A New Soul

The Proverbs speak of beauty and charm being deceitful and it can be but it doesn’t have to be. God created everything with the intention of it being good and beautiful and lasting. As it turns out I had a couple of extra posts about souls so I thought  I would rewrite it a little. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says we are a new creation in Christ and old things are past so God has and is doing a new thing in our lives.

Even our adversary was created perfect and iniquity was found in him. How often the beautiful people are lured astray. with pride, envy, and a sense of entitlement. How often do they lure believers in? I saw a program where a lady boasted of getting up at 5 a.m. to read her Bible, right away, I didn’t believe her. She was an addict, owed money, lived with a man and had had him murdered.

She may have looked good to some, or presented herself that way, but she was either not truly a believer or had been made a new soul and let iniquity be found in her. I recently read that Jesus was crushed for our iniquities, and the word means injustices, in that case, her soul once justified by Christ if she really had believed or had become unjust through her sins or what she allowed others to do to her.

The devil’s sin of pride, makes a perfect and beautiful cherub unjust because he wanted to overthrow God, he is behind all injustices. We must be careful so that our new souls in Christ do not fall prey to his devices. And he disguises his motives but the Lord gives wisdom and discernment to those who believe, and you will not follow him off into sin and deceptions.

And then there are flawed souls, people born again who think that’s all there is, they’re not going to hell, they may participate in church activities and hide sin from friends and family, the grace message allows you freedom but never condones sin. It does not condemn the repentant but never condones sin.

There are some, sort of believers and some not, people are flawed in their thinking, their beliefs, they give way to greed and lust and even power, not caring who they hurt. It’s all about them when it should be all about Jesus. Do not give in to temptation, lies and seduction. That man won’t get a divorce, everyone doesn’t do it. You don’t have to have drugs to survive. Cheating someone or on someone is just cheating yourself. If you are a new creature in Christ, be that and stay that, shun the appearances of evil, bother to learn what evil really is, you may be surprised what the Bible says about it.

The church is full of broken people who have led broken lives, ” hooking up ” as they say is not the way to go. The sins against the body are plentiful and you can get spiritual problems you can’t get rid of so easily, and you might even abandon your morals as one lady who attended church did, marry the wrong man and suffer, he killed her little boy. And she readily admits her mistake, she knew it was wrong to go off with him, and she did it anyway, listen to the Holy Spirit if you are a believer and not just a name only  Christian.

You will give an account and He will either say well done or depart from me. It’s your choice. It is time to start a true relationship with Jesus if you are a believer, and if you are not sure, just attended church, believed going to Sunday school made you a Christian, just invite Him in for real, if you don’t know His love that He died in most horrendous way  possible to save you, He loved you that much, just ask Him into your heart, ask for His Spirit  to help you, and allow yourself to be a new and renewed soul in Christ.

If His love doesn’t draw you fear will not hold you, and you will remain a flawed soul or a lost one, but Jesus has a flawless beauty about Him and He can help you come to that light, no more a flawed soul, but a beautiful new creature, He gives you wings like a butterfly, and a new soul. Rebecca Jones / pexels


Old Soul, New Friend.

Okay ladies, I’m being  careful with this one. First, this lady may not even be my age, I will be fifty seven in December, and yes. I look like my picture. When I thought of the term old soul, I was thinking Anne of Green Gables, while she refers to the world as old, she actually talks more of kindred spirits. I still think she may have said it, I will have to keep looking or it may have been in a movie and not the book. As you may know I wrote about souls last month, I had some left over, and now they are new posts. My posts are like that, old souls becoming new friends.

Do you know an old soul? Are you one? Do you have one for a friend or would you like to have one? What is an old soul? That depends on who you ask. In my opinion, kindred spirit fits nicely, someone you hit it off with, have a lot in common with, connect with. Someone who is comfortable to be around, who exudes warmth and sincerity, is like a pair of slippers. You are comfortable with her, whether in a bathrobe or blue jeans or all decked out. You can have cucumber eyes or mud masks or full makeup, but you click. You blend together, hand and glove, laugh at the same things, finish sentences.

She would be someone available to chat or have coffee, you’d find her at the library or bookstore. She may know about Kindle  but she reads real books. She has a teachable spirit, and she can teach as well as be taught. An old soul/new friend is an easy listener, confidant, you learn from her and she may not even be aware. She may journal or write or blog, she can cook and may be good at crafts or baking. There are probably a lot of things she excels at, though she prefers one or two, her home smells of scents, whether vanilla candles or cinnamon rolls, coffee or hot chocolate.

She laughs a lot, her smile is genuine, she may have laugh lines but that is better than tan ones or frown ones, if she has wrinkles, they are few and she wears them well. She is a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord. Isaiah 61:3. She is a fountain of youth, she knows the Lord renews her. She will like old movies, or perhaps big band music. She will know who you are talking about even if she is a forty year old, she knows the 1940;s, a little history and perhaps some ancient history too because she knows her Bible. She may or may not be in ministry or teach.

An old soul can keep up with children and teens, she is not a stick in the mud but not up on slang, and you’d better watch your language and remember what she says may mean something different to her than you, it is not slang or an expletive. She drives ladies to yard sales or bake sales at church. She is wise beyond her years and can talk to older women. Even really old ones. She may visit the sick or nursing homes but she will never be there. She may use certain phrases, to date herself as older, and likes to ponder over things in heart like Mary. She treasures her Lord and His Word. She keeps His and hers. I hope you have an old soul for a friend., or even as a new friend.

Now, if you start researching this you may get a lot of psychic opinions, or even that you have some kind of sweet old spirit with you. Don’t believe that, it’s a lie. The only spirits you should have with your own are God’s angels and the Holy Spirit as a believer. Don’t get into false ideas or hypnotism or past lives. It is possible to have empathy without being an empath. Evil and deceptive spirits love to torment minds and hearts.

I love old movies, even silent ones, I am sort of a student of cinema as a writer. I found my self identifying with women in other times, how hard they worked. I was grateful for air conditioning.  I washed clothes by hand it was no fun. I was thankful for a new washer, and to get it fixed when it broke down. I was even drawn into the hardships of women traveling west in the late 1870’s as I researched a movie pitch for Hallmark, it wasn’t accepted. we can all connect to these women and even Bible ones but we are not any of them, there’s only one of each of us and God loves each one of us as if we were the only one He created.

We call all feel compassion and enjoy things together, old souls or new creatures in Christ, and whatever our ages. Though she may be the one who will watch Anne of Green of Gables with you, and is a kindred spirit who reads a manuscript for you, or shares a cinnamon roll, being an old soul doesn’t mean you’ve had a past life, or been reincarnated, just that you are friendly and wise. And that you are great friend to have and love and be around, whether or not you know an old soul or not, it might be wise ask the Lord to direct you to a friend who is capable of being an old soul, and a new friend. Rebecca Jones / Sage Kirk thanks.

Anne has a conversation with Priscilla, comparing souls to flowers. https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Anne_of_Avonlea


Magnify The Lord

Well, something new in November. While it is a time of thanksgiving and Thanksgiving, here in the states, our something new is to magnify the Lord. Why is that new you may ask? Do we really do it? That is the answer. Do we really believe that nothing is to hard for Him or that nothing is impossible with Him? Do we?

Do we talk that or act like it? Even if you don’t profess it to everyone you know, do you pray for and with your family? When you’re short on cash or in a proverbial bind or pickle, are you or we professing poverty or believing He is our provider, not the employer or career or even paycheck. He is! Do we believe that we can beat this disease or overcome any obstacle, reign in that teenaged prodigal?

Maybe, it is to finish college, marry the right man? Stop grieving a loved one, write a book, really be in ministry? Ever have a baby? Or are we still magnifying the problem over the Lord and His promises. The enemy is deceptive that way, the grass is always greener somewhere else, God works for them but not you.

Your faith, hope and love are as good as the next person. You have to hear the Word to have faith, and it has to be an ongoing process. And a spiritual hearing from the Holy Spirit. Faith grows, and the enemy attacks it, but the greater one is still in the believer, He is our hope. And His love never fails. So are we magnifying Him or the problem.

For most people , and I’m raising my hand, it is the problem.  I believed in healing but didn’t understand why I never fully was. I knew He could help me financially, but I wasn’t making money. Now, mind you even though I believe Mark 11:23, and believe you can have what you say. Just saying it doesn’t make it so. Faith, hope and love have to work together, and sometimes, He has a such a time as this.

And sometimes, we give up to soon and change our minds, thinking the overblown lies of the enemy, that it wasn’t His will, I’m being punished, maybe it was pride or I’m getting greedy. The enemy will use guilt and shame to rob you of blessings and discourage you. And he will steal, kill and destroy, if he can. That’s why I am pleading the blood over my every circumstance these days as I have venture out in more blogging.

Look at how we can magnify Him. ” I may not feel well, but Isaiah 53 promise me a good report. ” ” The doctor says this but Jesus says that. ” having a vivid imagination can be a blessing or curse. Letting it run wild or always expecting the worst causes much fear and anxiety, it is not from God. Having a holy or Godly imagination is a blessing, being able to see yourself walk again or back at work. Rocking that baby, or autographing books. It is up to us to decide, life or death blessing or curse?

Making a mountain out of a molehill or not. We all know someone prone to exaggerate. Children can become the biggest and most overblown storytellers. I have had to teach the difference between truth and lies, what is a story or real, did you really dream that or make it up. A lot of people do make up illnesses and suffer hypochondria, and some suffer truthfully and doctors don’t believe them because they sound just that way. Discernment and wisdoms are the keys for a believer. You don’t have to dissect every word or be picayune, you can over do anything.

Are we going to focus on the cross or the finished work of it, keep Jesus in a tomb or resurrect Him. Believe He heals or that was just for then? Are we focused on Jesus, the author and finisher of faith? Or enemy lies, what it looks like in the natural or supernatural? You know, He has already made a way.

Let’s put a magnifying glass over the verses that apply to us and over Jesus, Himself, and magnify the Lord. The Lord be magnified and praised. Look at how that woman’s eye is so much bigger, Jesus is bigger than any problem. Let’s magnify Him and look right into His altogether lovely face and see the sacrifice He made to redeem us. What problem? Everything pales in comparison to Him.

Mary said her soul magnified the Lord in Luke 1:46. but 2 Chronicles 1:1 says the Lord magnified Solomon. So see it can work both ways.If we magnify Him, He can magnify us. If we exalt Him and we are humbled and in awe of Him, He exalts us. When we establish His word in our hearts, minds and lives, He can establish us in faith.

In Daniel 11:26, Darius the Mede, the king, exalts or magnifies himself, but God exalted Joshua. God can build you up or take you down, He is magnified with thanksgiving and praise in the Psalms. Magnify means to make great. Sure, He is greater than anything that comes our way. And in Acts 10:46, He is magnified by speaking in tongues.

After speaking to the disciples about being crucified and sending the Holy Spirit, Jesus in John 17:1. 1 When Jesus had spoken these things, He lifted up His eyes to heaven and said, Father, the hour has come. Glorify and exalt and honor and magnify Your Son, so that Your Son may glorify and extol and honor and magnify You. This may have ties to Psalm 138 about God magnifying His Word. John 1 calls Jesus the Word, made flesh to dwell among us.

We are to say continually the Lord be magnified who delights in the prosperity of His servants. Psalm 35:27 Isaiah may have written about the law being magnified but Jesus fulfilled it and brought grace and truth. And finally, Psalm 34:3, Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together! Rebecca Jones / Mohammad Metri, Unsplash


Something New November

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19

Well, the write 31 day Challenge is over, last year I did Not About Me November, and it’s still not, but I wanted to do something new, and there’s the verse. God is always doing new things, taking us further and deeper, calling us to His rest.  Which is what I will be doing a lot of as we start approaching the holidays.

Don’t get me wrong, I intend to celebrate better than ever, for things to go smoother and be a lot more peaceful. Give up perfection? No, I’m just giving up stress and worry, people pleasing. I want His joy, His peace and His love, and His perfection. He is the only one who is perfect or why would have anything close to perfect.

His words, His ways, His thoughts, they are all perfect. He want us to have perfect peace but our minds have to be on Him. Isaiah 26:3 It’s not impossible to include Jesus in your day all day, the Holy Spirit is ever present. And He wants our souls to prosper, 3 John 1:2, and for us to be in good health. So we need Him ever present and always listening to the Spirit of wisdom and counsel.

So while we start thinking about Thanksgiving, let’s be thankful and look for Him to do new things, open new doors, close the wrong ones, make a way where there is none, streams in the desert, watch for things to bloom, yes, even as winter approaches, the spiritual aspect is in play. We can have a bountiful harvest and see the fruits ripen before us.

As I said, I will be resting a lot, you have no idea what I can get myself into. I need refreshing to pour out the blessing of words. So Something New November is about a mixture of posts that were meant for other series and were just left over at the end of the month, Some will be new, but there will be new as well because I am doing some rewrites. There will be an assortment, like a box of candy.

And then we will see where the Spirit leads us with Thanksgiving and Christmas. So God bless and let’s rest before the holidays get hectic. I want a peaceful Christmas myself, wrapped in His joy and love. Let’s be in prayer, and you know what? I am thinking about a fast, short three day one, just to open and unclutter my spirit, for it has been on overload lately. Will you pray about that too? I haven’t decided for sure.

Even just a meal a day, for three days or staying off social media. He appreciates it. But you have to do it with the right intentions and not for weight loss. He wants us to enjoy meals and feast on His goodness, but He sees hearts, believers should already have a new one, but like me, are you just overloaded? Don’t let the holidays add more of a load, let Jesus take it by casting cares over on Him. Let’s do something new, rest in His love. Rebecca Jones / Oleksander Pidvalnyi

Halloween Bonus: The Shadow of Death


We all know the verse from Psalm 23, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Indeed, the psalmist did walk through it, because of his calling to be King, his own sins, just enemies in general.

The idea is that death is a shadow, it may dogging us, nipping at our heels, but with God or rather Jesus being sent by Him to be crucified for us, we don’t have to fear. People will tell you how they do not fear death or dying, I didn’t once because I did not how serious something was, thankfully, Jesus helped me through that. And yet, the time I came closest to it I was afraid, for myself and someone else.

I have since learned to confess the righteousness of God in order to activate the verse from Isaiah 54, that no weapon formed shall prosper, fear, terror and torment has no authority. I won’t say that I have no fear, it is much less, still something to resist, by submitting to God and the devil fleeing. All fear is from him, not God. Not common sense, wisdom or caution, not reasonable things to consider, worrisome, tiresome, unrelenting, inordinate fear, phobias. And most of it is learned, babies don’t like loud noises, being hungry, or left alone for too long. The rest is picked up from others, and even spirits who would derail your testimony.

Psalm 91 is another kind of shadow, this time we dwell in the shadow of the almighty. It is speaking of the mercy seat, which was between the two winged cherubim, where the glory of God came into the temple. The shadow fell on the tent in the sunlight as people praised outside, only the High Priest was allowed in.

Not the case today, Jesus pierced and rent body was the temple, He is the High Priest now and sits on the mercy seat of our heart as a believer. So you see why, He tells us not to let it be troubled or afraid, He is there.

So we are walking through the shadow of death, Jesus tasted it for us, giving us no reason to fear it, and even the ability to resist it, He has power over it, and gives us power as well, I realize many pass on, I have been touched by it, but believers have authority here, and sometimes He is merciful if they just are unable to overcome the disease or enemy. And it is not necessarily a lack of faith, just weariness in well doing and a desire to be with HIm.

Let’s look at Isaiah 38:8, although there is a parallel here, it appears to be talking about a sundial and degrees, but Hezekiah, who is about to die, wants some assurance he will live.  So he wants the Lord to move the shadow back ten degrees, because he thinks that would be harder, than moving it forward. Indeed, it says the shadow of the sun, went back up ten steps on the stairs.

The Roman historian Josephus comments on this, apparently the sun dial is for time but the shadow falls on a staircase. Whatever the case, the shadow of the sun or death retreated and he lived another fifteen years, he was able to to more as king but also fathered a son who was a bad one. So the message would appear to be to make your life count when you are spared.

We walk through a fallen world and the spectre of death is there, more the grim reaper, than the Andrew character, from Touched by an Angel, still we can walk without fear for He is there and has defeated those awful spirits, death, hell, and the grave. Jesus is all about resurrection isn’t He?

I might add that Hezekiah mentions the the gates of  hell, at that time, you may have passed them on the way to Paradise, which is where believers went, until Jesus was crucified. Remember, He told Peter the gates of hell would not prevail, because he was going to the cross, of course, people do go to hell who do not know Jesus or choose not to. But it was created for the devil and his minions. He also rebuked Peter because he did not want Him to go to the cross.

A believer who passes today might see spirits, but will be embraced by the Lord and escorted to heaven with angel wings, because their death is precious to Him. But please remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue, Proverbs 18:21, and Deuteronomy 28, tells us to choose life or death. Our words and faith matter, cancel those bitter, evil and cruel words spoken by others over you, even your diagnosis, according Isaiah 53, in Jesus name back that shadow off.

And while Romans 6:23 says the wages of sin is death, not all death is from sin. Jesus bore sickness and disease, wore a crown of thorns for mental afflictions, was crushed for iniquities which are unjust things against us. There is such a deep covenant of love cut into the body of Christ literally, that the church as His body should not be overshadowed by so much oppression and death.

We have not begun to touch the hem of His garment, have we? He is such a great love, and some may like what Pope John Paul called the culture of death, it thrives on Halloween, and even year round, but for as long as I can, and as many as I can pray for, I choose life. And I want to live in the shadow of the Almighty, and rest in Him, and remember to fight, and also His mercy. Let’s pray and push back the shadow of death. Have a safe celebration on Halloween. Rebecca Jones / Alexander Krivitskiy Unsplash

A Dark Soul


What constitutes a dark soul, It is more that moody or brooding. More than a loner, Jesus spent time alone, so so do I. That is not enough in itself to darken a soul. The dark soul probably has no interest in salvation, may even engage in the occult or drug use.

A dark soul is not bothered by loss of lives or gratuitous violence. That type of soul stews over perceived injustices, real or imagined. even if they have suffered trauma or abuse, you would think their thought would run along the lines of escaping it not engaging in it or afflicting others.

I have seen depression and grief and it was not accompanied by violence or hatred. A dark soul is much more than someone who hurt offended, or someone who harbors bitterness and unforgiveness.

Darks souls devour others with their words and evil, they speak and spout threats, racism, and sexual remarks. They are abusive to spouses, men and even sometimes women. They will do things with impunity that none of us would dream of doing..

They can be sociopathic or narcissistic. Dark souls can be saved, they may have even become so depraved as to be demonic or even demon possessed. Most of us, thank God. will never run across these people,  they are not without hope Jesus saved many bad people, and put demons out a man in the tomb.

Decapolis was a ten city place where He crossed and cast the demons out after telling the wind to be still. We too, need to be still. Those were highly demonic places, like Magdal where Mary Magdalene was from, is ait a wonder she had seven?

I like to think that that man who no one could tame had a shred of his soul crying for help and Jesus heard it. And He freed him. While we may feel a little like that at times we are far from it.

So watch for the signs, the enemy goes after people even at young ages. I would supervise the television and internet and limit the movie choices of the young. As an adult you have a free will and should make better choices as a believer.

As Halloween and the day of the dead celebrations approach. Enjoy candy and costumes with a reasonable approach and never open enemy doors. You can still be saved as dark soul,deliverer and healed but it is a lot harder to rid yourself of these thoughts and spirits. It is much easier never to become a dark soul. Rebecca Jones / Alexander Krivitsky Unsplash thank you.

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Soul Conscious


We all know what it means to be conscious or unconscious. We are conscious of our environment and our surroundings and what is going on, for the most part, although there are spiritual occurrences we are not always privy to. Being unconscious, through an injury or a coma puts you into another state of being. I think people should talk to loved ones, their spirit can hear you.

Sleep is also a state of rest, natural rest and a consciousness God can speak to with dreams or visions at times. The Holy Spirit works that way, but I always encourage people to rely on Him and not just any teaching out there, there are counterfeits that would lead you astray and cause harm, the Holy Spirit won’t. There is also the rest of faith He encourages us to allow our soul to enter. Sleep also brings refreshment and healing. I have been healed deeply of serious conditions with sleep.

I have enjoyed writing about different kinds of souls and I hope you have enjoyed reading them, for the most part, they are my own perception of them and Biblically based, you can have qualities of one or more and surely there are more than I mentioned. I was inspired to do this back in the summer. Even someone we knew who was a minister, though it was years ago, could not explain a soul to my mother’s satisfaction.

But a soul is your being created in the image of God, spirit. God breathed on Adam for him to be a living soul. You are a spirit, you have a soul and live in a body, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit as a believer. And should be cared for. But your focus should not be solely on the body, that would be like focusing on church as a building when it is a body of believers.

Soul and spirit are connected, they are intertwined. Both are moved by the Holy Spirit, especially if you pray in the Spirit, both leave when you pass. Your soul and spirit live on in heaven or hell, they can live without a body but the body can’t live without them. There are those who teach soul sleep until the resurrection, I won’t argue the point but remember the beggar and the rich man, the beggar went to the bosom of Abraham and the rich man to hell. This was before the crucifixion, even the thief who believed was told He would enter Paradise, not sleep. Though Jesus purposely used that word in place of death, He finally He told the disciples Lazarus was dead. We would no longer go to Paradise as it was then but the paradise of heaven above, but you have to be born again, just believe He died and rose and took your punishment on the cross, He loved you so. And live for Him.

I’m sure a lot of people and even believers I know would consider this perhaps, a lot of nonsense, New Age, or even false doctrine, because a lot of them simply don’t believe in the supernatural occurrences, miracles, healings or even signs and wonders. They don’t think what happened in the Bible happens today, but believe me it does whether we are conscious of it or not. Again, I urge you to trust the Holy Spirit and the Word of God and not just me. Study for yourself and rightly divide it, the New Age, occult and other practices will claim knowledge and may even talk of the Holy Spirit, but He is the truth and will not guide you into anything wrong but give you power of it, He is not a spirit of fear or bondage but freedom. But do not hinder, grieve Him or trample on His grace.

I have been told it’s not about the Holy Spirit. You should not pray to Him, I don’t. I believe in asking in Jesus name. But the Holy Spirit prays for us. Romans 8:26, so do I let Him? Sure I do. I was also told I could not be a Jesus only believer, I said I wasn’t because I’m not. Though He made the most amazing sacrifice, so did the Father by giving Him up, and so did the Spirit by raising Him from the dead. God is a triune being. He is a Spirit, has a soul, and took on a body as Jesus. Yet, God has a brilliant mind, super creative, He has a will, and He has to keep His Word, and not intervene as we have a free will, prayer draws Him though. And He has emotions, but He can keep them in check. He could remember our wrongs, but chooses not to, He looks to Jesus as our atonement.

Jesus is not still on the cross, He is alive and He is love, and He would love to know every soul intimately and love them deeply. He knows not every soul will follow Him. Will we? What kind of soul are we? We don’t need to be soul conscious in the sense of obsessing over it or struggling to obtain a certain one, we are all different and blessed. But we do need to be soul conscious and aware of the one who created our soul, it doesn’t matter as long as it belongs to Him. God bless and thanks for reading. Rebecca Jones / pexels


Please go back through October if you missed a soul or to Pinterest, my board is now called Daughter’s Gift / Rebecca, hoping to attract blog followers, thank you for following if you decide to or please pass it along to someone who would enjoy it.  Only two more days, and I have a couple of bonus posts, for Write 31 Days. Thanks, Crystal and everyone, I have read a few posts. It has been a joy! – Becky


A Devious Soul


Not all beautiful people really are, beautiful, on the inside are they? Like a well written resume they look good on paper or in a photograph, but are often full of themselves, deceit and lies. The devil tries to imitate his former self, his glory is gone. The only light he projects is cold, harsh and callous. So what is a devious soul?

Do you love a good mystery? Well try unraveling Jesus as He is portrayed in the Bible, watch the devil time and again try to mimic Him and fail. I know many of us never thought of having an enemy so bitter and angry with us as to lie in wait and plot against us and wait for the right time to pounce, but that is his modus operandi. You may open doors by something you do or say or the company you keep or even a movie you watched. And things go alone merrily, then one day, you wonder how something bad happened?

There my be co-workers who will compete or step on other for a promotion, or it may may be even more serious as a woman practicing witchcraft maneuvered herself into a church group, her intent to take over, while person after person fell ill, she had more responsibility, until one day someone went to her house and saw her through a window standing in a circle on the floor and reciting incantations.

The devil knows a house divided will not stand. And he will use doctrine, disputes and even affairs to tear apart churches. Oh, and families, though I never want women to stay in abusive situations, they are often bombarded with little foxes, and overwrought when the family dynamic is unstable, this can be generational, learned from parents, whether financial mismanagement or the husband who is difficult to communicate with. The serpent is still subtle.

Why did I get married? What am doing with these kids. Maybe love is gone, but maybe it;s is just a question of talking to each other. Jesus says your house is built in vain without Him, are you on firm ground or shaky when the storms come. Have you ever see those mansions just slide off the side of a mountain?

Now, be aware that not everyone who is beautiful is not prideful and devious. And not everyone is out to get you before you get them, following a deceptive golden rule of doing to others. A lot of things require an inward look at our own behaviors. Soul searching. Are you a believer? Do you really and truly know Christ as Lord, or do you just copy what you think is Christian behavior. I heard one man say he was a Christian because he hadn’t killed anybody. That is not confessing Jesus as Lord and believing Him crucified and risen to save souls.

See how the enemy is deceptive. Being good by the world’s standard is not enough, in fact, the world’s standards are pretty low in my opinion. Another woman believed she could not get saved because she had cut her hair, thankfully a minister heard her crying as he prayed for someone else. And still another was told she could not be saved as a child, she didn’t say why, but think it may have been that her parents weren’t married. The enemy is the father of lies, a murderer from the beginning, whether he talks someone into suicide or a slow death of drug abuse.

God is love and that is far greater than anything he will ever throw at you with his darts. You can be a saved soul, a believing soul and a loving soul, and His Spirit can make you new, like a butterfly opening  unfolded wings, you will soar, and you never have to listen to or fear, the deceitful one or a devious soul.  Rebecca Jones / Pixabay


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A Perfect Soul


Do you know a perfect soul? Are you one? If you are honest, you may have to say no because a lot of us are not blessed with that sort of person and may not be one ourselves though we have the ability to be perfect only in Christ. He perfects us, gives us His beauty. And I’m not being tough on us, He sees us the way He wants us to be, it is just the way we see ourselves that gets us into trouble.

A perfect soul is one who makes every effort to live a heaven on earth. She will often be about her business quietly perfecting that sense of peace and purpose God has placed in her heart. She is mature no matter her age, she knows perfection is  fallacy of the world, and the Proverbs 31 woman is not just  myth that is unobtainable. He has her moments but does not despair, balancing rest and faith to make her life beautiful.  The Bible will translate words sometimes and the meaning is misunderstood, like fearing God, who is love. Perfect will be mature, or at least mature in Christ.

She may be a friend or neighbor, she is not a person who you can chat up easily or who will involve herself in gossip. She will not air her own dirty laundry, unless she has absolute confidence in you. In fact, she probably has very little because she has  become adept at hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit who can calm her fears and wipe away the tears as she prays through her day.

Her home is clean and presentable, if not perfect, lived in is not a pigpen. She is not judgmental but can judge righteously. She knows how to call a spade a spade  or a sin a sin. She will not just sweep it under the rug but call you on the carpet in the nurture and admonishment of the Lord. She knows His love covers a multitude of them. And yet, they have to be dealt with.

She is a friend, a wife whose husband’s heart trusts her. Her children call her blessed. She may be a Proverbs 31 woman or a Titus 2 woman, or maybe not, but makes the effort, and makes it look effortless. While it may appear to us to be that way, we can rest assured of the fact she has had some hardship. She has just matured in favor and grace, and it is easier to turn to the Lord in times of need.

She may be beautiful in mind and body and even spirit. Her gentleness speaks of Christ. Her perfume is the aroma of His amazing grace. She loves and is loved. She will never betray her Lord, she does her best to keep both her word and His. She speaks in wisdom and kindness, she knows the right words, healing words.

On the outside she may appear to have it all together. But on the inside, her love of Jesus is the passionate glue that binds her together, for she is a beautiful soul who like all of us is nothing without Him. She is still God’s little girl, and cries Abba, Father. When she could run in fear she runs to Him instead. Don’t let that appearance fool you into jealousy, she has to walk out faith and so do you, forget comparison, it is a thief of joy.

She is covered in grace and peace and enfolded in angel wings as she walks through valley and over mountain tops, she is in the secret place abiding under His wing and shadow. She is in her prayer closet, and the secret place of the Most high. She is crowned with righteousness, a crown of beauty in His hand, she has beauty for ashes.

Look at yourself again in the way God sees you, perhaps you have looked through the glass darkly, but His desire is to see you face to face, perhaps you have been looking at what others see and not Jesus. He will help you become what He sees, and He sees a mature or perfect soul. Rebecca Jones / Remy Loz Unsplash, thanks.



A Resplendent Soul


Resplendent, look it up, I did, you know I’m a wordy. Shining, gleaming, splendid. Isn’t that the soul we should aspire to be? Isn’t that the soul Jesus was? He walked the shores of Galilee, and even on the water. There were still waters and storms He calmed. He stirred the hearts of the people and brought life and healing. Psalm 76:4 calls the Lord, resplendent.

Matthew 5:14-16 tells us to shine, so others can see Him in us, we are the light of the world and should not be hidden, and Isaiah 60:1 tells us to rise and shine, the glory of the Lord has risen upon us. Jesus declares Himself the light of the world while He was here, now we are.  Daniel 12:3 say the wise shine like the heavens and they do.

Surely, He shone with radiance of God. There He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light. Matthew 17:2  I’m sure His eyes gleamed with love and compassion as He healed the sick and cast out the devils. We are called to follow Him, not like the disciples for we are called to be sons and daughters, He seated us in heavenly places, whereas the disciples followed Him literally, they took up their cross but I believe He carried ours.

You are as majestic as the morning sky–glorious as the moon–blinding as the sun! Your charms are more powerful than all the stars above. Song of Solomon 6:2  Psalm 132:18 calls the crown of the victor, which is us, resplendent.

Why shouldn’t we be radiant, children of His light delivered from darkness? The way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, which shines ever brighter until the full light of day. Proverbs 4:18

There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars; for star differs from star in glory. 1 Corinthians 15:41, we all shine differently, and I have written about many different souls and how we can have the qualities of one or many, perhaps, one is just more obvious to you and others and the one that shines the most.

Shooting for the resplendent soul, may be like shooting for the moon or stars, but shooting for who Jesus wants you to be is worth every effort and even every tear or failure, because He redeems our time and keeps or tears in a bottle, and He is resplendent, He is light, life, and love.

God wants us to conform to the image of Jesus, we may feel like we miss the mark, and we do, but His grace and mercies are new every morning. Fresh grace and a fresh heart with the light of dawn and if need be with the sunset or stars, God already sees the end from the beginning, He sees the finished work of Christ, His glory in us. So walk beside still waters, let Him calm the storms, He may even help us step out of the boat. So let’s resolve to remember the glory of a resplendent soul. Rebecca Jones / Pete Bellis, Unsplash

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