Whispers of Love


Whispers of love. What does that make you think of? A romantic dinner? A walk on the beach? Getting a dozen roses?

God is love. He doesn’t have love, He is it. So how is He whispering love to us, in His Word, through another believer, through me. And through a song, a butterfly. a rose. I put tons of stuff on my Pinterest boards just for that reason, pretty pictures and verses. I scroll back over them myself.

I can hardly believe that we are that insecure as human being, or as women, that we need constant reminders that we are loved but we do. Because women tend to be the more sensitive, mothering and nurturing souls and we need assurance. But thankfully, there are some sensitive men and the most important one is Jesus, and He’s glad to remind us, by His Spirit.

Your computer screen goes blank, you’ve just lost what you were working on. You try everything it’s gone. Finally, you find a back door into a file. It’s incomplete but you can fill in the blanks. A whisper of love.

You’re so tired of waiting for prayers to be answered and you realize they were and the enemy is decieving and delaying God’s plan. The Holy Spirit quickens you. A whisper of love

You get discouraged that your not really making a difference, that you don’t matter. And then someone sends you a note that you’re their angel and must be hearing fro God or that you made their day. Or maybe, even better still someone needs  you. A whisper of love.

He whispers love in many ways throughout the day, a sparrow, a bumblebee or a laugh. So if you are thinking, ” It’s no use. ” I’m worthless. ”  Know that His thoughts and ways are higher than our opinions of ourselves. He’s thinking, I love you, you’re worth many sparrows, I’ve got my eye on you. ” Learn to replace your thoughts with His, have the mind of Christ, keep it renewed.

He thinks about you all the time, you can’t count His thoughts toward you. His love is  so great for you, it’s hard for you to believe, but you can believe it. The only proof of is love than we nee is that He gave Jesus. Not arrogant or prideful, but loving and confident. Jesus knew how much He was loved the heavens opened and God whispered His everlasting love, “This is my beloved Son. ” A whisper of love. Rebecca Jones





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