Rest For The Bride

Tim Stagge

Many people are asleep today in the church unaware of the Lord’s Imminent Return. He would not have us to be ignorant of that fact, but there is also a rest for the bride. When Rebekah came to marry a man she’s never met, he was older, well established and provided security for her, even though she was well taken care of at home.

She was able to pass the servants and draw water for Eliezer’s camels, and showed a willing heart. She was able to light off a camel and run to meet her husband. All because she believed the promise of his love and that she was chosen by God. She was able to love someone she’d never seen. Just as we are drawn to love Jesus whom we had not seen.

So we as women, accepted and believed a promise of salvation from our spiritual beloved and joined Him as a part of His beloved bride the church. Rebekah was probably not worried at all about her finances, she knew Isaac had made provisions for her. He sent her many gifts. And she accepted them.

This is amusing having my name here, but we are all Rebekahs, fair and a virgin. It is the way all women start out. Whether you are a virgin, long married, or need to repent. He sees your heart and He forgives, so you are still a virgin in a manner of speaking. That’s why I encourage women to wait for the right husband, He will show you and send him.

She was beautiful, the name Rebekah means captivating. Surely, Isaac was not disappointed. And neither was she, even if he was little older, the Bible says he loved her. Now I know everyone will not necessarily marry someone older. Good husbands should be good providers, moral and love you, no matter their age. Women desire security, they should not have to want or worry. If it is for true love, the May/December romance is a blessing.

I hope you se the comparison to Jesus, He loved us, prepared for us, gave us many gifts and security. We are beautiful to Him and He is to us. He provided rest to Rebekah, the beloved bride. He provided it for us. He has made provision for all the church. We just have to accept that proposal, believe in that love, though we may not see our promises yet.

Rebekah rested with Isaac, though she had sons and turmoil and deceived him later on. The marriage was beautiful one planned by  God, the other things in their lives were disobedience and bad decisions.

We can rest with the Lord, safe secure. The rested bride, not asleep, not being devoured by the wicked one, we are to be alert and on guard against an enemy attack, but we can even rest in that knowing Jesus is by our side.

He gives His beloved bride sleep, rest. For He doesn’t need to. He has rested from the cross. God from creation. It does no good to stay up late or get up early and worry. Psalm 127:2 Our beloved Jesus call us to His rest. Rebecca Jones /Tim Stagge


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