A Beautiful Soul

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I never thought of myself as a beautiful soul. But you know what? I am. And maybe, you are too, if you look deeply enough. If you start to see with God’s eyes and His love. I discovered that I have an eye for beauty, it is God given. I can look at old abandoned mansions and see the potential, or have in mind what they were in past. I have a hope to see other women open their hearts to the possibilities they never knew that God even placed in them.

I can look at a rose and see a garden full of paths, a bench, a birdbath, butterflies and bees. I can turn a word or phrase and there is a blog post a new Pinterest board. I see beauty in the dawn and sunset. I see it in a lot things and even in people, maybe something they don’t see. I have seen women begin to paint and write and even minister, and they never knew they could.

Being a beautiful soul is letting the gift of God inside you, out. Inward beauty, the aroma of Christ that perfumes you, becomes outward beauty. No matter what you look like, you don’t have to be like this model, but whatever you are God enhances natural or physical beauty with His Spirit. We all emerge from our cocoons, butterflies, having beat our wings of faith, His love making us strong.

A beautiful soul does not necessarily have to write or sing, she may have other gifts. Whether being a good friend or the best cookie maker, I read about a woman who made the best cakes. Or if it is being a fervent prayer warrior or the best wedding planner. We all have beautiful souls if we let them out. She doesn’t have to be a woman with it all together, but Jesus completes us.  His peace, makes me whole.

Beautiful souls can be joyful souls or prayerful souls, gentle souls, or kind souls or a mixture of all. We will cover a lot of souls in this series. Beautiful souls have the fruit of the Spirit. Beautiful souls are faithful and loving , good natured and fun loving but can also be fragile and delicate when their gifts are so much a part of them that others don’t always see. They give out so much love, that they also have to be filled continually with God’s.

People are funny that way, they look at beauty on the outside, while God looks at the heart. God sees inward beauty because He has sent His Son to reside in that heart. He sees a heart for others. He sees beautiful souls in the believer, whether we do or not. And that is a shame, let’s not waste the gift of God in us! I’m so glad He saw mine.

Whatever you do, do it for the Lord and in love, and you will be surprised at the changes, His love changes everything, He makes beautiful souls. The love of Jesus, makes us whole and beautiful, He is our joy and peace, and gives the beautiful souls their butterfly wings to fly, Last week, I was met with the loss of a friend, this post is dedicated to the memory of a beautiful soul, Wendy Pena. She went to be with the Lord and is already missed so much. Her butterfly wings took her home. She was a friend, wife, mother and sister, and even a pup mom. Her smile and sense of humor lit up our Pinterest boards, and our lives,and while we mourn, we know we are blessed that she is no more pain, and is forever a beautiful soul that we will see someday soon. Please keep all cancer patients in your prayers, she would want us to. He is both healing and merciful and He is love.

Wendy fought through two battles, but the third was too much, He knew she was ready to come home. She did get to see her new grandchild, and was still laughing and send me pins, and never said she was in the hospital again.

Remember, to give someone an extra hug today, do something to celebrate life everyday, if is to sing a song, write a poem, or encourage someone. Sow seeds of kindness and joy, and reap the benefits of knowing you are loved by a God who loves to create beautiful souls. 4nrkta67u9f8qjvn7w5g 




Our beautiful soul, Wendy and her sweet Rudy.


10 thoughts on “A Beautiful Soul”

  1. My Dear Sweet Friend,
    Wendy was such a Beautiful Soul and I am so happy that God connected us all together on Pinterest and Facebook ….
    Your article is Amazing and Thank you for always being the Beautiful Soul you are and for always lifting another soul up….Love ya


  2. “Being a beautiful soul is letting the gift of God inside you, out.” These are such true words, Rebecca. So often we think we are not beautiful, but that’s when we look at outward appearances or compare with others. But the beauty that comes from the inside can actually make us beautiful outside, too, if we only let it out. Blessings to you! This is going to be a great series!


  3. My husband and I lost a dear friend last week also. Even though we miss him so much, and our hearts are grieving over that, what joy to know that the beauty of his soul is so full with Jesus now. May I open my heart even more to see the beauty in each one of us here! Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts.


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