Carrying A Wounded Christ

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Are you carrying around a wounded Christ?  I was in prayer once over my own health scare, imagine my surprise to the Holy Spirit’s voice resounded through my soul.  It was true. ” You’ve been carrying a wounded Christ too long!”

The more I thought about it the more I realized that that’s the way I thought of Him. I constantly thought of the beating He took for my pain, and I was in pain. Yet, He took it!  I needed to see healing, I need to see a risen Christ.

I kept identifying with His suffering when I should have seen Him, resurrected. ascended, and seated on the throne as my High Priest, making intercession for me, watching over me, guiding me, loving me no matter what, and waiting for me to give up my ideas and ways and take hold of His, He thinks the world of us, we are the joy for which He endured the cross for.

I had a plastic figure of Him inside our picket fence, there stood Jesus, arms outstretched, among the flowers, my dogs, both white poodles, stood out beside Him as they smelled the flowers. Both my babies are with Him now, the  flowers are gone, and yes, Jesus is gone, too.

He had been hit by the weed eater on more than one occasion, finally, a chunk fell off Him, still, He could be repaired, I thought.  I had already hidden His sliced shoulder in the flowers many times. I put Him in the garage and planned to do so.  My mother went through the door and knocked Him over, He was now missing an arm and beyond hope, “I’m sorry.” she said. She knew how much Jesus meant to me, now I had to throw Him away.  Wrapped in a bag, I kissed His head and tossed Him out on trash day.  I was devastated, but I remember the words of the Holy Spirit, I was losing a symbol, not Jesus.

I realize this blog goes the world over and that many readers may be Catholic, I am more non denominational, I respect that many of you hold your rosaries and prayer cards and icons sacred, precious, holy.  But they are only symbols of our Lord and He and the power of His precious Holy Spirit are so much more. I revered a statue of Him only because I revered Him. It was never an idol or an object of worship, He was but I was seeing Him all wrong, He is not on the cross. He finished His work. He’s on the throne.

There are many here in the southern United States who would view the statues as idolatry, one of the Christian boards, on Pinterest will not allow paintings of Jesus, considering them graven images. Everyone has their opinion and they are entitled to it. I give my readers credit for having the ability to read and draw their own conclusion, and pray the Holy Spirit guides you to truth.

But Jesus fulfilled the law and the prophets, and brought grace and truth, His commandment is to love Him and one another.  If you do this, you won’t break the others.  The Ten Commandments are old covenant and we have a new one with Jesus. He is literally, Isaiah 53.

Wear your cross, never take it too lightly as people on the other extreme will do.  But carry the memory of that horrible crucifixion as our saving grace. Carry the mental image of Him ascending to heaven or seated at the Father’s right hand.

And let’s keep our loving and living Lord on His throne, I know we can’t wait to meet Him!  Be blessed today in His love, I truly hope this helps you today. May He lift your burdens, we may carry a figurative cross but He carried the heavy one for us, so we don’t have to carry around a wounded Christ.

Rebecca Jones

I had to add to this about reading another blog post. Had I really realized all Jesus went through, the horror, I don’t think I could have stood it. It must have been a terrible place for Mary and the other women, even far off.  I just heard that stoning was the form of punishment in Israel, but He was crucified to make His grave among the wicked fulfilling Isaiah 53. Jesus really was about to be thrown in the trash, but God would not have it. Joseph of Aramathea donated a tomb.

As we grow stronger and stronger n faith, God will give us more revelation of His Son and that horrible day, so that we can fully understand and walk in His love and grace, and receive healing.


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