Soul Restful


It really takes the Lord to rest our soul, and we have to allow Him. God doesn’t need permission to bless us, but our own ways and thoughts are not nearly as high. That’s why we need to depend on the Holy Spirit to help us slow down. Relax, rest, refresh.

I realize some of my post may sound the same but I can not reiterate it enough, how important this is. Faith is simply believing something you don’t see, but your hope must not be merely, ” Well, I hope so. ” Your hope is expectant. Anticipating the birth of God’s promise. And love is the greatest of all. It takes all three.

Fear and doubt will try to creep in, the enemy will come after a believer’s promise, be it health or blessing. It is our goal to limit and disable the attack by speaking God’s Word and walking in the Spirit. We should not limit God, who can do far above our prayers.

We have the mind of Christ but we don’t always use it, even the crucified flesh will rule if your spirit does not. You have to take a step back, let the Holy Spirit guide you, follow love and desire spiritual gives. Then you can prophesy over you life and others. You may not see some come to fruition, as some remain in doubt or won’t receive His love because they are feeling unworthy, or any number of reasons.

The Holy Spirit bypasses your mind, a part of the soul, to help you pray in the Spirit. If you do not, and want a powerful gift, just ask. He gives the Holy Spirit freely, as all gifts are. People are often thrown by ministries asking for donations and there is a time to sow. But you can not buy His love, healing or a miracle. You can’t be good enough, smart enough, or do enough good. It doesn’t work that way.

We labor to enter His rest willingly, because we love Him and He us, that’s why we get anything, not because we are worthy of good or faithful or tithe. I used to worry so much that I was doing something wrong. I was taught wrong. Anything we get is because He is good, and because He loves us and recognizes faith.

He is the God of peace. He wants us to rest. Not to weary in well doing, heavily burdened, in fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, they’re not rest. Submit to the Holy Spirit and rest. You’ll still get things done, and if they fall by the way, they are not as important to you as you thought, and certainly not God, nothing is more important as His beloved. Let Him rest your soul, and enjoy His gift of rest. It will be soul restful. Rebecca Jones


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