The Proverbs 31 Heart


The Proverbs 31 woman, after a few episodes of fending off attacks of fear and panic, I was this woman. Then came a very big change in my life and it was turned upside down again. Inside, I was still this woman and I know God knew, called me that. He was still working on me and through me, but started to I experience rejection. Indeed, I was so busy helping others that I was neglecting myself. I had to learn to rest.

I was lonely, I didn’t understand why some prayers were not answered. I prayed the right prayers, I had faith. Yet, doubt and unbelief would creep back in at times and though I had my armor of Ephesians 4:24 on, it was heavy. Now, I trust the Holy Spirit to be my armor. And His Word is my sword. He called me to His rest and He called me the beloved and I had to literally fall into His arms, exhausted from the pressures of life and faith.

Some blogs that I read suggest there is no way to be perfect, to give it up. In a way I agree, I have had to let some things slide. I no longer panic at the thought of laundry piling up. But I still love a clean house. The devil will try to oppress you in any way possible and through anyone possible, including family, friends or even Christians, in another post we will talk about wise friends.

People are at all levels of faith, and some will not understand deep studies. Jesus met people at their level. Sometimes, the deeper you are the deeper oppression is thrown at you, when you are battle weary, remember to rest, the battle is His.

I was a Proverbs 31 woman alright, but the house I was building on the Lord felt as if it was caving in around me sometimes. So, that is when we run with our clothing of strength and dignity in the wind on over to the Song of Solomon and find the one our soul loves, Jesus, the beloved bridegroom.

We have to make our way through the vineyard, drink the Communion wine, and find rest in Him alone. There is wisdom here, I know.  Sometimes, I think I could sleep a month, but I know that’s not possible, I have begun to think that God made day and night for this reason, that they were 24 hr. days, but in 12 and 12. Twelve to work or cook, pray, tend your flock. And twelve to sleep.

I stumbled on this theory after an illness, as I prayed and started to recover, and prayed in the Spirit regularly, I found so much more love in His sacrifice. We often just do not receive be cause we do not ask, or ask thinking we are unworthy. But the truth is, we aren’t, but receiving Christ’s love make us so be He made us righteous.

He keeps His promises and covenant. He is our healer and our peace. He is not bound by time or space and not wrapped up in the things we are. He wants us to receive. So rest and receive and don’t let your heart trouble you so much, it was destroying me. The devil has to move when the Prince of Peace shows up. So call Jesus.

So to have a Proverbs 31 heart, we need to find our place of rest, Jesus. He clothes us in strength and dignity. We can laugh at the future. We can live with out fear. And no weapon  will prosper, no snare entrap us, not as long as we know we are daughters of the King and accepted into the beloved and that we know who the beloved is, His name is Wonderful. The Proverbs 31 heart is not something unattainable, but is something we have to rest for and in. Rebecca Jones photo Alvin Mahmudov Unsplash, thanks.




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