Heart Notes


A Goth girl holding a Sacred Heart of Jesus fits the profile for heart notes, to use a friend’s phrase, we all want to walk before Him in white. So how does this help us to rest? This verse explains it.  Pour out your heart to God, for He is our refuge. Psalm 22:8

And that is what we need to do, if we keep journals, write blogs or even prayers. Anything that will pour out our hearts to Him will bring us His rest. A few years ago, I recall buying these little cloth pouches tied with ribbons called prayer pockets. My mother and I would put prayers in, some were answered but I know the enemy attacked some. A major one was that she did not have cancer.

You can slip little notes into a Bible, but they might fall out. You could try to find an alabaster box. Mine has bath powder in it, but whatever you would like, set aside a way to make some heart notes. Pour out our heart, cry if you must. Sometimes, we just have to let our broken self spill out.

Other times, it is a sacred heart moment as you worship the Lord in public or in a prayer closet. Tears of love and joy flow and He will one day wipe them all. He sends us encouragement everyday, a smile, a rainbow. I get butterflies, real ones.

If I need a heart note, maybe God does too. So let’s write Him one. Maybe some else needs one, that one person who encourages you, a special teacher or counselor or minister, that best friend or your husband who is patient with you as you shoe shop.

Who do you know that needs a heart note or for that matter a Jesus hug? Having a Pinterest board lets me send out lots of encouragement with short messages and pictures. God is creative and He created us to be, so let’s find special ways to show Him and others how much we love them.

As we all grow in faith and grace, let us not forget to reach back to help a sister. We should all be closer as we close in on heaven. We should be walking so close to Jesus that that glory blinds and binds the enemy. He’s the perfect one whose beauty never fades, who loves me enough to forgive me and keep letting me writing my heart notes and encourage believers to let Him walk beside them in white. Rebecca Jones



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