Rest and Rhema?

We’ve been talking about rest now and our month is winding down. A word I heard and learned early on as I began to study healing was rhema, it means a word just like logos from the Greek. I also like to dig deeper in the Word, and we find the word rhema used at least seventy times in the New Testament.

Some Christians, including myself, see a rhema word from God through the Holy Spirit as specific to individuals whereas logos is more for everyone. The Bible is for everyone to read, however, a believer who is baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire as John said of Jesus has more  of a rhema knowledge at times. Any believer has the Holy Spirit at salvation, but there is John’s baptism and Jesus’.

“Rhema” is a broader term including any method God uses to reveal more of His specific will to an individual, whether by is a divinely directed desire, illumination, revelation, visions, or dreams. A glimpse into the spirit realm, angelic visitations, or specifically a word.

A word or rhema birthed in your spirit by the Holy Spirit, is like a whisper but it leaves the very fingerprints of God on you and your soul. It could be a right now word or one that will come to pass in His perfect time. It can also be firm or authoritative. You do learn to discern the Holy Spirit as a believer who spends time in the Word, in prayer or praying in the Spirit or tongues.

The Holy Spirit gives you a blessed assurance and a deeper understanding. A lot of people will no longer ” get you “. Let’ look at some instances of a rhema. Jesus has been accused of casting out the devil with the approval of beelzebub but He tells them specifically that he would be dividing his own house and lose power and that they would give an account of every lazy or useless rhema.

Mary received a rhema word from God, and accepted His divine will. Many of the patriarch were the same, the build of the ark for example. God’s word was for a specific individual and for His will and purpose. Rhemas are different from prophetic  words in the sense, that they do not have to come as a word of knowledge or prophetic word from another, although they may, I have found the Holy Spirit to be the one to drop that word into my Spirit.

And that is why I took the time to explain rhema. I know His word was for me about rest, but it is also for someone else, anyone too heavy laden or burdened. And He will confirm it to you by two or three witnesses, either as a logos, word in general or a deeper rhem for your soul.

Keep speaking His love and peace over you life and you will find understanding as you seek His rest. He is coming for a pure bride and how will be? By the washing of the water of His Word. Or maybe, a rhema, rest?

Matt Antoinelli / Unsplash / Adobe Spark

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