Life Looks Better From Your Resting Place

The Bible says that believers are seated in heavenly places. But are we, really? Yes, because God adopted us, but no, not when we are not taking advantage of His rest. I know this because I have been writing about rest this month and it has been challenged.

I wrote about it before and it was then as well, just that I didn’t realize it as much. It was the same with healing or most anything you prayed for. God will let you grow in grace and favor, and have you on that wheel like the potter’s clay, let you be refined in the fire and become a beautiful vessel. Even a vessel of honor.

You can’t pour new wine into old wineskins, or His Spirit into old ways. You can’t pour water into a broken glass, can you? That is one aspect of rest and renewal in the Spirit, another is the enemy attacks with an almost out and out lie, ” That will never happen. Who do you think you are? ”

It is almost as if you can hear him saying he’ll never let you rest while God says, ” You are my beloved, sleep. ” In Psalm 127:2, He does. Without getting into detail, I can promise you this last week has had some trials, especially as I tried to rest. It was as if the enemy wanted to stir the pot a little and give me more messes. I had to do as Paul told Timothy, stir that gift in me and keep sleeping.

We had some storms that caused some plumbing problems, need I say more? With the yard and bathrooms backing up with sewage, I was sitting in my heavenly place of rest. My mother and I and the Lord came into agreement for the Him to make a way and He did, and at a lesser price. I’m glad we rested.

Now, we can get laundry done and flush regularly. I am always grateful for a washer. I can remember trips to the laundromat when I was little, my mother had to iron and do washing by hand. I have had to wash by hand once until we got a new washer. That is hard work. We used to hang out clothes too. Never forget to be thankful for conveniences and plumbing especially, be glad you don’t have a tub to bring out on Saturday night or have to go to the creek. Or have an outhouse.

Things look better from your resting place. Though estimates were costly and we needed a solution, patience and faith kicked in the door of fear and worry and Jesus made a way. And that is a praise report. Yes, life looks better from your resting place, He has set on high because we know His name, the last verse of Psalm 91. Jesus is in our lives and is our life, He knows our needs and how to take care of us, if we will not panic and let Him.

That is why He called us to His rest in Matthew 11:28-30, and why Hebrews 4 is so insistent on entering that rest so we will not fall by the way. I have been to the Smoky Mountains, huffed and puffed up a trail, looked out over three or four states at once and did not appreciate the spiritual application. I do now.

I wrote a fictional story about two girls on a mission trip to the desert and how they went rock climbing, a lady who read it had me laughing because she said would never have known I had not had that experience, so I had to laugh and tell her about my hike and how little I knew about that sort of thing, or that I could not have done it either.

I have been around the mountain, and spoke to it to move, even asked Jesus to move it, faith does move them, and faith works with hope and love and love the greatest. His love moves mountains for us, and we can sit up in our heavenly rest of faith and watch it move. Life looks better from your resting place, it is a quiet and peaceful view, but that depends on where you are seated, how your stand, and who you trust.

Hannah Busing / Unsplash / Adobe Spark


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