Is Even Your Rest Weary?



Is even your rest weary? A Daughter of the King should be resting in His love and favor. The fact that we labor for His rest is not cause for us to be weary. I have found myself weary in well doing, trying to give to those who cannot or will not receive. It is easy to minister His love and grace to fellow believers for the most part, however, there are those who are not as receptive to the things of the Spirit.

As I said, laboring for His rest should not be a struggle. The one who suffered and died for us struggled with a cross upon His shoulder along a cruel path, after a horrible night in the garden and scourging, still facing crucifixion. So does He want us to stuggle? No, He loves us. Traditional religion teaches that.

Jesus knew we would have trials, He said so. But we are to overcome by Him and through Him. We are crucified with Him. We overcome by His blood and our testimony.  Jesus never intended for us to be beaten and scourged. He took our place.

That being said, we are the ones with shame and guilt and unworthiness, even after He’s rested on His throne. Jesus bore all that. This is something that really bothered me as a believer, I suffered under religious teaching and kept condemning myself. Jesus never did. I did, I allowed it to happen. I won’t again. Jesus made a real sacrifice and deals with real problems. He heals real hearts that are broken. Restores real souls.

So if even your rest is weary, you sleep but toss and turn or wake up tired, you are restless and have trouble turning off the day or looking toward the next one, or next week. You’re still weary. I have had my eyeballs so swollen and red, you would not believe it. I was under an attack of the enemy on health four years ago, and sleeping only a few hours here and there was horrible and life threatening.

Knowing the Jesus I know, I should never have had to endure that but I had to discern His Word and decide for myself. Don’t put yourself through hell! Jesus paid the price for you. You are His beloved. Turn off what you have to, tune out what you have to and even lose the people who are dragging you down if you can. I’m not saying to just leave your family, but make changes. Of course, I would never want anyone in abusive situation.

Worries keep you awake, give them to Jesus. Thoughts, turn your face toward His. Seek the Holy Spirit in prayer, pray in the Spirit if you can, ask for His gifts. They are powerful against an enemy who would rob of us our rest and make us feel unworthy, anxious and guilty, who condemns us on all sides, when Jesus will not.

I pray you receive His rest today. Seek it, read the Word, labor for it but don’t struggle, you are precious to Him, and you are a Daughter of the King, now rest in His love and finished work on the cross. Let Him reign from His throne and you from your heavenly seat with Him. Rest, reign, and never be weary in well doing. Is even your rest weary? Let His rest overwhelm you. Rebecca Jones


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