Whispers of His Peace

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There’s a glorious silence that fills the house when no one is here, just me and the Lord. It fills me, the room sometimes at night and it is overpowering, a silence so wonderful and strong that it would be deafening if you could hear it, but that’s not the correct adjective for it, either. It doesn’t describe God.

I feel it fill up my body when things are going awry. Like God saying, ” Be still. ” ” Calm down. ” And sure enough when my anxious mind wants to short circuit. A cool, collected sense of His presence stills me. A whisper of peace.

And when my heart is over whelmed by the day and cares of the world and the desire to share something of Jesus that is indescribable, when my heart pounds from being exhausted or fear is trying to take hold of me with its deadly grip. I find myself at the rock that is higher than I. A whisper of peace.

When I’m so tired, I can barely breathe, I sing a praise anyway. And His glory surrounds me in unseen beauty, a whisper of peace. And when I rest at night, in stillness and sleep and dream that I am praying for others, a whisper of peace.

When the world is shouting at me and I start to shout back, I hear a whisper of peace.When the enemy rails against me and I want to bind and rebuke, I rest in His Word and speak it aloud, a whisper of peace. It is His peace that He left, not the world’s idea of it. Not even mine. It the peace of God that passes understanding, He whispers it, He doesn’t have to shout to be heard.

He whispers peace, the solemn stillness that fills my room, that is overwhelming, awesome, palatable and powerful. Sacred, holy and still.  Whispers of His peace. 4nrkta67u9f8qjvn7w5g

Marius Muresan / Unsplash

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