully healed myself.

And truthfully, the miracle I needed, I already had, and honestly the doctors were looking a the physical, and could not fix one thing but judged another, tried to give me anti depressants when I was responsible with pain medications but I am thankful I had the grace never to fall into dependency. I depended on Jesus, the healer. I just needed some deliverance, and a lot of rest and His love and attention.

Pay attention, the proverb says about wisdom. But I tell you to pay attention to yourself and what Jesus says about you, worry and fear, and His rest, His peace and He will heal you. He was willing to die for you, why would He not be willing to heal you? Are you willing to receive? His peace is another thing entirely, a restoration of lost things.

Can you be still and know He is God and let Jehovah Rapha deep into your soul?  As I prayed in the Spirit, the other day I heard a phrase dropped into mine, that He was healing hairline fractures and fissures. I’m not a doctor, truthfully, I have an aversion to them, I appreciate what they do and nurses. From way back, as a child,  I was uncomfortable with them. I can go but oh, I can tell you stories. Awful experiences for me, but I won’t. I knew Jesus was working miracles. As  I said, I’m not versed in anatomy or biology.  I didn’t know what a fissure was. I thought it was a cracked rock, like a volcano. Turns out, it can be separated bone.

Was it for me? I have had broken bones. Someone else, all of us? I don’t know, I didn’t even ask Him to clarify it, I’m just glad He is moving in these last days, pouring out is Spirit, the power and love and the sound mind we all must receive  to heal. Keep your appointments, ask Him to sanctify medicine, but keep your faith level high, expect Him to do what you have asked in His name, He loves you. Why would He not heal a body, destroy a yoke, move a mountain?

And I’m glad I am not in the medical profession because if I say something is being healed it would have to be from Him, I would have no way of knowing and He is not limited and can move for one or many and all through the body of Christ. That is why we want to speak His peace, the peace of John 14:27 over our lives.

I challenge us today to look back at the people He healed. The woman with the issue of blood, she spent everything on doctors. The lepers, had no hope. ( Be the one out of ten who returns to thank Him! ) The lame, the blind and deaf, the woman whom the devil had bent over with infirmity. We do not have to bound by anything the devil or life throws at us if He has made us free. John 8:36, for freedom, He has made us free. Galatians 5:1.

I don’t want us to be disabled, disappointed, disagreeable. I want us to be holy and whole. And have shalom peace, His peace. Perfect peace from the Prince of Peace. Will you take time and rest, reflect and renew the mind of Christ in you as a believer? Will you receive the Isaiah 53 report? Will you read verses about healing and sow them and speak them, and will you accept His freely given gifts of the Spirit, relax in His peace and calm, and you could be receiving supernatural surgery. And He gets the praise and glory.

Now, please remember I am not telling you not to have an operation if you need it, I am not telling you to be careless or reckless with your life. You could die. You matter to me! I am just here to share His Word, and faith and encourage you believe nothing is impossible with Him. I pray for people who have surgery all the time. This is part of a deeper study, the deeper things that only He may know is wrong with us.

And I have to admit, yielding to the Holy Spirit, is something learned by His leading and the discerning of listening to the thoughts and  ways that are higher than ours, I was resisting healing because of pain, I was sure the pain was from the devil and it is. And yet, I have found out there is sometimes pain associated with physical and mental healing. There are things He will just have to walk you through. But I know He doesn’t want us to be in pain that I why He is merciful, but backs take some time and can hurt.

Please understand that I believe that anyone could receive supernatural surgery, but I would not ask you to risk your life. We are not talking about those silly practices you may have seen on television, not ministers praying, but those pagan rituals. We are talking about God’s precious Spirit moving with love as we believe. And as I said the people who receive miracles, should return to thank Him, I even thank Him before seeing results as an act of faith.

I have laid hands on the television, received a measure of healing, tried to jump up and down and the things I could not do before to no avail, I needed His love and more of it, than I knew at the time. When He moves with His love, we are healed, people can only do so much. He can do anything.There are so many deep wounds, yet, His were deeper still, so whether you have surgery, or He works a miracle in you, it will still be supernatural surgery.

May I pray for you today? Clear some time daily or even a week for a sabbatical.

Father, Hide  them for you in a secret place of rest, you sent your word to heal us and deliver us from destruction (grave), we know Jesus paid the price for healing with an amazing sacrifice, and give us amazing love and grace, will you reach out and touch the believers and even some who don’t to show your power and glory? Heal the wounds, the scars, the brokenness, walk them through the valleys with no fear. Guide the doctors and nurses and bless their efforts, give them supernatural love and wisdom, heal the healers, Lord. And give them rest as well. And show your love and glory in these last days, with supernatural surgery, as your Spirit moves, in Jesus name.



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