Let’s Talk Healing!




Everyone has an idea of what health looks like. Babies that are chubby cheeked cherubs are cute, but let a child weigh a little more and it becomes a label and a focus. Girls are very prone to having a negative image of themselves, not that boys can’t. You don’t have to be athletic or a marathon runner to be healthy.

It is not all about size or shape or weight, or even ethnicity, some people are smaller framed and some larger, it is all about Jesus. It is not about the miles you walk or the vitamins you take, it’s all about Jesus. He’s in control and not us and though He allows us a free will, our temple of the Holy Spirit is more than exercise.

He is concerned that we are eating spiritual food. We eat three times a day, do we read His Word or meditate on it that much? Is our heart merry? A continual feast, doing good like a medicine? Is the joy of the Lord our strength? Do we take Communion and know Jesus the bread of life?

Jesus was likely an average Jewish man of average yet, muscular build. He was a carpenter and walked everywhere, even fished. He wsn not a Superman or Adonis, et He was the Son of God in the flesh, and obeyed His Father. He had the power of the Holy Spirit, healed and cast out demons, resisted the devil in a grueling fast and in the garden of Gethsemane.

Many is the time, He slipped into the crowds and disappeared because someone always wanted to kill Him. He could not lay down His life until it was time. No man take it from Him, He gave it willingly, and for us to have life. He literally gave His life for us to live in the most horrific way.

I don’t want you to carry around the image of Jesus on a cross all the time, because He is alive and our High Priest in heaven. But can you really say He doesn’t heal after He endured so much, it i just that we don’t always realize the exchange, it is just like give Him our life for salvation. He takes sin and disease, fear, guilt and all sorts of mental oppression, much the same way. We might be in good shape but are we strong enough in spirit.

He was beaten and scourged, though it should have been one or the other, not both. A cat of nine tails in embedded with glass and metal, the psalmist prophesied that furrows were plowed deep. His back was ripped apart. His head crowned deep into the brown and perhaps even brain with thorns. That punishment brought us peace. No wonder Isaiah 53 says by His stripes or wounds, stripes is not accurate enough, we are healed.

Crucifixion causes suffocation, His heart was pierced. All this after carrying a heavy cross and suffering in Gethsemane. And can you even comprehend being the one who would have wrapped His body in linen and spices for burial in a tomb. Those women would have had to take care, washing Him, bathing Him gently, and wrapping torn flesh back to the bone. They would have wiped the face that loved them with a smile, and folded a torn beard back in place. Dipped His bruised jaws and lashes with cool water.

I do not like those autopsy shows, I know this is why. I know who died for me and is ultimately the one who I rely on for health, I tried to not complain about pain but endure it, the truth is He took it, He took it all as a human, and as a man, I tried to see Him as super human and He was but He was also very much like us and felt it all. He paid a high price for me, and loved me so I love Him.

I can still say this at the end of a week that has seen praying for two women with major cancer operations coming up, and a for a baby who is on his 28th day of having a new heart, not rejection after a transplant, and the home going of a friend.

You can do what you can to be healthy, but obsessing over anything is not the answer when the answer is Isaiah 53 and a risen Lord, greater than any other name. Rebecca Jones / Jeshoots

Update: The baby has had no rejection for over a year and no more purple toenails.


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