Endowed With Power To Rest



It’s not hard to imagine the love of God through our gentle Lord Jesus as soft and tender as a butterfly wing or an evening breeze. That’s how the Holy Spirit touches you with light and love, how He draws you to Jesus, convicts of sin, but never continues to condemn.

It is a bit more difficult until you study the gifts to see that love go from extraordinary tenderness to power on high. Power that comes from on high, the anointing that cloaks us with His righteousness.

We receive power after the Holy Spirit comes on us, just as the disciples did when they tarried on them. Jesus had already breathed on them and they had a measure of faith. Everyone does, but it will grow. When the Upper Room was filled with tongues of fire and power, they were there together, praying in one accord or agreement.

That is certainly how you recieve the baptism of the Holy Spirit, as a subsequent experience to salvation. I realize some do not believe this and won’t argue the point. But if you really want to know Jesus intimately and walk in power of over the enemy, you should ask. I do believe it should be taught and received at once, together. It is really hard for some people to accept that as Jesus said, traditions of men are making prayer of no effect.

We are called to be chosen sons and daughters and walk in His light. We should be shining with His countenance and drawing people to Jesus, not running them off. I am so conservative you would not believe it but I am not the judge of others, only in a righteous manner, the Lord discerns good and evil. I can not be self righteous, though some might believe that, no, far from it. I thought I was so unworthy, though I wasn’t a big sinner.

I do not advocate sin in any way. There is a difference between the punishment Jesus took for us and the consequences of your actions. Suppose you were a career criminal, and you get to know what I refer to as ” the jailhouse Jesus.” You get out, go back. You either never really believed or never accepted His gift of no condemnation and let Him change you. I don’t think any of us are capable of changing very much, or we would not need the Lord. Now suppose the career criminal is broken hearted at the scrifice on the cross, He accepts the loving Jesus and redeems his time in studying the Word, people notice the change right away, and he is paroled after a couple of years instead of ten. That’s God looking at a heart. He is like Hagar said, the God who sees.

He sees through all the pretense. He seen many actors. There may be some that are easily fooled by sporatic times of less arguing, not so much strife. But He sees deep into the heart. He doesn’t care if your jeans are designer, He cares that you heart is pure. He doesn’t care about hair color, or skin color, He cares about the color of your heart and robes you in righteous white.

None of us will ever live up to being righteous except through Him. Power, yes we are endowed with power, and it doesn’t have to come in a large gathering of people in agreement, that’s one way, but it can be just you and Jesus agreeing , that’s power enough. maybe you find yourself on the edge today finding no rest, seeking peace and finding none well you need to know Jesus is there and He is the power that forgives, heals and delivers. He is greater than anything we may face. But if you look at the problem, you are are not looking at Him as the solution. It will wear you down and out. Ask Him for the power of His Spirit before it is too late and the soul is gone, even if you are a believer, there a places the mind wanders and never returns. Don’t accept conformity, you don’t just lose your memory with age, you don’t have to live defeated and depressed.

A depleted girl is a defeated girl and the Holy Spirit is a source that can never be depleted or defeated. He is power, like a lightning striking your soul and gentleness as soft as te dove. Please always seek medical help and take medicines but trust in Him enough and want to change badly enough, and He will help you.

Close any doors to the enemy. Watch what you do, see and say. Be careful of your entertainment choices, if all you see is sin and ugly, you can become it. If you see Jesus, and His love, if you look into the eyes of love, you can be like HIm too, powerful, but beautiful. Rebecca Jones / pixabay


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