Yeshua, Our Light.

Jesus is definitely light in a dark world. The Hebrew word for light is or. Jesus told the young girl who had died to, Talitha Kumi, daughter arise or little girl arise. So kumi ori  is can translate rise and shine. It is a song on YouTube, if you care to check it out.  Like I said before, I don’t actually speak or read Hebrew yet. But let’s read some phrases and have further look into the light.

The Hebrew word for skin is also or. Adam and Eve were clothed in light or glory. Skin, (עוֹר): spelled “ayin-vav-resh”.  Or, (אור) but spelled “aleph-vav-resh”. Why the difference? This is the beauty of Hebrew, a language with both numeric and symbolic attachments,  The first number is 70, from the Christian dream reference guide I have, it is transference of God’s Spirit; multitude; increase; restoration, the second spelling of or and numeric value is one less, 69.

So in effect, they stepped out of His light. The number 69 in Hebrew is represented by the letter samech and tet, and the root word of samech means to lean, and the word picture for tet is a snake. Adam and Eve lost their light or glory when they leaned on the snake for advise or wisdom instead of God. That shows deep the Bible gets when you dig in, it is a gold mine of information, that I know I will be studying forever. The Holy Spirit will teach you, and you will be smarter and wiser than you think. The devil liked about being like God, looks like we have a lot to learn.

We do this even now, as believers, step in and out of the light, because Isaiah 60:1 says to arise and shine, our light has come, prophetically, in reference to Jesus’ birth. While Jesus told Mary Magdalene not to touch Him, He had not ascended to His Father, in effect, been glorified, we are also told by Jesus in several verses in John, that He is asking God to glorify Him, before death.

So while we expect to leave earth with a glorified body, it is still possible to walk in His light or glory having been crucified with Christ. By doing what God wanted Him to, He was glorifying the Father, and we are to as well. And those He predestined, He also called; those He called, He also justified; those He justified, He also glorified. Romans 8:30. So you see, Jesus glorified us so we could glorify His Father by doing what He created us to do. And by using the gifts he gives us for His glory. The word for glory is kavod, wit ha long o, and you may hear the word shekinah associated with it as well.

The word for light, or ,which is spelled differently than the Aramaic word for light, noori, which is spelled Nun, Hei, and Resh.  The Hebrew word is spelled “Aleph, Vav, Resh.  The Hebrew word for light expresses a deep connection between the natural and the supernatural to be specific, the connection of God to man through the Holy Spirit.

Remember, when James says this, Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. 1:17. He is the Father of heavenly lights, true enough that He is the Father of all creation. And stars, kokavim, are heavenly lights. And angels, melakh, are often called stars, but isn’t it more conceivable that we, as His children, redeemed by Christ are the heavenly lights, having been glorified by Him?

He gives us good gifts, doesn’t He? There is a list in 1 Corinthians 12. But personally, I think there are many more. He reveals the deep and secret things: He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him. Daniel 2:22. I read an article about word studies and the Aramaic word noori, light, appears twice in that verse.

Daniel, of course, was a captive but had more knowledge and revelation that the magicians and sorcerers because it was from God. He could interpret dreams like Joseph. They. along with Jesus and others in the Bible had an obvious light connection to God, by His glory. Our language does not like redundancy, but it is common in these languages, like Jesus saying verily, verily, for instance, and healing a woman bleeding for twelve years and raising a dead girl who was twelve, in effect doubling His promises.

Daniel’s verse states he knows where wisdom comes from, and whether he was asking for a night vision, or dream, or a waking one, he knew who was the light and the darkness. There is no darkness in God or Jesus, not the Holy Spirit, He created darkness as good and if He fills it the night can be a place of His rest and His peace and even a time of speaking to God.

While I believe in spiritual gifts, dreams and visions, I caution people against occult or New Age practices, there is always deception. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and will direct us, and keep us clear of that. What sounds like Christianity or is made to sound like Christianity isn’t always. So be prepared to study and the Spirit of Truth will guide us. Rebecca Jones / Ibrahim Asad, thank you for the photo.


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