Fearless Heart



I have always had to deal with fear. I knew the verse, that I had not been given a Spirit of fear. Timidity, some versions say. I was easy going but not a pushover. Or so I thought, the trouble is sometimes, being worn out by the enemy, another weapon used on the saints. Fear had worked in my family before and the devil and to had try it out on me. It didn’t work.

Oh, there were days, lots of them. I was oppressed with it. I could cast down imaginations, but I thought way to much. I did not know there was a prayer to release the fear, terror, and torment, by claiming God’s righteousness in Jesus. No one ever told me, so I’m telling you. As a believer, you are righteous because of and only because of Jesus. Use it! Don’t listen to the wicked one! That foe is defeated, bound in Jesus name. You can have a fearless heart with Jesus.

He was without sin yet took sin for us, we were not righteous but He imputed that to us, and we have to use it to thwart the enemy, Jesus expects to. If you are quaking in your boots, bind the spirit of fear. Claim Isaiah 54:17 for yourself, no weapon will prosper. But above all else, loves make the difference, His love. It crushed fear and still does. Just stop, take a breath and love Him and let Him and He will love you, and love the fear right out of you, you may have to whisper Jesus, you may have to shout but He is there.

You can plead the blood of Jesus over you. Fear is not in your spirit as a believer. It oppresses it, it is the flesh and in your mind. It is possible to let Jesus drive it all from you. It is possible to be fearless and have a fearless heart. And that heart will be at peace and give you His rest, no matter the situation. It is also possible to feel that twinge, even have it gnaw at you and pray and go right on know Jesus is with you every step of the way.

I’m not saying you will never experience it. I’m not saying it won’t try to pop back up. Because I have had it to. It is a lot easier to get rid of, as Jesus helps you overcome. You have already overcome as a believer. Because the greater one is in you. And He has over come the world. We are more than conquerors through Him who loves us! And He loves us everyday.

We are to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, not just  those in Revelation it is for now. It is actually true that already have, it is a matter of receiving it by faith in His name. Demons tremble in terror at His name. We may tremble in awe of His power and love, but we will have the sound mind. So do not fear, it is in His Word 365 times you know, it’s there for a reason, and 70 as a command better than a vitamin, we can take one a day or more and be fearless in Jesus. Rebecca Jones / stock photo


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