Mind Your Manners


Well, we should be on our best behavior should we get to visit the Holy Land. and it might help us to learn a few phrases, and we and always have an interpreter, and they speak English too.  But a word here and there is fun.

ken – yes

lo is no

todah – thank you

todah rabah – thank your very much

bevakasha – please and you’re welcome ( be-vak-asha )

how much or many – kama

cheap – zol

expensive – yakar

tov – good

bad – ra or lo tov, no good

boker tov – good morning

layla tov – good night

You may want to remember a few of these items too. These are pronounced like they read, toothpaste is the hardest word.

toilet paper – ner yar tu a let

toothpaste – mishchat shinayim

soap – sabon

towel – magevet  paper towel  – ner yar mag a vet

ani ra ev – I’m hungry.

ani tsame – I’m thirsty.

kesef – money

arnak – wallet

miz va da – suitcase

Have fun, and at least have a look at Pinterest. My board is Hebraic Study / Rebecca Jones / public domain

And because it has been on my heart, I am posting a Sunday bonus.


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