Jesus, Life Preserver



Oh, to be this young again and have all that wisdom and set sail through life. It’s never too late to be what you might have been. Just don’t be a would not. Even if you are a has been, it’s better than a never was. I wrote about how a woman is compared to wisdom and a merchant ship in Proverbs, but what about when we step out of the boat and like, Peter sink?

Jesus is our life saver and our life preserver. Most of us have been enthralled with the stories of the most well known shipwreck and disaster of all time, the Titanic. Most people don’t know that a writer penned a book about a similar disaster some twenty years earlier and was scoffed at. The ship was even called the Titan. People thought this was something that could never happen, that’s also why the bravado about it being unsinkable. People even said God could not sink it, He didn’t.

God takes blame in the Old Testament for allowing things, but He was never the cause. He sent Jesus. The devil should get the blame. But what interested me is a recent program talked about a series of events that led up to the disaster. If any one or more had not happened, it could have been avoided.

Including, a super moon, stopping at night, they knew about the icebergs, messages not delivered, radio operators not on duty, the Californian so close by may not have rescued many because of frigid waters, but there was a chance, the number of lifeboats, all steel rivets instead of iron, the  list goes on.

Our lives are much the same way, we may be born again but not walking in His best. Why?  Many reasons, we’ve stepped out on faith and are sinking, but unlike frightened people or perhaps very much like those passengers sinking in dark water, we can reach for His hand, but we don’t have to drown in seas of debt, despair or illness. We have a lifesaver and preserver.

I am probably the worst person about doing this. If I had done this or that. If I had been here or there. If I’d said one thing or the other, stood up for myself. You name it, I thought itcould never bail enough of the blame and guilt, even shame. But the Lord assured me I was not at fault, my life was hit by an iceberg or sorts, but I didn’t have to go down with my ship. And have you ever seen how deep they are under the surface? Just like some of our soulish wounds.

Reach out, like Peter and stay focused on Jesus. He saves you once, but over and over again from so many things. The spirit realm is real and the Holy Spirit knows thing you don’t so it is important to learn to hear His voice and obey it. There have been many times I’ve seen disaster averted in the lives of others, and remembered later a calm or a prayer.

There have also been times of panic, worry and why? My focus went off Jesus. Peter’s focus left the Lord as well, someone so close to the Lord, boisterous and hot tempered, took His focus off Jesus even at the crucifixion. Fear was to blame, the devil. Jesus warned Peter about the wicked one. But when the day of Pentecost came, He was a changed man.

Many disasters, even little ones can be averted in our lives. Little things like having a change of clothes or a snack handy. Expecting certain predictable behaviors, so you’ll be prepared. But some of the larger things, maybe, the ones that are too big, icebergs that would sink us for sure, that would rip open our hull and hearts and sink us to the depths of despair or even drown us for sure, we should leave to God. He knows. Captain of our Ship, the Lord of Hosts, Name Above All Names, He is Mighty to Save.

He sees the signals we send up, the flares of prayers. He is omnipresent, a very present help in trouble. He will not miss the boat, but can make sure we do if we need too. He is the author of peace, never confusion. And while Titanic band played Nearer My God To Thee. We can be, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the blood of the Lamb, the perfect love of God. Rebecca Jones /photp Max Poschau Unsplash, thank you.


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