Bound on Earth


I have been thinking a lot about the binding and loosing verse lately.  The adversary should not be able to get in so easily and keep us bound if the strong man in the story is Jesus. Of course, he is able to get us back into the bondage of sin or enslave us to keep the law instead of receive our daily grace.

I used to bind all the time. I was trying to bind everything I could. I spent a lot of time focused on what the enemy was up to in my life and not enough on the finished work of Christ. I was always reeling from one attack to another and stayed fatigued from battle. My armor was too heavy. I was wearing Saul’s instead of going out in the name of the Lord, I was a believer from the New Testament, and Jesus broke curses, rent the veil of the temple, as His own flesh, seated me in a heavenly place.

He is the Lord of Hosts, A Mighty Warrior, Commander in Chief of the angelic legions, whom He could call at a moment’s notice. So why I am I in a life and death struggle. It is true that death and life were spoken prophetically. I thought I was choosing life, but I was bound by attack after attack.

We as believers want that enemy bound on earth as he is in heaven. He no longer has the right to approach God with accusations. Jesus’ blood is there. So where does he go? It is to attack the believer’s conscience with condemnation, criticism, lies, fears, and torments. And he will come with sickness, disease and lack, deception. Oh, he wants us to think he has power, but he met his match and was defeated on a cross. Be sure he never knew he would be so decimated.

While the devil is no match for Jesus, he sure tries to upset our lives. But Jesus told us about binding and loosing. And while we should do it, especially when praying for others, it doesn’t have to be our focus. If we keep our minds on the enemy, they are not on Jesus, and He alone is worthy of first place in our lives.

Only recently had I ever heard a prayer that bound the devil and loosed the spirits, demons or minions, from their assignment. In another attempt to copy God, he sends out these things after believers. No, there aren’t demons behind every rock, there is a fallen world full of things to run into, but there are many things in the life of a believer that are specific attacks, so they will surrender the authority Jesus gave them. You don’t have to.

To be a warrior of grace, that fights with strong faithful prayers that are worded in line with agreement to His promises we must be born again, spirit filled and walking in the fruit of the Spirit and spiritual gifts. The Holy Spirit will teach you. Be well versed on what you pray for. get into agreement with other believers. We want Jesus to be the strong man for us.

Many people who try to cast out the devil will fail, remember the story of those who were beaten up. We all probably have in some way, spiritually or financially, chronic illness. I want you to look at the man who ran among the tombs. No man could bind him. So obviously they had tried, then along comes Jesus, and the demon speaks, a legion of demons were in the man, the madman as we know him. If I recall, a legion is the thousands. The fact he remained in a place of death, proved that he was full of dead things or dead spirits. But somewhere in that tormented soul I believe Jesus heard a faint cry for help and sailed through the demonic storm to help. Even the disciples were afraid,  but Jesus was asleep.

After saving the disciples, He arrived in a place where the surrounding cities were steeped in the occult. And there is the mad man, Jesus merely has to tell the demons to go, and you know the pigs drown.  The man is in his right mind. No man could bind him or keep him from cutting himself, but Jesus had the authority.

And that is the authority He gives us and wants us to use in His name. The Holy Spirit gives us power, it is not really us anyway, except by Him and through Him. God even asked Job if he could hook the devil. Again, Old Testament, but true. We would not be a match without that wonder working power of the blood and a perfect Lord, who guides you. You don’t have to chase the devil, if you are a belever, you are a target because you have something to offer, he wants to get you away from Jesus but he can’t,

Let me pray with you today.  Father, in Jesus name above all names. We want the strongman in our lives to be Jesus, and the strongholds of the enemy to be broken. We ask forgiveness if we opened a door to him, help us to know what to shut off or to avoid. I declare and decree that the devil is bound on earth as he is in heaven and we cancel the assignments against us. We want to see chains of bondage fall from believers and angels to lead away the demonic attackers bringing them. Send them where you would have them go, never to return. We also cancel the devil’s retaliations, however great or small. We want the accuser of the brethren silenced. And we give you praise.

No man may be able to bind Him, but by obedience to your Word, he is, we plead the blood of Jesus, recieve your healing, mercy and grace and give you praise. Rebecca Jones

Set Your Love On Him

Isn’t this a wonderful picture? Why not? Wonderful is one of His names. We definitely need to set our love upon Him. Why? Well, because He loves us of course, but there is another reason. And it comes from Psalm 91, our trusted friend when it comes to prayers of protection.

14 Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

15 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.

16 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation. This KJV

I used to read the Bible and not understand everything. After being baptized with the Holy Spirit, He is teaching me to read it. It is like reading it with fresh, new eyes. It’s almost like the Lord reads to me. I used not get this. I loved poetry and words and that what it was to me. I knew passages correlated. I had memorized lots of verses, but I had face lots of oppression and spiritual attacks, that’s why this verse is important.

We need to set our love upon the Lord and He will deliver us. Why? Because we show our love for Him. He will set us on high. And He does, He seated us in heavenly places. All because we know Him and love Him and we know His name, and we know He knows our name, it is engraved into His hands with nail scars.

When we call and we are in trouble, He will deliver us. And He honors us, it makes me feel ashamed that I don’t honor Him enough, yet He has and will continue to save me out of all sorts of trials. He wants us to live long lives and prosperous one, both spiritually and physically, and yes, even financially.

Read the whole Psalm, and read it often enough to be familiar with the dangers and pestilences that are still at work in the worla and how very much He loves those that love and glorify His name. It is a wonderful Lord that we have and we most definitely need to be setting our love on Him. Rebecca Jones

Fresh Wind, Fresh Breeze

There was joy stirring in the morning, the sunlight slid through the blinds. I had already posted Fresh Fire, it was something I felt I needed and I sensed others did too as prayer warriors started falling into illness and trial, I sought the Lord. There was a differnce in the air a joy after much prayer, even and earlier fast.

The wind blows and comes and goes where it will, and you can’t always see it but it is there. the same is true of the Holy Spirit. He is there, but you don’t always see His work. I heard it was to be viewed this way. With all the bad in the world, there is so much more good. For all who do not die, how many are healed. It’s not the proverbial half full or empty glass theory, not just positive thinking. It is faith. The devil is not equal in any way. For all the plane crashes, how many more do not.

God is still in control, His Spirit is here in us and among us. He is working through us and for us and our prayers are being answered.  That is why many of us are under attack. Why we have been burdened to pray, and our obedience pays off because we know if we are under attack, we are making a difference somewhere. We are being used mightily by God.

We all go through seasons and times, it is the way it works in the Bible. We are perhaps, in a season of change. But it is not a time to ” faint ” or quit. No, wait, expect a fresh wind, a fresh breeze that will, when inhaled, be as the very breath of God breathing life back into our souls. Souls who wandered and wondered but kept the faith and perservered.

What is this fresh wind? The fresh breeze? It is or course, the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It breaks the yoke of bondage, whatever it may be. We are yoked to Christ and together we make quite a team, he will keep us moving forward and in line for blessings. Because we seek the Lord, He rewards faith.

You may feel the wind, the real one and the Spirit. He can sweep across your feet and pour upon your head, inside He flows like liquid. Thick and rich, pure light. There is no darkness in Him. He will never leave you. He cannot deceive. Trust Jesus and rest, pray from His rest and beleive that there is a fresh start ahead.

You are loved. You have loved. You have been praying and been prayed for. The breeze is blowing toward you,receive the love He would give you. His joy, His peace, your miracle. Receive, by faith that what He promised, He is willing and able to deliver. There is a fresh new day everyday and today may be yours.

May the fresh wind and fresh breeze of His precious Holy Spirit find it’s way to your heart and soul in the coming days, for He loves us so. We are the beloved of God and His Spirit will be pour out in the days days. There is joy in the air, freedom in the air, a renewal of youth in the air.

Jesus breathed upon His disciples, may He breath upon us, until we see Him face to face forever. His breath of life is a fresh win and a fresh breeze, always keeping His covenant of love, as He anoints, blesses and baptizes with fire. May He breathe fresh wind and breezes of joy upon us all. Rebecca Jones

Reaping the Whirlwind


Mark 11:23 tells us that we can have whatever we ask of Him if we believe we receive,  when we pray and do not doubt in our hearts, we will have what we say. I can’t begin to tell you how much that Scripture alone has caused me trouble. I prayed it a long time ago, and when I did not receive, I thought I had done something wrong.

It wasn’t until much later that I realized He answered that prayer and others. I prayed aloud, in Jesus name and once I was looking at that verse, even had the Bible open. But  I didn’t know how faith worked. I didn’t know anything about spiritual gifts. For a long time I felt as if something had just died in me. I was having major headaches and other trials.

We have the gift of language and we can use it wisely and in faith or carelessly, let our faith, what we believe in and pray for, drift across our lips and fall upon the ground not convinced He hears or answers our prayers, that we are not good enough He’s punishing us and teaching us a lesson. Maybe, we don’t deserve it, we are unworthy, He only heals some not others, all of which is wrong.

” Oh, you’re one of those charismatics. ” ” Blasphemy. ” I was even accused, falsely, of witchcraft or following a cult. These things hurt, they cut deeply on top of not having they prayer answered although it was. Make no mistake the devil will blindside you with accusations, if not in your own thought life, through others, even other Christians who do not understand, do not care to understand and may never understand. There are  Christians who refuse to admit, jealousy, fear or just that they could be wrong.

I am none of these, I know I’m wrong a lot of times. But as to faith and what the Lord is guiding me on, no. I’m never wrong because He is not. If I’m not listening to the still, small voice, or sometimes tougher when when I need to calm down. I don’t even consider myself a charismatic because, I’m not hung upon ever word I say, I can talk about anything to anyone, I can share my faith or not. I prefer to be asked. I don’t just start laying hands on people, although I do operate in spiritual gifts.

We do have what we say and language creates our lives. We can choose to believe God’s Word that he hears and answers and that there is an enemy against believers. we can bring our thoughts into Christ’s obedience, for we are no where near as obedient, And we can receive. We can bless or  curse with words. Foul language and coarse jesting filling the air may amuse the masses but a believer has the ability to speak life and health in Christ, and an obligation to do so in obedience to Him.

We may not be able to tame our tongues but we must be willing to want it tamed by God. He must subject ourselves to Him, He desires to show love and mercy, grace and peace and wants to prosper and bless His children.

So be conscious of what you say speak life, not death and fear, anger and certainly not unbelief. There are to many beautiful words, poems and books. I know that may not appeal to everyone, but there will be something that will. I want people to be able to read, I am sorry for those who struggle, never had the opportunity to learn, and those who would throw the chance away, you don’t deserve pity.

But believers don’t need pity for even a plumber from England with a 3rd grade education bcame a great minister and learned to read the Bible taught by the Lord, so devout tht he would not even allow newspaper in his house, this man is credited with raising the dead. ( Smith Wigglesworth )

We may not be able to avoid everything but there are a lot of things we can cut, especially, social media. I’d like to be everyone’s friend, though it would be nice, and Jesus wants us to be friends, He called people friends even before they came to know Him, it is nor realisitic.  And if being a friend to Jesus costs friends, they were not real anyway, and if it is that they were not ready to receive and preferred listening to the enemy’s deception, pray for them, ad move on.

The Lord is about perception, not deception. The fact is He answers believer’s prayers. Why would He not want to to good things for you? We are good enough, not because of us, because of Him. He teaches us lessons even in trial, but He took our punishment in Isaiah 53. No, we don’t deserve it, that’s why it i grace. We’re not worthy, His death made us worthy and righteous, we could never be otherwise. Witchcraft is rebellion, stubbornness, foolish pride and attemptng to control another, even prayers should be worded so as not to be controlling. It is also tied to drug use. And blasphemy related to those at the time he spoke of it, and I would not dare say anything against Him, would you? If you don’t know or understand, just be quiet.

Words created the world, and we can sow our words wisely or shout them foolishly on the wind, you can so the wind and reap a whirlwind, or hope to be caught in the wind of the Spirit. Rebecca Jones

A Simple Twist of Faith


Most things in life should be simple, right? You work or go to school. You made dinner. You sleep. You visit family and friends. You love people they love you. You help your neighbors and they help you. That’s not always the case though, is it?

Life used to be simpler, times simpler. It is the people who have changed and yet, that is not entirely true. There have always been wicked people. In Bible times, there were evil people, cruel people. Science would have us believe in neanderthals but there was a time about the after the fall, that there were human beings without conscience.

Noah found grace. And after the Flood, there came others, also wicked. God repented of making men but He kept His covenant. He’s the only one who could and be just. That is, until Jesus came, Jesus came, as the second Adam, He restored man’s relationship with God, and there was no need for sacrifices, but He was not accepted as Messiah.

On through times there were wicked people, all through the ages. Most of the masses were unlearned and trusted the priests and bishops,vicars of the day. Many of the church officials had also been corrupted. There are still those who profess Christ and deny the power. and unfortunately, there are those who abuse their authority.

I have seen people turn and deny their faith when hit with adversity. I have seen people give up and deny the healing power of God.  I suppose some people are tired of fighting, I was there, I’m still there and I know I’m working on things I still have to accomplish. I know you get weary are in pain, but don’t give up or in..

A simple twist of faith,  the twist of faith that was wicked. That’s what wicked means, twisted. The Spirit of a man or woman is the candle of the Lord, it says in Proverbs. The Proverbs also tell how people become wicked.

All you have to be is against God, the nature of  God, the things of God. We should abhor evil, shun the very appearance of it and seek to be delivered or it . It’s easy to snuff out a candle and extinguish the flame.

It is harder to silence the love of God, to quench the love of Jesus. It is even harder to put out the flame or fire of a heart that is on fire for God. It that  my faith stays simple and He will keep answering me.

Lord keep my flame alive and don’t let my vision die in a twist of faith. the enemy takes aim at me and in like a flood comes the Holy Spirit whom I will not quench and let His water put out enemy fire.

Like Elijah of old, though even he suffered depression, I can call fire from heaven in Jesus name and it will rain down on the devil’s schemes. I may not be literally on Mt. Carmel and there may not be anything but a spiritual Jezebel, or whatever spirit, the Lord knows, and greater is he that is in me, I count on that.

I see the flicker, the flame, in this little light of mine, don’t let satan snuff you out our turn your heart ot unbelief. Don’t let him keep you wavering, twisting in the wind. Pretzels are twisted, yummy little goodies. And originally, they were folded in three’s, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, they are hard to diminish. Rebecca Jones

Be Kind To Yourself


I have found out recently what I should have and really probably knew years ago, that I wasn’t taking care of myself. Oh, I thought it was the usual things. People will never let you forget those, the number that spins off the scale while someone worries about ten pounds, which I realize, is a problem to them, because it’s on their minds.

But that’s the problem, it’s not the weight, it’s the worry of how others will look at you. It’s the wait, for prayers to be answered. When our problems are our focus, Jesus isn’t.  Did you know God calls things to be as though they are not? Romans 4:17 He calls dead things to life. As a believer, He calls you to life in Christ, abundant and new life.

The problem is though we are forgiven we still see things the same way as the world does if we are not led by and walk in the Spirit. I used to try to do things backwards, just to have faith. I could feel horrible and say I was fine and that was not good. I needed prayer and rest but often I would go on doing for others trying to serve Jesus and wait on Him to answer prayer.

I didn’t understand how God looks at things. I needed to scope out His point of view. I had to learn about spiritual gifts. He is a Spirit and looks at things from a spiritual and just stand point. Jesus saves and sanctifies us makes us just and righteous, we can go to God anytime through the veil of His flesh given for us, He is the advocate, mediator and atonement. We are what we are because of Him. It’s all about Jesus.

I know people are starting to pick on a grace message but that’s alright because the Bible defends itself, I don’t have to.  No, it’s not a gift to be squandered, or abused. It gives you no right to keep sinning but a way out if you do or need to break free of something.

People judge for a lot of reasons, weight and looks are but a couple, money, status quo, tolerance. God judges the heart, the spirit that the Holy Spirit resides in. He knows the intent of the heart and if you love is sincere or not. If you are just trying to get Him to  to do something, begging, making false vows, He knows that and you cannot hide sin from the one whose blood covers it.

But Jesus loves you. Read what He says about you. He wants you to rest and not worry, to spend time with Him. To think about Him. To love Him. He knows what you need. He knows what you want. And if you are a believer, and seek Him, they will be the same things He wants for you. He gave you the desires of your heart and His, have you followed them or were you talked into something you didn’t really choose?

I’m not telling you to get rid of your husband or family. I mean, the dream you have, is it dormant? Is it dead? God can and will revive it and you. He placed gifts and talents in us all and if we are not doing what we should be, it can make us feel like a doormat. And we let people walk all over us in the process. Did someone laugh at you? Sarah laugh but had her child.

Get some rest, sleep. I know you have to cook and clean. But you are worth it to God. You are beloved. Don’t get up early and stay up late. Rest, sleep, pray. Psalm 127:2. I know there a movie I, Eat, Pray, Love. That is not the same thing as I’m speaking of. I don’t know exactly her situation, but divorce is not just the first thing on the table because you aren’t happy with things. To me that is a much deeper topic. Another post.

Jesus wants us to take care of ourselves. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. But you know what? He wants to take care of you. And it’s not important what people say or think, it is important what He says and thinks and He loves you.

It is not New Age or nonsense. The Lord who died for you loves you. Don’t keep blaming, shaming or hating yourself. Don’t count yourself out. Don’t work yourself to death or cut your life short with alcohol and drugs. You can’t self medicate, eat yourself happy or even find it affairs.

Your self worth is in Jesus. Start to look at yourself the way He sees you. He loves you if you are believer in Him. He is your joy and peace. Look at yourself the way He sees you, and be kind to yourself. Rebecca Jones


Give Me Seeds To Sow


The Word gives many stories or parables about sowing and reaping, Jesus was a Master storyteller. He could tell stories that were more like riddles and had to be heard, prayed about and given thought to, in order to be understood. The same is true of our studies.

Let’s look at Young’s Literal Translation of 2 Corinthians 9:10, ” May He who is supplying seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness. ”

We already know that we are supposed to be fruitful, and many of us have allowed the enemy, myself included, to choke off the seeds, even though we are good ground. The enemy is always the thorns, and brambles, and He would the vine, Jesus, cut completely, if he could. But he finds ways to delay, deceive, and disappoint and we will open our mouths in disgust and anger and suddenly our harvest that should be plenty is few. We must be alert for these attacks and keep the gardens of our hearts watered with the Holy Spirit, and let living water flow.

Seeds are small things, look at the mustard seed, I even read about sunflower seeds being tear shaped. I had never thought of that. Years ago, I would buy those rolls of wildflower seeds, you know, the ones that looked like carpet. Roll them out cut them ant put them into flower boxes, water, and viola! Boom! An explosion of color and flowers. I’m sure I remember putting some in the yard. Unfortunately, our summer heat has cut short my gardening and my flowers. It is like you can’t water it enough.

Have you seen those visual aids where a flower is left unwatered and dries up to demonstarate the Holy Spirit being like water to the soul? Have you ever had a thirst that causes you to drink glass after glass of water? Even tea or soda won’t quench it it. We are not to quench or cut off the work of the Holy Spirit. It takes work to sow a garden, rest to watch it grow.

It also requires a fruit of the Spirit called patience. We may not see evidence of our labor but it will come to fruition in time. Ministry is like that, we sow the love of God into people’s lives, they may let thse seeds dry up or even die in rocky ground, some will be scatter in the wind and blow who knows where, they may fall into good soil and grow, or be tangled in thorns or briars. Our words are like seeds, mine are blowing around all over the world, I know many will fall into good soil, hearts in need of hope in the Lord and they will sprout and bloom.

The devil sows too, he tries to copy everything but he is not omnipotent or even that powerful in the life of a baliever, if they know how and what to sow. Sow the word into your heart. Sow healing word, before you get sick, and you will know them if you need to pray for healing. Read about wisdom and ask for it. Read about Jesus and follow Him, ask Him to lead you in love and give you spiritual gifts.

He was and is the Bread of Life, Our Daily Bread, Our Portion. I think, that sometimes, I may have studied the wrong verses, and I didn’t always put things into practice as quickly or often as I should. I know now that manna was sent on a daily basis, it spoiled if gathered for the next day unless it was the Sabbath. So in a sense, I was trying to reap a harvest before it was time. But after the crucifixion, Paul goes into detail about rest in Hebrews, the Sabbath rest.

We are not supposed to be wandering around in the wilderness. We are to be at rest in Him, We are to both know and sow the Word and are free to study and take in all His splendor, and as we sow it into our spirits, the Holy Spirit will remind us daily of what we need. He will give us what to say, need to hear, help us pray. It is all about Jesus, and He is coming to separate the wheat and the tares that have grown side by side. Only he can snatch the wheat with out plucking tares. And that doesn’t mean you have a 50/50 chance of heaven, you have to accept Jesus as Lord and confess to and of Him.

What a wonderful Lord, He gives us seeds, helps us sow, gives us His rest, His peace and then He will gather our harvest. I pray He gives you seed, I’m sowing into you today. May you be blessed and receive grace upon grace today and everyday. Keep sowing, love, joy and peace and He will increase the fruits of our righteousness. Rebecca Jones