Do Angels Play Harps?

Do angels play harps? Do they sit around on clouds all day, plucking away? Yes, and no. I had a friend in her eighties who has now passed on and that was her idea of heaven, and that was a shame. So let’s get some good teaching. Though they are depicted with harps, there are also lutes, flutes and lyres, which are something like a guitar. And people who artistic have been known to give them a guitar. Revelation 8:3 has them with trumpets, and of course there is the trump, of the archangel.

Each one had a harp, and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. Revelation 5:8, John is having a vision of what is to come, and is right on our horizon, he had no word like million or trillion to refer to angels, but says they number thousands upon thousands. Angels are innumerable, and only a third fell. So the good ones have them outnumbered.

And the living creatures, which are angels close to the throne do have harps. Now that alone debunks the myth of the cherubs on a cloud, though there could be some, and they are cute. You don’t become one when you die, though you will be a spirit, you will still be you and you will know people.

These living creatures are unique and for another post. There is a quote about music being the speech of angels, and if you go deep into Hebraic studies you will see how music corresponds with certain words and notes, I have a CD, which I need to locate that plays some of the music rediscovered from the days before David hung up the harps. Harp music is very calming and relaxing, peaceful and there is a healing quality to it.

We also know that David played for Saul, and he was very oppressed, his demonic hatred for David caused him to lose his life, if not soul, and also Jonathan, his son, who was a friend of David’s. You can read the story for yourself and see how music calmed him, if only he had turned to God and let bitterness, jealous and hate go.

Give thanks to the LORD with the lyre; make melody to Him with the harp of ten strings! Psalm 33:2

I will also praise you with the harp for your faithfulness, O my God; I will sing praises to you with the lyre, O Holy One of Israel. Psalm 71:22

In Revelation 14:2, there is harp music before the trumpet and the star that falls and in 15:2, those who have defeated the beast, also have harps, which could be angels or even people because we do come back with Jesus and He will reign a thousand years. That is still not saying we become angels or that we will be in much of a battle, returning on a white horse with HIm would be something, though He will defeat the AntiChrist easily.

In 18:22, the sound of harpists and musicians, of flute players and trumpeters, will be heard in you no more, and a craftsman of any craft will be found in you no more, and the sound of the mill will be heard in you no more. This is in reference to the destruction of Babylon. And I do believe that is Rome, after the AntiChrist has set up a false religion. I am not condemning Catholics, though we all may not agree on everything. I am looking for Jesus Christ, not the AntiChrist, I don’t believe he is revealed until after the Rapture of the church.

And we can even go back to 1 Corinthians 14:7, If even lifeless instruments, such as the flute or the harp, do not give distinct notes, how will anyone know what is played? Paul is talking about the interpretation of the gift of tongues. There is  a time you pray to build up your spirit but prophetic words to the church have to be interpreted. Like instruments are lifeless, so would we be without His salvation and gifts. He came to give abundant life.

So I hope this clarify music and harps and how much it is a part of God’s plan. I even like classical music, I think angels can play any instrument, and we know they can sing. Do angels play harps, sure they do but also other instruments and God gifts good gifts, you may not be harpist but there may be a violin or old clarinet around.

Make a joyful noise to the Lord. Psalm 100:1

And don’t forget the shofars, I’m sure angels are experts with those, and they go before a battle as well as call the time of the feast. I hope angels are sounding them against the enemy, and our Marriage Feast is surely ready for the table. If you don’t know Jesus, He is the only way to heaven. He is the only one who died for us.


Speaking of Angels

I would guess from a lot of things I read that some people know very little of angels. I have been making little  memory verses and pictures  for Instagram. I find a lot of lovely angels but you know some people have gone and made elf angels. Elves are not angels. Fairies are not angels.

A lot of people even in religious circles may consider angels to be pure fantasy, yet the Bible is full of them.. Angels often appear as fantasy women who are scantily clad, that was not God’s intent. He sent them as ministering spirits to the heirs of salvation. Hebrews 1:14

Elves are mythological creatures from Germanic and Norse mythology, they are said to help or hinder people, with things like beauty or health, but they appear to have a more impish nature, so they would fall more in the category of the demonic. They were popular in fairy tales and folklore. A fallen angel could very well be an imp and there are tormenting spirits. And I realize most people would probably prefer not to think about heaven or hell or that there was any spiritual warfare going on. But there is, and Christians should be aware.

There is fun and there is mischief, some practical jokes are fun and others are hurtful. Almost like leprechauns. God has a sense of humor but does not like people hurting each other, either physically or with verbal abuse.

Elves became dwarves in stories and in the Santa saga of the North Pole and of course, Snow White. While people have had dwarfism for centuries, not all illnesses or conditions are necessarily demonic. Jesus was asked why a man was blind, they wanted to know which parent had sinned and replied neither and healed the man. But there is also the woman crippled by a spirit of infirmity, She too was healed. The Holy Spirit gives the gift of discernment, which is why some people can read or watch something and it is a story, yet others will delve into the occult.

Fairies are much the same, like elves they can have supernatural powers and are associated with illness and superstition, there were charms to ward them off. So in that regard they fall on the demonic side. I have seen the cute little fairies and shows but I have been and would be careful about what I explain to children, and what they see on television or what movie or book I would allow them to watch or read.

I think they should know the difference between a story, imagination and a lie. Even one of the best little boys I kept had an a imaginary friend he blamed things on, yet later, he could read my mother’s Bible, he knew right from wrong and real from imaginary. Even dreams and nightmares are things to be careful about. I do believe you should teach love not fear and there are Bible verses for everything.

Another girl I saw a story about had an imaginary friend, she began seeing demons and was torment for years even after and exorcism an a move. Sorcery, witches and warlocks also have roots in stories. Drug addictions can be related to sorcery, it is in Revelation. It is one of the things the unrepentant are turned into hell for. And while He is not on a witch hunt, He destroys evil wherever it is.

There are more good angels than bad, only a third fell. Still it is wise to pray over your children and families, plead the blood of Jesus.  Purge you home of anything the Lord tells you to, anoint it with oil from room to room and pray over and bless it. the disciples were told to speak peace to a house and if they were not received to shake the dust from their feet. Dust is what the devil was cursed to.

So are angels fantasy? No, they are very real. God gives them charge over us in Psalm 91. They encamp round the saints and deliver them. Psalm 34:7 Neither angels nor demons can separate you from God’s love. Romans 8:38 And you can entertain them without knowing it or unaware. Hebrew 13:2 And He will send them ahead of you. Exodus 23:20

You don’t worship them or pray to them but rather for God to send them. I do not agree with the practice of card readings or any kind of idolatry but I collect angels. I like having them around to remind me the real ones are too.

We all have angels move in and out of our lives everyday as believers, some are the so called earth angel friends and sometimes it is a stranger, pets and babies are often sensitive to them. Some angels have wings, and some have taken human form at times. Jesus even appears as the angel of the Lord  in the Old Testament. But as always I encourage you to read and study, be careful of who teaches you, and stay away from any deception, I pray the Lord gives us all wisdom and we are delivered from evil, that He gives us discernment as to entertainment and that the holy angels and His Spirit are watching over us.


Where Angels Fear To Tread?

I thought about a powerful angel, but you know what, even a lowly guardian can defeat evil though. So where do angel fear to tread, is there even such a place? They probably don’t want to fall, that’s what I think, having seen the ones who did. So can I be honest? Brutally honest?

There are places I would like to go to and some not. I never thought of myself as a missionary, though I have prayed for many. I never thought of trekking through jungles or across a burning desert. But I really have prayed for people, everywhere. So even if I don’t come in person, my prayers are there and so are angels, they can go anywhere.

I want you to know the love of Jesus, wherever you are, in whatever state or country. Angels are everywhere and commanded by God to be. If you are in danger from drug dealers, terrorists or traffickers, angels are there. In famine or pestilence, call on the Lord, He even heard Hagar with no water.

I am encouraging everyone to pray Psalm 91, there are more cases of flesh eating bacteria, and some people have died. Neither shall any plague come near our dwelling, memorize it, read it and write it, but don’t live in fear because the Lord is near to His children and sends angels.

There have been earthquakes, even a gas explosion in Florida that killed no one. We have had floods and tornadoes and there were so many fires before that. People are so addicted and short tempered. Violence covers the land as in the time of the Flood. And yet, He set a bow in the sky, to establish the peace He wanted with man. There will never be a flood like that again, and yet people don’t even understand the symbolism.

Pride goes before a fall, the Proverbs says. We are living in day where people have their own notions about God, forgetting he is love and sent His Son, how can you love more than that, to let you Son take all punishment that should be upon us but for His grace. You must ask Him to forgive you, and believe He died and rose again.

One prayer I have always prayed is for angels to protect children, and others too.. I may not have had the physical stamina to make it around the world or to obscure places. The gospel is not allowed everywhere, Christians are persecuted and go underground. Even forced to rely on memorized Scriptures, having had Bibles destroyed. But angels can go anywhere, anytime.

They travel with the Holy Spirit and can speak in dreams or visions, they will only give messages in God’s Word or that agree with His words, they can bring deliverance, healing or provisions.  I got a message from a blogger friend that some women and children were trapped in a village under the rule of a terrible regime. She asked for prayers, I told her angels would make a way. And God came through, they did it. I got a message they had received supplies.

We take so much for granted here in America, and we just celebrated our freedoms on the 4th, I wrote about freedom in Christ. That is where true freedom is and you are free indeed by the Son. John 8:36 — great verse, there are many verses  about freedom, as long as the Spirit is there there is freedom. You don’t have to be a slave top fear or pain or under bondage in spite of your circumstances, his angels can move mountains for you.

There are places I might not thought of going but I send His love and angels in prayer, there is nowhere they fear to tread.

For fools rush in where angels fear to tread was first written by Alexander Pope in his 1711 poem, an essay on criticism, it has become a common saying in reference to inexperience people charging into things experienced people avoid. It is also a novel from 1905 by E. M. Forster.


Camping With The Saints

I went fishing when I was little, I do like boats, bigger, safer boats. I don’t think I ever truly camped out, unless sleeping cramped in the back of the station wagon counts. Finding a bush and having a rough paper towel isn’t pretty. And the outhouses at the lake, Lord thank you for plumbing.

So imagine angels camping out with us,  yes, even if you are in the woods round a campfire, and roasting marshmallows or in a tent in the backyard. many people in the Bible lived in tents, and in the desert. Pick them up and move on, if necessary. And Paul was a tentmaker.

How about just while we are asleep? Even if you are traveling or on vacation, I heard of a woman who wanted something served only on the mainland, she and her husband went and missed a tsunami. Many were killed. What about the sleepovers, yes, they will watch your children. However, parents and especially Christian parents should limit that to a trusted few people, no matter how old or what the child says.

You can’t just put yourself in harm’s way and then expect protection when you are warned in advance, you be spared from a traffic accident, but you can’t just go play in it. Sin and disobedience still have consequences, though God is so merciful and full of grace.

As you know, I do not recommend angel readings, psychics or anything that could mislead you. Angels travel with the Holy Spirit of God, they do help believers, and even sinners in an effort to bring them to Christ. But there are many spirits and many teachers, some things may sound Christian but not be. There is always reason to rely on the Spirit so that you do not fall prey to counterfeit or deceitful practices.

You will hear about spirit guides, angels will guide you by the Spirit. They can take various forms, but you may not know it. They are charge by God but you can ask for Him to send them to help. Jesus ascended, but ascended masters, are not something teach about. Meditation is good but it should be on God’s Word.

I like old movies and shows,  you sometimes see them circling the wagons for protection. I like to think angels are gatherer around like that. You see people in prayer circles sometimes, gathered around a person in prayer. Other religions and false religions may also cop that. I pray the Lord gives you wisdom and understanding. The Lord gives the gift of discernment.

The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear ( reverence ) Him, and delivers them. Psalm 34:7

You hem me in behind and before; You have laid Your hand upon me. Psalm 139:5

And remember Job and his hedge of protection. The devil went after him because of his righteousness. even though Job admits fear and that is the enemy. God did not use him, He protected him through it all and restore double to him. I like to think that hedge is made up of angels, or prayers of protection, it caused the enemies plans to fail. And here is another look at angels camping out.


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Covered With His Feathers


I recently put up the verse Psalm 91:4. He shall cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will take refuge. And since the Lord impressed me to write more about angels this summer, what better post to write than covered with His feathers. Psalm 91 is a go to chapter, and God is a go to God. This is a feather dancer I got off a public domain site, whatever their dance is for ours purpose is to show His protection.

I have watched a lot of little birds this spring and especially my little cardinal family. They were guarded by both parents and fed. God is a Father, but with mothering love. He covers us with His feathers. Remember, how Jesus cried over Jerusalem and gave that imagery of a mother gathering her chicks.

God’s feathers are figurative, the cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant have feathers that touch in the center as one is on each end. The center was the mercy seat where God sat or His glory. It was in the Holy of Holies and only the High Priest could enter once a year for the atonement of sins.

So when the Psalmist is writing this, He has seen the Ark of the Covenant, but it is sacred and behind a veil, and there is music there in the temple. Psalm 91 uses the phrase , shadow of the Almighty. The ark was likely visible in the light or through the veil, even the sun could have a magnificent shadow over those angel wings.

And an another post I mention how Ezekiel saw the cherubim carrying the chariot of God, it is much like the ark. You probably have seen those old movies where kings are carried around on those chairs by servants, those are called litters, but the Hebrew word for it is “aperion”, it carries a bride in a royal wedding ceremony, and you know cherubs are certainly carrying God’s throne.

Jesus’ death on the cross changed all that for us, now He is the High Priest, the veil was rent and we have access to the very throne of God, all we have to do is ask in His name. But there can still be singing and praise, our bodies are His temple with the Holy Spirit inside.

Our hearts are the mercy seat He can sit or rest on, we carry Him in a way like on an aperion, and He certainly carries us. So are we in the love of Jesus? We surely are and His Father has us covered with His feathers.


Looking Into Salvation

Did you know that angels look into salvation? They have a desire to do so. Why? Because they are commanded help you as a believer but they had no need of salvation, they don’t quite understand every aspect of God’s love for these creations. Spirits, like God and them but in a body.

Angel can take a human form, but they do so in order to help, to rescue or to guide to salvation. It’s not like television or movies always portray, though they can be interesting, somewhat accurate, and even entertaining. We entertain angels unaware, the Bible says.

About what was preached by the prophets and true faith and doctrine, this verse. ” It was revealed to them that they were serving not themselves but you, in the things that have now been announced to you through those who preached the good news to you by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven, things into which angels long to look.” 1 Peter 1:12 And this verse,” Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?” Hebrews 1:14, and ” Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2, or without knowing it or realizing it is a good translation.

The homeless man you buy coffee for. The person who finds your lost pet, The visitor you didn’t expect with a word of encouragement. A man once showed up at a gas station, asked my mother to pray for him, and was gone when we looked back and he would have had to run out of that parking lot like a sprinter in about two seconds, I think he could have been an angel, the woman who came to the beauty college I attended very briefly, who encouraged my writing. I think she was one.

I once watched a little boy play with blocks, he would hand one to someone who was not visible to me. He was was about a year old. Now the block didn’t float or a stack appear but nevertheless he was happy, and playing with either an angel or perhaps even Jesus. He was loved and prayed for happy and smiling and even earlier than that at about six months, I pick Him up and over my shoulder, he said,, Jeeesus! It sent chills over me, I should have turned around. And this was not even my child. I was blessed to have been able to give him, a head start with Jesus.

Children and pets are very privy to the presence of the Holy Spirit and angels. I encourage them to know that and to be taught to pray, they are never too young, and it is a shame not to have childlike faith. You can outgrow it. You have it disappointed or hurt out of you, but never from the Lord. Children taught of Him and by Him will know His peace. There was a lady who overheard her daughter asking her baby sister about heaven, because she was beginning to forget.

Now, I don’t encourage anyone to talk to just anyone, or spirit. There is a darker side at work too. Children need to learn to discern as well. Imaginary friends are one thing but being immersed in some unhealthy practice quite another. Be careful as a believer where you let children stay. I once read of woman who had shared custody of her children with her husband, the new girlfriend was into witchcraft. Her sons were afraid when they went to sleep at night.

The mother had taught them about angels, and when dark faces appeared in the ceiling they huddled and prayed and began  to see the dark ones replaced by angel ones. The enemy is real and works to deceive, to steal, kill and destroy. And I have seen some children who had no interest in Jesus, which is sad.

But angels look into this interesting plan of God. And do His bidding as they guide believers back to Him. They have always been there and knew Jesus, chose not to follow the prideful and wicked one. So yes, they are interested in us.



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They’re Watching!

I wrote a post called Who’s Watching The Watchers? for the writer’s challenge I did. Now that we are into a summer of angels I thought I would share some more. The link is posted, actually there will be a month there. I was always watching for angels at work in my life, though I didn’t know at times they were in the situation, but later I knew. We don’t always see what is going on, but they are there,

I like to think of them going up and down the stairs of heaven, working on behalf of believers. Let’s talk about the term watcher. Daniel uses it, in reference to angels. Let’s look at the Word. “The sentence is by the decree of the watchers, the decision by the word of the holy ones, to the end that the living may know that the Most High rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom he will and sets over it the lowliest of men.” Daniel 4:17

Nebuchadnezzar has had a dream and no one can interpret it but Belteshazzar or Daniel. Remember, they changed his name in captivity. He tells the king the decision was made by the watchers, holy ones. They were still messengers, and gave a word from the Lord. He lost his mind for seven years.

Daniel also saw the watcher. ” As I lay on my bed, I also saw in the visions of my mind a watcher, a holy one, coming down from heaven. ” Daniel 4:13 The Hebrew word for watcher is shamar, as a verb, natsar, meaning to guard, watch or keep. the Aramaic is ir or wakeful one. These angels. I would suppose as individuals or a group have the authority to decree or announce God’s decision. I have to believe they oversee situations, report on them and God decides something and lets them announce it. In this case, they were taking down a king.

They may have participated in the annunciation or in the Revelation to John. They are definitely at work. Though all translations do not call them watchers, it is a good term, and they are holy ones that accompany the Spirit and speak for God. Now, you may hear of the Gregori, another name for them from the book of Enoch, which is not in the Bible. Enoch was also the last person to have know the angelic language, some people claim to. You have to be careful because we are told to try spirits to know if they are of God. There is always the opposite side, fallen angels, those watchers would be sent by the enemy to interfere with God’s plans for good for us.

The true heavenly watchers, are guardians and protectors. Fallen angels are totally outnumbered though to His glory. So watcher are watching and much like the prophet Jeremiah was told,  ” “You have seen correctly, for I watch over my word to accomplish it.” 1:12.

The word watcher is also indicated in the story from Matthew 28:4, an angel appears knocking over the soldiers guarding the tomb, and he tells the women Jesus is not there. So there are watcher watching over us and God’s Word to perform it. Isaiah 55:11.

And though I believe tongues can be interpreted, I still encourage study and caution ver who teaches you or even give a prophetic word over you, God will confirm it. But not everyone peaks for Him. The apostle Paul tells us we can speak with the tongues of men and angels in 1 Corinthians 13, speaking in tongues is a gift. But the greatest gift is His love, still it is nice to know we’re being watched.

And it’s not that creepy feeling but a blessing to know God has set us apart and given His angels charge over us and that we will judge them 1 Corinthians 6:3 You may also read about men who watched the walls in the Old Testament. To fall asleep meant certain death, thankfully angels don’t need to sleep, but we can because they’re watching!

Rebecca Jones

Thomas Blackshear has some wonderful watcher art. This is public domain though.

  • I was thinking Gabriel could have been considered a watcher since he gave the Annunciation and decreed Zacharias mute, the are many other instances. Watcher is just another word for malak, angel or messenger, but they are holy and powerful.

Angelic Speech

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 1 Corinthians 13:1 Now this is the KJV I grew up with but other translations say noisy gong or clanging cymbal. New Living even says if I speak the languages of earth and of the angels. I have a quote on my FB page. From Dave Roberson and I have to agree.

How can we speak languages we don’t know or have never learned? Only by His Spirit and the gift of tongues, though I have heard of a counterfeit to that. But believers will profess Jesus as Lord, and their prophetic words will be accurate. As always, we must be cautious and directed by the Spirit.  We also need the gift of discernment.

To me the passage describes the love of Jesus in great detail. So what about angelic tongues? Since speaking in tongues mysterious and directly to God, surely the very wording of the verse is indicative that we are asking God to send angels and He charges them with the assignments He know is best. Many people simply refuse to accept that there is such a gift.

I was terrified of it as a girl of twelve hearing it for the first time at a Pentecostal  Easter service, and I was there quite a few Sundays, off and on and a smaller Baptist church. I really never heard it on a regular basis. Kathryn Kuhlman scared me too, but I watched her.

It wasn’t until I was about thirty, I really sought the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Baptism in water is called John’s baptism. It was hard for me but one night a power hit me like lightning, fire from heaven, and the Holy Spirit was there. He always was but not like that. My mother had not problem, she watched a video and received at home, I was praying at night. She just flowed with a melodic and poetic tongue that is all kinds of language and no doubt some angelic. And sometimes you just had to laugh, the joy of the Lord, holy laughter.

I won’t say I was jealous, but I am the poetic one, Lord. Seriously, it is a powerful gift and one you must study out and practice. While it has saved us many times, we did not always pray that ay on a regular basis, and that allowed the enemy to sow in fear, and problems, even depression and grief. Those were difficult times.

While some people take medicine and I won’t tell you not to, I heard of a man who had the gift, he had become an invalid, on many medications, and was being taken care of by family. when reminded of that gift, he started praying and eventually came off the medication. Believe me, the doctor would know your healed and take you off. But don’t do it yourself, the enemy would trap you into something you may not be spiritually ready for. The Holy Spirit teaches us and we grow in grace.

Tongues of any kind, or of angels is not to be taken lightly. It takes devotion to the Lord and spending time in His presence. It is cleansing, refreshing, it stirs us up, builds up our faith. As for the tongues of angels, I have heard that Enoch was the last person to know the language. And also that some researchers had discovered it. or so they claim. The book of Enoch is not in the Bible. many books are not. I have read some. Josephus is a Roman historian and I think a reliable source. The book of Jasher is mentioned in Samuel. It is also a Jewish history book.

The trouble is that someone could have copied manuscripts or doctored them from various sources and signed someone’s name. They may sound true and some may be but others are absolute nonsense, Jesus never married Mary Magdalene, that is how some angels fell, He knew that. He was and is the Son of God, though He was, at times, called the Angel of the Lord.

Whatever we are praying in the Spirit, God will direct His angels, we may or may not know. Sometimes God has us on a need to know basis. Sometimes, we don’t need to know. We’re not God and cannot grasp the infinite spiritual world like He does, the Holy Spirit will never lie or deceive.

So I hope this clarifies the gift of tongues and we may be speaking an angelic language. You can read about tongues and spiritual gift in 1 Corinthians 12, you may have a personal language and one is prophetic gifts in church, and you should have an interpreter and it should be orderly. Many people are aware of that but please believe it is a gift to use daily and as much as you need to. Whether or not you speak to angels, God will do it for you if not through you. He gives the gifts as He will, so I would ask Him to do God’s will if you decide, just don’t be afraid, the enemy will steal a blessing if you are.


Painting: The Guardian Angel Giovanni Francesco Barberi 1641


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Angelic Repose

I almost use this photograph in my short story post but it works so well here about rest. We have talked a lot about rest here on my blog because it was like a strange concept to me, I was always running to keep up, and having a hard time. I was trying to have great faith but resting, I needed help. I think a lot of us do.

I wasn’t the only one, God offered His Sabbath rest to the Israelites and they murmured and complained about everything, even wanted to go back to captivity, that is so wrong after they had be so totally delivered, they were angry at Moses, God, you name it, even though their shoes didn’t wear out. Shoes often represent peace in Christian dream interpretations.

God would have given them the promised land but they wanted a king not God. Now God finished creation in six days and rested, that is why we go to church on Sunday but it is more than that, He was finished, it was a ready accomplished, He did have to keep working so hard, He could rest and oversee it all. He wanted to enjoy creation and watch it grow.

When they  were offered rest and refused  He was angry, Hebrews 4 goes into detail, He has offered it to us as believers, because of the work Jesus finished on the cross. Even Jesus had to rest and be refreshed in the Spirit. I think religion has us seeing it as Sunday, but the Sabbath is Friday night at sundown to Saturday at sundown. It is a rest of faith in Jesus provisions bought on a bloody cross. So if He says rest, rest!

He was challenged about healing on the Sabbath, now that is religion talking. Why should you care? Would you rather them keep on being sick or even die? He healed a man with a withered hand, he needed to be able to provide for himself and his family if he had one. Would they have made a beggar of him? The woman with a spirit of infirmity, Jesus straightened her spine, and the man at the pool of Bethesda, a favorite of mine. An angel stirred the water at the pool, it was sort of a mikvah or ceremonial bath. The man had no one to help him in and the first one there was healed, but there stood Jesus. ” Do you want to be healed? ” He asks. Though the man explained, he was told to take up his mat, what he rested on and walk after thirty eight years. Jesus healed on the Sabbath, He can heal anytime or place and I give Him praise for that. But we must rest in Him.

For instance, Isaiah 53 says by His stripes we are healed. 1 Peter 2:24 says were healed. He already paid the price. Healing is there, we have to believe it as a promise and receive. And I believe  rest is a part of that. And no doubt He sends ministering spirits to help us even to rest. Hebrews 1:14.

Another example is that we are told to guard our hearts in Proverbs 4:23. But Phillipians 4:7 works for me, the peace that passes understanding guards or rules our hearts and minds. I wasn’t doing very well, I was getting hurt. And apparently I am not the only one, I read some things that had been said to other women and they were pretty horrible, what are Christians thinking, not only should they be resting but watching their mouths as well.

Jesus promised rest to the weary, in Matthew 11:28 so let’s rest, I could use some easy and light. Anything else, well, it has to be the enemy, we are taught to answer yes and no, and to be salt and light, to lose the corrupt communication. If we judge, we judge righteously. You know people by their fruit fruit, Jesus said so. Now listen this verse, I create the fruit of the lips; Peace, peace to him that is far off, and to him that is near, saith the LORD; and I will heal him. Isaiah 57:19

Jesus willed us His peace, it is a gift. John 14:27. It really is a spiritual gift. We need His peace and His rest. He has already finished His work and sat beside His Father, now He watches over us, are we refusing rest like the Israelites. Sin won’t enter it, Moses struck the rock instead of speaking to it. He didn’t enter. either.

It takes the Joshuas and Calebs to take the city, Joshua’s name is like the Hebrew, Yeshua, salvation and Caleb has a combination meaning faithful and dog, or puppy. The word leb or lev is also heart. Noah’s name means rest, he found grace and in the Ark, also a type of Christ.

As believers we should be able to rest. We need to just be still and let Him fight. Exodus 14:14 and to be still and know God. Psalm 46:10, And the root word in that is meaning to let go, to just be limp, like out in the Spirit. And the other one is rapha or healing. If we don’t rest ,we don’t heal. It is good to get up and go on after injuries or surgery, but this is spiritual rest, and it is more that physical.

Even if your body recovers and sometimes it doesn’t because of traumas and recurring situations, we can have a lot on our hearts and minds and we need it washed and cleansed everyday, though we are already purified by Christ, we take it on and need it off. He bears our burdens, lightens our load and His yoke is easy.

So, I want you to rest with me today and everyday, knowing He is there for you no matter what you are going through, don’t struggle, rest in His promise, and He will send His angels to minister to you. I hope you have angelic repose.

The Angel of the Lord

Isn’t He beautiful? Isn’t Jesus my Lord wonderful? And what about His appearances in the Old Testament as the angel of the Lord, there are several instances. To Hagar, Jacob, Manoah and Hazeleponi, but my favorite one is to Sarah. And even though He came with two other angels and on a specific mission, He stopped off to see His friend. Abraham.

Now, there are many instances when the phrase, angel of the Lord is used and I know sometimes, it is just an angel, but Jesus appears as the Angel of the Lord, and could very well be in every book in some way, and I really hope to do a deeper study on that.

Today’s focus is a story that I love and I think you will too. If you have seen the movie, Abraham, with Richard Harris, you may recall the visit. I love that they sit and eat and Jesus has said that He will return in a year and Sarah will have a child and she laughs. Though she denies it when Jesus asks why did she laugh, He only replies that she did. He isn’t angry.

That’s because Jesus understands and loves people. So does God, that’s why He sent Him. Jesus knew He would be coming to die, but after living as a man, not God coming in the appearance of one, being born and growing up, He knew everything we would face and was still able to overcome and never sin in order take our place.

As for the appearance of the angel of the Lord, they do look like regular men, no wings. Without the Bible or even the Torah, angels were sent as teachers of the Word, that is how some fell. But that is another story. What is beautiful about the promise of the Angel of the Lord to Sarah. It was true and she did have Isaac, which means laughter.

What is so significant about this story is that God promised them a child some twenty five years before. So what was the problem? Instead of being thankful and obedient, though they were at times, there was still much turmoil and when they ended up with Hagar, Sarah had the bright idea that she would bear the child and we know what happened. Plural wives are never a good idea. That is not what God intended, though it did happen in those days.

So what happened? Surely, God is not a man who lies? Why did the promise take so long? He has an appointed time, yes, He does. He makes things beautiful in His time. And He doesn’t look at the way we do. Did it have to be twenty five years, no, probably not. God made the promise but when He sent Jesus it was fulfilled.

This is very much a type and shadow of Jesus coming and being crucified and raised from the dead and how do I know, the Bible tells me so, it interprets itself. God would later ask Abraham to sacrifice that beloved child of promise, Isaac, and he would have to believe that God would raise Him from the dead and even from ashes if necessary as a burnt offering.

Isaac was old enough to carry the wood, like a cross. Was he even as old as thirty three? I don’t know that. I believe Abraham may have envisioned Jesus coming or seen it by the Holy Spirit, who only came upon people then. He told Isaac the Lord would provide the lamb, and He did, Jesus. It was a ram that was sacrificed in place of Isaac, who had to be willing to obey his father. I like to think it was Jesus who stopped him. God wasn’t going to allow human sacrifice like pagans. Yet, He would offer His own beloved Son for the ransom of many.

So you see why I like to read this story about the Angel of the Lord, no wonder He can give us beauty for ashes. I always hate that He had to die like that for me, but I am so glad He loved me enough to and that is why I love Jesus. God promises and Jesus answers, Christ says “Yes” to all God’s promises. This is why we have Christ to say “Amen” for us to the glory of God. 2 Corinthians 1:20

Rebecca Jones