Becoming the Bride of Christ


I hope you have enjoyed following along in February to talk about guarding our hearts, the love of Jesus, His wonderful sacrifice and His love that is like no other. Before we head into March, with no specific theme, we need to step back and take a look at our lives through the eyes of the beloved bridegroom.

If you need to refresh your memore go back over some of the love verses. Personally,  I love the book of John. But we also look at the Love Chapter of 1st Corinthians 13. I have to confess that as I write this, I’m not feeling very patient or kind, I am tired and not exactly bearing all things in a good mood.

But, you know what? That’s okay. It’s just a feeling. And we are His beloved, accepted there by the sacrifice of a most holy bridegroom. We are the church and the spiritual bride of Christ. We fall short but He never does, and while we should do our best to walk in love, He is there to lift us up if we falter. It is His love that is perfect. And that’s the only way we can.

Our bridegroom, Jesus, ushered in grace and truth. He has invited many to wedding feast. Even now, He is looking for guests to sit at that table, some of them may seem unlikely, but He is offering salvation to anyone who will turn their heart toward Him in the last days.

His sacrifice extends to the depths of one’s soul and there is grace to cover every need. He forgives even more than the seventy times seven. I’m always amazed at His love and mercy and even mose astonished that people are not on their knees or prostrate before Him in gratitude, but continue to walk in old ways.

Grace is not cheap, it cost Him dearly and He deserves the love of a pure bride, and that is what He is coming for, are we ready for that as Christians? As brides? Let’s begin to walk and talk worthily, boasting only of the beloved. Church, we are on our way to becoming the beautiful bride of Christ. Rebecca Jones / photo, Unsplash. Ishan seefromtheshy, thank you.


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