A Measure of Grace


Again in January, here is a post with a harvest of wheat to reflect the measure of grace we are given and what can become of the word sown in us, a harvest of plenty, whether in the fall, summer or bitter cold, He can bring about the spiritual harvest. we can reap what we have sown.

Let’s talk about the measure of grace we are given. Just like the measure of faith given to each of us, it is a gift and what we do with is what counts. Do we let it grow, set it aside like a dusty Bible on a shelf or sow and reap. God gives the gift but we must use them, I was trying in my own efforts. That wasn’t grace, that was me, not Jesus. thankfully, He brought me to a place of resting in the promises.

It was grace that led me on, it was Jesus. Jesus is grace and truth. He is our peace. And we have a measure, do we just believe we are saved or go after the faith of Abraham and believe the impossible? We can have the sinner saved by grace mentality or the lavish love of Jesus and His saving grace.

Most of us never made that decision until it was staring us in the face. I just always believed in healing but when it is you and your pain, you must decide to be saved and accept whatever comes as God’s will or to fight back and believe nothing is impossible with Him, and not for you with Him, if you can believe. Quite a challenge, right. What a resolution, to go in grace.

While we have received grace upon grace as Jesus said in John 1:6, it is still a measure and we are to grow in it. 2 Peter 3:18 Paul calls it a stewardship of God’s grace in Ephesians 2:3

Now to each one of us grace has been given according to the measure of the gift of Christ. Ephesians 4:7

For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but think of yourself with sober judgment, according to the measure of faith God has given you. Romans 12:3

I like the phrase, a measure of grace. Something we shouldn’t mind weighing. If you cook, you know about teaspoons, and measuring cups. If you sew or carpenter, you know about lengths, if you measure wheat or barley or grain, it is in bushels.

Our baskets and bowls should be flowing over with an abundance of grace. No matter your calling, we all minister in some way, whether to friends, families, coworkers or those we do business with or actually do minister to in church.

Grace is Jesus poured on us by His Spirit, it starts as a measure,, grows and multiples, just like seeds that are sown, so is His grace. The Holy Spirit decides the gifts a gives accordingly, so what kind of faith do you want, you have access to as much or as little of Jesus as you want. So what is your choice for your measure of faith? Rebecca Jones / pexels

❄ I do know it is cold outside.  Praying He fills us up with His grace.


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Greater Grace

Bernard lee

But He gives more grace. Wherefore He says, God sets Himself against the proud, but gives grace to the lowly. James 4:6, other translations says the humble.

We should also read the previous verse, where it is being explained that spirit He placed in us is jealous or envious. Now, I was trying to have that in the right context because our spirits, even born again ones, have a free will and go the way of pride. And we can be jealous and envious.

But if God is a jealous God and He is, it is not the same as a sinful jealousy, just that He longs to be with us and that He wants us to know Him intimately. Since the Jews were still clinging to the law and not necessarily moving the Spirit, it is likely that is what the statement means. It is no less true of Christians today.

So the Holy Spirit in us can be be longing, even jealous or envious of us, in a good way, desiring the best God has for us and wanting to show us how to get there. He is the Spirit of truth. John 16:13.

But God sets Himself against the prideful. You can’t set yourself above Him.  I never have meant to do that, and I hope I haven’t. Admittedly, I thought I could pray for myself and I can, I have hated to ask for help, I hope that is not falling into this category or I will change that.  My mother mentioned that to me, about setting yourself above Him last night, she relayd in a better way, when we fail to agree with what He says about us, to believe Him, depending on our ways or thoughts more than His. I agreed, so I really can pray for myself, the Holy Spirit will, and it’s okay to ask for help. Realizing the power of His Spirit and His name isn’t pride.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you. James 4:10, we should ready to acknowledge that is Him, and indeed it is He who heals, I have never like the term faith healer. He casts out the devil, though we operate in spiritual gifts, it is by His grace we can do nothing on our own.

So the Holy Spirit is longing for you to be humble, submissive to God’s will desiring His gifts and the ability to discern His voice. And when you do and when you are ready, He will give you more grace, greater grace. And we all need it. I have had to just walk away from things that threaten my love, joy and peace. Grace to deal, grace to heal, grace to rest.

So I think a New Year would be a great time to start operating in that gift of the Spirit, instead of saying, I will do this and this and that in the coming year, let Him rule and rest in your heart, with a burden and yoke that is easy and light as Jesus said and be humble, gentle and kind like Jesus.

And He will pour out grace, and more grace and favor, greater grace. Bless His holy name. Rebecca Jones / pexels

Grace For Every Need


I remember this song from the old hymnbook in the ’70’s, but I didn’t know what grace really was, I knew it got you saved. it was offered for sinners, and that was about it. If someone was teaching it I wasn’t hearing it.

I knew there were people who were like there but for the grace of God go I. I wasn’t homeless though I have yet to buy a home. I had food. I was never on the street with a tin cup and a sign. So I had grace toward me. I have know my share of trouble though.

Some people who really lived on the edge were staring hell in face, going in a proverbial hand basket. There was grace for them. Sometimes I wondered about that someone who got saved had led a wicked life, hurt his children, not abuse but by affairs. And he was saved by grace. I was there as he prayed a prayer, suffering with lung cancer. I cared about him, but I wondered at how easily the Lord forgives these sinners, I heard a whispering thought in my head, ” Would you rather I let him go to hell? ” Of course, my next thought was, ” No, of course not. ”

So I suppose I have extended grace to people more that I knew I had. Like I said I never thought of it any further than being saved but it is a lot more than that, It is like there is daily grace, morning , noon and night grace. For everything you do, are called to do or created for.

I wasn’t a morning person, getting up and going was enough, prayers came later in the day. I was busy, I was frantic and hurried trying to accomplish things. lose weight, asking Him to heal me, and let me write. I was always on the go, trying to catch up, not be considered lazy.

I found grace and peace in the grace of the night, I could dream what I wanted my life to be. That was not even as good as the Lord wanted it. He dreams were better dreams, bigger dreams, He is always thinking good thoughts toward us, something we aren’t for ourselves and others. We are just not that full of grace.

I have learned how to be a little more patient, though you might not believe that if you saw some of my days. I do believe in calling something wrong that is wrong and making sure it is known why it is unacceptable. Grace isn’t cheap, it cost Him everything.

I need Him to pour grace over me, all day and all night. Over the work I do, the people I pray for, over anything that comes my way, over the way I react, deal with it, over what I say, and over when I just need to be still and quiet and let Him be God. And even when there is bitterness and hate aimed at you just for loving the one who loves you.

And you know the last one is one that I am really working on. I don’t have to help Him, I can’t see people’s hearts but He can. He can let the Holy Spirit teach you who and what to avoid. He knows when grace is needed and when it is being trampled on. When to hold on to helping someone, when to let go.

So what do you need grace for today? Your children, marriage, career, or ministry? Something else? Whatever you need grace for, there is grace for every need. Rebecca Jones / pexels

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Grace to Open the Windows of Heaven


In 2 Kings 7:19, an officer doubts Elisha’s word about the price of barley at the gate the next day in Samaria as a siege ends. He says it won’t happen even if the Lord opens the windows of heaven. Elisha says he will see it but not eat the bread. Even further back in the chapter, it mentions the man on whom the king’s arm rests, saying it. So apparently, the king did not believe it.

It is also a phrase concerning tithes, in Malachi. And the manna from heaven for those wandering the desert. It is in Isaiah 13:13, and again it is used in reference to the Flood.

While we picture windows, the actual Hebrew word is arrubah, meaning lattice, with the feminine connotation. But actually, it is more like a sluice gate. Ever see those old movies where they pan for gold and that water comes rushing down for them to pan through? Or perhaps someone in an old western has dammed up the water, and you see people remove a few planks so the water can flow, that will give you an idea.

Opening the gates of heaven is also an indication of the Spirit being poured out through praise and worship. The Holy Spirit being the river of living water flowing through us. Just as the gold is panned and sifted, to rid the dirt and debris, so is the Spirit moving on us to cleanse us. It really should be a prayer for everyday. It is better to be sifted by the Spirit than the enemy. Remember how he went after Peter?

Back in the old Bible days, the enemies would throw rocks into wells. Now, where were the sheep suppose to get water? The shepherd could lose a flock that way. There is a parallel to ministry. How many ministries have failed being a well with rocks inside? Jacob had to dig or rather redig wells, it is his well Jesus sits on to speak about the living water to the woman with five husbands. The point is the enemy seeks to cut off your water, hinder the move of the Spirit, in our lives, demons roam dry places.

So praise and worship are weapons to destroy that dam, And then there is the mention of tithes. If you tithe fine, if you don’t fine. I do think it is good to and to make offerings, but I do realize sometimes is is not possible and that doesn’t necessarily mean you lack faith. I think it should be prayed about.

In the Old testament, Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek, a pre incarnate Christ. After the crucifixion, Jesus is still our High Priest, of our profession, but it is He pouring out the Spirit and spiritual gifts, and people who are blessed are cheerful givers. Now, I realize everyone may not see it that way. And it is fine if you disagree. Because, as I said I think tithing has a place. But it isn’t necessarily, making you a better Christian or a more spiritual one.

God did not withhold His only Son, and He has streets of gold. He freely gives and lavishes us with love. But you don’t give handfuls of money to a teen who is an addict or a gambler. He expects people to grow in Him, to learn to discern and to use wisdom.

If your rent is due or you will get thrown out of your home, pay your rent. God doesn’t need your tithes out of fear. Often people sow and name seeds, that is fine but some simply don’t have the means and lack understanding in these matters. I like to see people given the opportunity to sow, and I know ministry depends on giving, but there are other things to consider as well.

As to Mechizedek, the king of Salem, I have to add that commentaries may not agree that He is Jesus, and possibly he wasn’t, but I am inclined to believe so because I know Jesus was one the angels who visited Abraham and Sarah, and told her about Isaac. Let’s look at the fact that he is king of Salem, it makes us think of witches, but Salem is also akin to shaloam, peace.

In effect, the king of peace. And then he brought bread and wine to Abraham, and Jesus served Communion. And also there is no record of him, no mother, father or any record, unlike Aaron whose lineage is recorded along with all priests, records were kept. David prophesied that there would be a High Priest after the order of Melchizedek, whose name means king of righteousness, or justice.

As to Abraham and Old Testament characters paying tithes as compared to the New Testament, whichever you believe, that they are more toward the law or a matter of grace, Jesus will understand and it is for each of us to seek our own salvation and understanding.

But recall the father who gives the prodigal his inheritance, you don’t inherit unless someone dies. This boy literally wished his father dead, and yet was welcomed back in love and never gave him the chance to ask to be a servant, the father gave to him again, he restored him by grace, under the law, he could have had him stoned.

Isn’t this like our Father? Jesus died for us to inherit salvation and the benefits and blessings of it, Melchizedek did not. He accepted tithes and offerings, but Jesus was poured out as every kind of offering, so surely, He gives the power to get wealth to establish His covenant, He loves to give living water to the flock, and the windows of heaven are opened by His grace. Rebecca Jones / pexels

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Autographed With Excellence and Grace

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I found this on Pinterest, but saw no one to credit for it. I loved the sentiment.  It made me think of my own writing and what I like to do and how I like to put my own personal touch on it, I’m proud of it in a good way. It all comes from the Lord and He gets the glory.

And then I thought of how God created us, each different and unique and special to Him even those who have yet to believe, and so much more those of us who love Him. He fashioned every eye color, skin tone, every eyelash was placed just so. Every dimple, every curve, even the little wrinkles from smiling.

He made the slight smiles, and large ones, the rosy cheeks and dimpled ones. The speckled and freckled, the redheads and blondes. Brunettes of all colors, the straight the curly, the frizzed and the bobbed and weaved. He had us all in mind. And He can count the strands, and even what is in the brush.

He allowed some to be tall and some small and heals lame and infirmed. He is not the one who cripples or blinds, Jesus took upon Himself flesh and brought us healing and love, Can we believe? And what He created, He designed with a perfect plan in mind, however, we don’t always follow the path.

Every person was made in His image Spirit, but has a soul and body. The Holy spirit renews the mind, and Jesus was God in the flesh. And He came to seek and save the lost, to heal and set free. He autographs us with excellence, with His name and grace is in His signature.

We may be in the process of spinning on the potter’s wheel, as Jeremiah witnessed or becoming His masterpiece,  Ephesians 2:10, though He sees us finished by His work. But we are His signature collection, He gave us all a measure of excellence if not what we call perfection, but His, dare we explore it.

What a wonderful thought that the same God who made blue skies, made my blue eyes, and my ears that hear the still, small,voice. The same God that made the grass green, makes me rest in those pastures confident of His finished work. The same God that makes us both unique and individual, loves us and lavishes us magnificently.

We are born and we grow and we are called by name and we are His, all a part of His amazing grace. He gave us grace and truth in Jesus, grace upon grace, one translation says gift upon gift. That is a nice thought, and all the spiritual gifts He adds over time, yes, we are signed by God, sealed by His Spirit and delivered by Jesus, sounds like a Valentine.

We are portraits of the creator, hanging in a heavenly corridor, and we are autographed with His excellence and grace Rebecca Jones / Bru- No pixabay

Saved By Grace


We are studying grace this month and we all have encountered it on so many levels. Grace is the unmerited and undeserved favor of God on our lives as a believer. It is a gift and a part of salvation, we are not to insult the Spirit of Grace. And I believe some people do it on a regular basis and some inadvertently.

I do believe Grace is the person of the Holy Spirit, the very essence of Jesus. He is with us to guide and protect us and we never even know it many times. His Spirit and His angels are at work behind the scenes, if only we ever learn to be still and notice the simple grace and goodness of God. Grace and truth are Jesus, Himself.

You missed and accident on the freeway, grace. Someone was robbed in your neighborhood, and then you see your door was tampered with, grace. You missed a cruise vacation, everyone on board had a virus, grace. You are not qualified for a position at work, four people are ahead of you for a promotion but you get the position and raise, grace. You meet a new friend at church and she lived just down the block and has children the same as as yours, grace.

The parking spot at the store, ( my mother ) the best waitress, the fastest service, the best price, a lot of these thing we don’t even notice as His grace. The buy one get one, to make your budget go further or to give a loaf of bread to neighbor’s who are struggling. The manager who gives you a free dinner because you noticed something was undercooked. And he actually came and thank me because had someone eaten it, there could have been a lot of sick people or lawsuits. All these are grace.

Sometimes, we are blessing others and sometimes they are blessing us. Grace works both was and grace is extended both ways. While we are not to advocate sin or willfully practice sin we are to be patient as people learn and grow. we are to  show and reflect His love. If we lift Jesus up, the Holy Spirit will draw them. And He will convict them, and we are not to judge except righteously. And He does not condemn.

It is by grace that we are saved. Ephesians 2:8,9. Nothing we did, everything He did for us. We are bought and paid for redeemed for the very pits and depths of hell. And we cost Him everything. So who do we brag on? Jesus, of course. He alone is worthy to be praised.

His grace is amazing, how often has He protected us unknowingly, ant the banks, the ATM’s on the road, freeways or in the air? Look back over your life or at least the past year. So many of us triumphed by His grace alone, when we were heavily attacked, so we knew, some we could not see, but His eyes were on His sparrows and His hand was there, the altogether lovely one was beside, and we were saved by grace. Rebecca Jones / pexels

Full of Grace and Truth


From His fullness we have all received grace upon grace. For the Law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. John 1:16, 17

This is so true. It is by His grace we have all been saved but not all have been set free, John 8:36. Why? Many people are still confused over the grace message. No one who teaches true grace will ever not say something is wrong or a sin or condone it. Even Paul who says grace abounds over sin, says God forbid we sin more to have more grace.

Grace is still thought of as something to be earned by a lot of people, myself included at times. When I failed to receive from Jesus, I thought it must be my fault. Thankfully, the grace was in a sermon that freed me. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen His glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14, I have seen the Spirit, full of grace and truth a a few believers I’d like to see it in more.

People think the way Jesus uses charis of chen for grace is different to Paul. I suppose you can argue that, but it was Jesus who spoke to Paul and caused His conversion. Certainly, He could explain grace and allow the Holy Spirit whom He had sent in His stead to continue revealing grace and truth. After all He was full of grace and truth.

If salvation is a gift, why not grace? It is grace by which we are saved, surely we didn’t deserve grace either. Do we pay for our own gifts or just say thank you? If salvation is a gift, why are we not just thankful and doing the works He prepared from the beginning instead of worrying about how to pay for it? Or working for something He already given us by being crucified in our place?

Paul can get criticized, he’s in good company with Jesus, I have had my share, I wouldn’t have thought I would rank that high, but the enemy would destroy anything he can’t have and he has no grace, no way of being redeemed. And he has no rest, no peace, no anointing. Paul is in no way Anti Semitic, he was a Jew who oversaw the murders of Christians, but came to a face  to face encounter that knocked him of his horse, though others could not see Jesus or hear the voice from heaven, Saul, before his name was changed, to Paul, which actually means small, or possibly humble which is a good thing. Remember Saul, the Old Testament king, head and shoulders above them all, and still afraid of Goliath.

So I can honestly say or truthfully say that Jesus who brought grace and truth, and gave us the Spirit of truth made sure, Paul, who was writing, by that same Spirit, was getting it right. Paul only encouraged the believers not to return to their old ways, they did not need to sacrifice again. Jesus was it. He knew trying to earn their way to heaven would bring condemnation and Jesus did not do that Romans 8:1.

People will cling to the Ten Commandments which are the law, given by Moses. And overlook the new commandment to love God and one another, in effect, keeping all ten, the grace and truth of Jesus who fulfilled it, not broke, all the laws and the prophets.

Yes, Paul refers to it as the ministry of death. Three thousand died back then but three thousand were saved when He poured out His Spirit at Pentecost, shouldn’t the Spirit make our faces shine like Moses? If many were saved then, shouldn’t many more be saved by the ministry of the Spirit?

And why, grace? Grace for Gentiles, grace taught to sinners, grace and truth, grace upon grace , and even grace and peace. If the message of grace brings peace to your heart, and He left us His peace in John 14:27, then I am thankful for it, it set me free from years of struggling to have enough faith to please Him.

Because He is love, I had it by grace, it is grace that sets you free, grace in the person of Jesus, and He brought us grace and truth. He is full of grace and truth. Rebecca Jones / pexels


Grace and Truth

pexels Natale

This could easily represent growing in grace, could it not? But It is also a good illustration of grace and truth. Let’s look at the Word of God as we talk about grace this month. And we will talk about grace and truth.

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. John 1:17

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

So, we see Jesus being called grace and truth. We are no longer under the law He fulfilled. I wrote about Him being our mercy seat, under the law we could not touch Him, under grace He wants us to.

For sin will not rule over you, for you are not under law, but under grace. Romans 6:14. we are to have rule over our lives and flesh by the help of the Holy Spirit in us, who comforts, teaches and brings to remembrance the words of Christ.

For if, by the trespass of the one man, death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive an abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ! Romans 5:17

Death reigned because of Adam. God would not allow man to live forever in a fallen state, they had to leave the garden or risk living forever in sin. Sacrifices were made, but a far greater one was made on the cross. So if death reigned through Adam, how much more should abundant life, John 10:10, reign in us.

After all, we were given an abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. It is by grace we are saved and we can’t boast of anything we have done to earn it because we didn’t, it is a gift. Ephesians 2:8. And righteousness?

He imputed and imparted that too. He took our place to make the unrighteous and self righteous, His righteousness. Many times, I have said what I have done, not with that intent of bragging but waiting on answers, it is not about us all but what He did and it is grace, grace and more grace.

Paul goes on to say that where there is sin grace abounds, for every amount of sin there is grace available even more abundantly and even deeper still. that’s how He can save even the lowest of the low and remember sin no more. Does that mean we should keep sinning, as Paul says God forbid. It is not a free pass or get out of jail card as a lot of people make it out to be. He knows your heart.

Didn’t we just read in Romans 6:14, it has no dominion over you, you are not it’s slave and it is not your Master, Jesus is if you are a believer and He is grace and He is truth, and we are to speak the truth in love and grow in Him and in grace.

You can, with His help, overcome break that addiction to drugs or be healed of that disease. Or get out of that bad relationship, whatever it is. You don’t have to steal or lust or be greedy, Jesus took care of all that for you at the cross, now what are you going to do in a New Year?

I pray you come to know His forgiveness and bloom likes flower, accept His grace and truth, His perfect love, if you are a struggling believer, rest, be still know God, Psalm 46:10 and don’t let sin and death reign over you. Death is still the wages of sin, though not every sickness is from sin, it can be from worry and unforgiveness and a lot of contributing factors and even spiritual warfare to derail your testimony.

And if you don’t know Jesus the one who love you enough to die for you, I pray you also might believe and blossom s a rose in the desert, washed and water by His Word and Spirit, ask His forgiveness and invite His love inside your heart. Experience, the love and abundant life of Jesus. For He reigns as Lord, and His commandment is love, and He is grace and truth. Rebecca Jones / pexels, Natalie, thank you.


Is Grace A Person?

Joanna Nix

Is grace a person? Before I answer, let’s consider another question, is God a person? The Bible makes it clear that He is a Spirit. And yet, God is love. So a Spirit is love. God is also a triune being, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I would also say He is person.

So you could say, in that order that they are mind, body and soul. Or even the description of a living soul, spirit, body and soul. The Father, the Creator, the Son, Jesus, the body, and the soul, the Holy Spirit, although I believe spirit and soul are connected in a person and the Holy Spirit teaches both. it is something to think about and not necessarily in any other way that what the Bible declares.

So, is grace a person. I believe so. Moses gave us the law, but who gave grace and truth? Jesus. So if God is love, Jesus is grace and amazing grace too. You just have to go back and study His life.

Jesus was a master of grace, He spoke His Father’s words, by the Spirit. A lot of people do not accept that there is a necessity to baptized in the Holy Spirit. Actually, Jesus received both at the same time which is what I recommend to new believers, to ask for both baptism and the baptism of the Holy Spirit which will be evidenced by speaking in tongues. Did Jesus? I don’t know for sure, perhaps. Well He groaned in a loud voice to raise Lazarus, the Holy Spirit helps us pray, Romans 8:26, and  it says with groanings.

Jesus was baptized by John, and the Holy Spirit came upon Him at the same time. Of course, Jesus walked in the Spirit without measure and we are all given a measure and must grow in grace. You will find later on that people are asked about the Holy Spirit and don’t know about Him, saying they were baptized with John’s baptism, then they receive the Spirit. He is a powerful gift. And I say He because, He, the Holy Spirit is also a person and can be hurt or grieved.

But back to Jesus. Jesus was grace personified. He knew when to speak, and kept His mouth shut. Something I have not mastered, Lord. He was never drawn into arguments, disappeared into crowds because some were angry enough to kill Him. I never thought of Jesus as a troublemaker, but He made trouble for the real troublemaker. Demons even asked if he had come to trouble them.

He knew how to be angry and not sin even cracking a whip at the money changers and overturning table. He does turn the tables on the enemy and the greedy. But notice He took the time to make the whip from cords, John 2:15. He showed restraint, not beating them as He would be beaten.

Jesus was grace because He was the epitome of calm, seeking the lonely or quiet places to pray. He often sought solace from the crowds and quarreling disciples and the self righteous. He told the devil where to go in a sense, by using the Word on Him. He was even able to tell the disciples he was coming and would not find anything in Him. Too often he does find a place in the lives of believers, we open too many doors sometimes, not submit to God and resisting Him, not discerning.

Let’s make it a point to look at Jesus’ life from the standpoint of grace. He showed it to women, healing them, delivering them, setting them free, loosening them. As well as all He healed or delivered, some would not believe.

And He even answered the critics well, those who questioned healing on the Sabbath. He knew the would get their mule out of the ditch, and even worse, some thought He was crazy, and even called Him, Beelzebub. His answer speaks volumes. Why would he divide his own house? Even the devil know the old divide and conquer.

Jesus came to seek and save, to give life abundantly, He gives us grace upon grace. John 1:16, but I read the Message version on a blogger friend’s sight at Christmas and I like it too. This is 1:16-18.

We all live off His generous bounty,
        gift after gift after gift.
    We got the basics from Moses,
        and then this exuberant giving and receiving,
    This endless knowing and understanding—
        all this came through Jesus, the Messiah.

Is grace a person? The intangibles are there to be touched by prayer and praise. Again, is grace a person? Yes, His name is Jesus. Rebecca Jones / Joanna Nix, thanks

Bathed in Grace


I woke up late on New Year’s day, and just decided it was a day of rest for me, I have had to learn to enter His rest. I prayed in the New Year, prayed a lot on this first day of 2019. As I finally decided to get up grab a sandwich, I felt the Holy Spirit drop these words into my heart.

” I am pouring out cups of grace, pitchers of graces and cisterns or wells of grace. ” It reminded me of Jesus saying He would remember even the giving of a cup of cold water to someone.

And of course, my cups runs over is in Psalm 23, and many verses speak of the overflow of grace, but this one took hold of me today,  ” For just as the sufferings of Christ overflow to us, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.” 2 Corinthians 1:5 from the Berean translation.

If you read this, it may appear that He expects us to suffer, and in some ways we will endure things, but Jesus took our place, His sacrifice was more than enough. So the more we know He suffered for us, the more His grace overflows and abounds, and it will bring refreshing, healing and deliverance.

I have been criticized for reading different translations, if you like King James, fine. I read it too. But we do not speak or understand old English, and he did not write it, just authorized it to be written. It was translated from the Hebrew and Greek and is the breather word of God by His Spirit over a continuous line of people. Jesus Himself spoke Aramaic and Hebrew, so it is my understanding that we are to study and rightly divide, by that same Spirit.

I desire for His grace to be pour out me, a cup to overflow. Better that the morning smell of coffee is the fragrance of Christ. Pitchers, more refreshing than Southern sweet tea or peach iced tea on a summer day. And a well, a well of living water to drink from. Grace upon grace, extended and multiplied, poured from window of heaven, by angels, by the Spirit or the Lord Himself.

Because He was the sacrifice and He brought forth grace and truth. That is why Moses should not have struck the rock to bring forth water, when he was told to speak to it. It was a foreshadowing of Moses giving the law and Jesus pouring out His life and His grace, by the Spirit which is represented by water. Jesus was beaten and stricken for us, afflicted. He never intended us to suffer as we do when took our place, He knew we would go through things in a fallen world and made us a way called grace, He just meant for us to appreciate and understand His sacrifice, as believers we remember and proclaim, even carry His death in us in order to have abundant life, that is why communion is a sacred declaration of remembrance. We must proclaim His death until He comes, by speaking to Him and obeying His words.

We don’t have to pound the gates of heaven, or believe our prayers are getting anywhere, He’s as close as the heart of a believer, and in this season of grace, He is pouring it on us if we will receive, and be bathed in grace. Rebecca Jones / pexels


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