Washed In The Blood

The old song says ” What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. ” It goes on to describe the cleansing of the soul at salvation. He saves us when we accept Him as Lord. He washes us white as snow, our souls, our minds, wills and emotions. We are holy and sanctified, purified by His sacrifice. And pours out His grace and mercy.

If only we could stay that pure. We wrestle flesh when our spirits long to do good. We have an enemy that would torment us night and day with accusations. Often, we are not skilled enough to know the Word. And how to use it against the devil. We usually pray for people, but we should also stand against the devil. We need to back him off our families.

And he comes, for the words we have sown into our hearts. We need to be good ground. We should have roots firmly planted and deeply rooted in Christ. We need to know His truths and apply them and speak His words daily. We should bless our families, spouses and children, even friends and co-workers, bosses. we should be the Bible they read, without beating them over the head with it.

The devil is attacking our families like never before and we need to stand on His promises and believe He is the way and truth and life. I have had so many good words of healing, the miraculous and yet prayer warriors are facing attacks on their health and mental fatigue. We have to really be on guard against a prowling enemy.

During Not About Me November, let’s remember to praise and thank Him.  He purchased us with His precious blood and that blood is powerful, we need it over our souls, minds, wills and emotions. Jesus finished His work on the cross and we want Him to complete it in us and He will not abandon the work of His hand.

I pray for you today to receive His healing touch in every area of your life that you need it in. I speak life and health to you, His peace to your mind and body. I pray you will enter His rest. I want you to receiver every blessing heaven has to offer you. And in Jesus name let’s bind that enemy and loose the assignments upon the body of believers.

We are washed in the blood and our garments are white as snow because of Him and only He can keep us in His perfect love and peace with our minds focused on Him. He deserves our praise, it’s not about us but all about Him. He washed us in His blood. Rebecca Jones



Rest Your Eyes On Me


In Acts 3, 10, 13, and 14, we find the phrase fastening his eyes, this is when the beggar is healed at the Beautiful Gate. Peter and John are there and meet him, of course, he was expecting a hand out, but got a helping hand. And the other stories involve Paul. We had discussed in other posts, the verse Hebrews 12:2. We are studying Jesus and being thankful to Him, during Not About Me November.

So we definitely need to turn our eyes on Jesus and look fully into His wonderful face, that is when the cares of the world and other distractions melt away. He is the author and finisher of our faith, He has written our names in the Book of Life, engraved them on the palm of His hand, in the nail prints that pinned Him to the cross, but it was His love that held Him there.

God said for us to call on Him in Jeremiah 33:3, and promised to answer and show us what we didn’t know. He has plans for us for good and not to harm us, Jeremiah 29:11. He has written the perfect life for us but we life in a fallen world and face many trials but thankfully, we have the ability to overcome, because He has already overcome the word. John 16:33.

When we read about Jesus and the people He encountered, although we may not see the phrase fastening His eyes, we can be sure that be He look the blind in the eye, the deaf, the lame. Can you even comprehend being blind and the first face you see is Jesus? I like to write about women in the Bible, it’s on another blog, check out Facebook.

The woman with the issue of blood was considered unclean, was breaking the law to even get to Him, but knew and said she would be healed after twelve years, and she was. She pressed through a lot of negatives because she was positive Jesus could and would free her. She had no doubt. I like to give the unnamed women names just to tell their stories on a personal basis. Zoe means life, Jesus gives ionos Zoe, eternal life. And what about the girl raised from the dead? She must have opened her eyes to love.

What about some of His other miracles? He looked at leper and said He was willing to heal him. So may people have doubt about it, He understands that, but remember unbelief is an atmosphere where He can do no mighty work. It is also called evil to have an unbelieving heart. So don’t go there, the devil is a liar. Fearful and unbelieving people are first n hell. Jesus doesn’t want that.

The demoniac in his madness had a shred of himself left to bow to Jesus, where no man could bind him, Jesus bound the demons and loosed him to be clothed and in his right, instead of being happy, the people wanted him to leave. I guess they wanted to keep their demons.

Jesus also fixed His gaze on Mary, His mother. Mary of Bethany and her alabaster box, Mary Magdalene and demons left her as well. He looked at  His disciples and the crowds. There is another phrase that stands out about Jesus. When Jesus was speaking to the rich young ruler, even though He was not really asking him to get rid of all his goods, just his pride, because he was insisting that he had kept all the commandments, not just the ten, there were 613 more observances. This is another example of Jesus drawing out the pretense of faith or holiness and pretending you are better than you are, but the phrase…

Jesus looked at Him and loved him, He tried to draw him close, but he went away sorrowful, because he was wealthy. I know Jesus was also, he would rather us choose Him and then He prospers us. But let’s take a moment and realize, it was not all about the rich young, ruler, the prodigal son, the woman at the well, whatever her name, it was all about Jesus, the perfect sacrifice for us.

Don’t you know that whatever the story, even cleansing the temple, Jesus was looking at them and loved them. Many people saw it, do we. We have the advantage of looking back, when they may have just though that He was a prophet, people may have doubted Him unless they were there for the ascension, gradually, through history, the power of Jesus and His love, started to fade from the memories of some.

But wherever you are and whatever you are in need of salvation, healing or deliverance. Jesus is looking at you and loving you. Are you going to make it all about Him in November. I was born again in November 1973. I was almost 12. He has never stopped looking at me and loving me and I never will Him. Jesus looks at you with love, and it’s all about Him. Rebecca Jones

Witness In The Silence


If you care to scroll back, I wrote a post called To Testify of Love. I added the song, by Wynona Judd. I went over the words and had to elaborate on them even more. I have studied rest and peace because I have been through times of not having any. But the trouble was I did, because John 14:27 says He left me His peace.

Jesus, Himself, left me His peace.  What precious gift! He gives many spiritual gifts and I’m going to tell you that one of them is indeed silence. The peaceful quiet with no distractions. That is how you will learn to hear Him, whether it is early in the morning or late in the wee hours of the night, whether you are in danger or about to be, I want you to be able to Him clearly.

Sowing silence and peaceful time into your daily lives is the only way to let His Spirit soak into yours. He is gentle, lowly, meek and mild. Though He can be firm if necessary, it is for our good that we are corrected, Corrected, not abused. I, myself have been guilty of that I suppose at times, I have just been so aggravated a people who won’t listen to how much He loves us, I have raised my voice, well, I guess Jesus did that too, not guilty.

But I have found myself having a hard time, at times, pursuing peace. Breaking away for a moment of quiet, of stillness. But it is so, so, so imperative to walking in faith, walking in white, becoming as accepted in the beloved as you already are to Jesus. The song says, ” I will be a witness in the silence, if the words are not enough. ”

And let me tell you as someone who has spent a lifetime of writing, that the words are not enough. I am never a loss for them. Or rarely at a loss for them. I love words, study words, I have even made up a few. But when I’m sitting here going over the sacrifice of the Lord at night, after racking my brain for another phrase that would come close to describing the beauty of Jesus, I’m lost.

So I will be a witness in the silence when the words are not enough. Have you ever told someone you can’t thank them enough? I have. I sent thank yous out to people who prayed for my mother the other day. The words on a prayer board were not enough. I have thanked Jesus so much, He’s getting tired of me. ( Sort of. ) So I’m charged with telling you, words are not enough!

Be quiet. Be still, know that He is God. And He loved us dearly to give His Son. He was and is the only begotten Son. He is the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world still. He will never leave us, He is one with the Father still land calls us friends as believer, he took our place.

There is not room in the Bible for His miracles, not room on my blog for His praises, but there is room in my heart enough for Him and that precious love that heals and forgives, He was the Word in the Beginning, He was made flesh, died ascended. He save me, healed me and delivered me. He gives me my words. He pours them over me, and still I am limited in myself to express them highly enough to describe His worthiness.

No wonder scribes bathed, had to write and rewrite mistakes. No wonder, the Torah was read using a Yod, * a hand on a stick. No wonder angels are crying, ” Holy, holy, holy. ” My words aren’t enough and yet, He makes us pure, holy and clean, all we have to do is come as we are. Be a witness in the silence, words are not enough.

We are certainly not worth of grace and favor, but you will find Him as you seek Him and God rewards faith. He has loads of spiritual gift, so follow Him. Even in the silence when your word of prayer and praise are not enough, be like the woman with the issue of blood, she believe, and all she had to do was to touch Him. (hem) His words are enough. Rebecca Jones (oops, Friday’s post up by mistake.)

Holy Imagination!


Did you know that a creative God created all of you? He created us to be creative. That’s why the world is full of music and dance and art. Some of admittedly is better that others. The Bible speaks of wicked imaginations. God knows everything we do or think and every thought and intent of the heart. He knows if your motives are pure or are you doing something for money. If you are just trying too get the girl but have only sinful thoughts. He knows if you intend to marry and have a family or have no intention of taking care of the babies you father.

Wicked imaginations account for a lot of movies and television and music. And I am not trying to condemn anyone when I say that. It is lucrative, money making and tempting, as easy way to fall into something that may not be the real you at all. When you give your heart to Jesus you know His love, it is not going to take things from you but give you a better life in Him. Salvation gives you, not only eternal life without facing hell, but healing and deliverance from evil. The very wicked imaginations that lure your thoughts, into sinful actions and cause you grief and pain and loss. This is what Jesus saves you from. And He promises peace, and that is unheard of in a troubled world, yet He is ours as a believer. There will be critics, aren’t they always?

But let’s talk about the  better side of being creative, thoughts that are pure and lovely, Phillipians 4:8, that plant gardens, sing songs, bake cakes for neighbors, hearts that love purely and deeply. Actions that are noble, giving thought to serving others. writers that can tell a tale without vulgarity, prejudice or racism, someone who is fluent in a vocabulary that is not filth.

It is possible to envision the art upon a canvas, the flowers  you arrange, the house you want to decorate or even build. Even the vacation you take. You can even take a mental vacation, thinking of the sand and sea or the ski slopes or snow, hot chocolate and fireplaces, camping under the stars. Some of us are vivid with imagination and some of us are prosaic.

As a believer, you must learn to use the ” holy imagination ” God gives you. If you are believer, you should be walking in the spirit, if you need help there should be someone help you, Christian women need to support each other, not condemn. Even better, is the Holy Spirit. He is your teacher, never lies, though He will stretch that imagination in a good way, because Go can do more that we ask.

You can see yourself a victim, or victorious. Weak or depressed or overcoming. You can see poor, pitiful, woe is me. And God sees better, can you. See yourself in Christ. Strong and soft. Feisty and feminine. If you have a health problem, see yourself going to the doctor and getting good news. Write it down, read it, study on it. Thing the good things, when a bad though pops in, be quick to cast it down as the Word says.

And remember to bring into captivity. Lock it up throw away the key. Bring it into obedience, the obedience of Jesus as He carried a cross, and gave His life for you. I love to read and write. Do you? Start a journal, keep track of what troubles you, and find the verse to counter it. I have a friend who needed knee surgery. She kept thanking God and praising Him for her healing, she and her husband prayed about it and went for more tests. She told me she hoped God would put her in a deep sleep, like Adam and do supernatural surgery. When she went to the doctor. Her ACL was reattached. The doctor said RARE, we say miracle.

Not everyone is at that level of faith, God will work with you. Start seeing blessings, God is good. Go to doctor but take your faith, and ask Jesus help you to have a pure and Godly imagination in all the ways you need to. And never be afraid to see what God see in you, aren’t you a masterpiece? Didn’t Jesus finish His work? Rebecca Jones





Kallah, I’m Coming For You…


Kallah, is a beautiful Hebrew word. It means bride. Jesus, I believe is coming very soon. The bride should be making herself ready. Although, some do not believe the church is the proverbial bride of Christ, I do.

He is coming for a pure and spotless bride. Though many believers are not Messianic and not familiar with Hebraic roots, if fact, most, there are many who study Hebrew words, word pictures and numeric value.

The Bible declares that a man who finds a wife finds a good thing. A virtuous woman is priceless, her worth and value, more than rubies. A woman can be an excellent wife, a crown to her husband.

And I can imagine, the raising of eyebrows, the wrinkling of foreheads and maybe that is nail biting, I hear. I know, we don’t always feel like marriage is a good thing. And for some it may truly not be, but a lot of women only feel devalued because they devalue themselves. You know you do. And it is even worse when your husband does, but Jesus the beloved bridegroom never will. You cost Him dearly, and He wanted you dearly.

That’s right, we strive for perfection. And all the while it is in Jesus. He is the perfect one, or we would not even need Him. We must never forget how greatly He values us, enough to lay down His life. And He is not condemning. We are trying to live up to expectations that Jesus exceeded for us. We just need to let Him love us as we are, and the see what we become. Look at ourselves the way He sees us. And that’s the way we should really want to be.

We will be worth many sparrows, priceless as rubies or diamonds. A pearl of great price. Jesus purchased the earth wit h His life and we are the treasure of the field, He gave all He had for it.

And we will be a crown of beauty in His hand and an excellent wife to a husband who can trust in us safely. Well reside in the secret place, remain in His love, and our joy will be full in Jesus.

We will have abundant and eternal life because we chose Him, but He chose us first, just as we loved Him because He loved Him first. Yes, we were wise to not let our oil burn out or burn the candle at both ends. We are in His rest, He gives sleep to the beloved and we are the beloved of God, He loves us as much as He loves Jesus because He asked Him to.

We are wise a serpents, harmless as a dove. We will walk in white  before the Lord, with  hands and a pure heart, with renewed minds in Christ We long to hear Him say, ” Well, done. ”

Kallah, my beloved bride, your bridegroom awaits, I am coming soon and I am coming for you. Rebecca Jones

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Jesus Speaks Life!


Jesus speaks life! Live and death are in the power of the tongue,you know. And this month we’re doing the Not About Me November with Missional Women, so I’m making a giant attempt at getting my mind off me and whats going on, which would appear that enemy is trying to me crazy, it’s not happening.

First of all, I have to rest. The rest of Hebrews 4, and there is no guilt or shame in it. That’s the enemy talking. We need the Sabbath rest. Your family won’t die from eating sandwiches if you need to go to bed early. Why women will run themselves ragged is beyond me, and I’m guilty too. I’m going to throw on a pot of chili and write and run my art program. And if I decide to do laundry and catch and old rerun in the middle of the night, fine.

Jesus even said His words were spirit and life. If people believe me that’s fine, if not, that’s fine. But what about Jesus? Don’t we need to believe Him? Let’s take a look at the power of a man who could heal a woman and raise a dead girl in a matter of minutes. He takes along, Peter, James and John. He doesn’t want anyone around weeping and wailing and letting their mourning interfere. He tells the daughter to arise. He never calls her dead. The same with Lazarus, He even waiting for him to die by delaying in order to raise Him and show the power of God.

That same Holy Spirit power is in us, that is while the Apostle Paul tells us to follow after love, Jesus. And to desire spiritual gifts. 1 Corinthians 12:13. We have talked before about spiritual gifts on the blog and discernment.  These gifts are in a pure and raw form and we have to learn to use them. That is why we have the Holy Spirit to teach us. He has too or we wouldn’t know what to do!

It’s like playing with fire, Holy Spirit fire or dynamite. That is why only a little spiritual knowledge is dangerous. You may be saved, but suffer and die and miss out on peace, prosperity, financial and otherwise. You might miss out on family and friends and being a blessing. The devil doesn’t want you to know how he works or to believe in miracles.

Jesus fulfilled the law and the prophets. But He broke a lot of rules in fulfilling them and bringing in a new Covenant. That’s all the religious saw, it didn’t matter if you were seeing, walking, your hand not withered. It mattered it was the Sabbath. It mattered if your hands were clean.

Jesus, Himself, said. It wasn’t what went inside you that defiled you but what came out. Your words. Are they life or death? What is coming from your heart? Sooner or later our true colors show. Jesus told the leper He was willing to heal him. Jesus touched a dead man. Leprosy was a death sentence. According to law, He was breaking it, but He was God in the flesh, making a new one.

Now, I’m not telling you to hang out at the morgue, but we really do need Jesus to touch the ” dead things ” in our lives, whatever they may be. But remember, He speaks life and blessings and so should we and He will be there to help us all the way. So are we willing to give up the religious perspective, the criticism and the division among believers and stand against our real enemy? I want to speak life, if for no other reason, because Jesus speaks life. Rebecca Jones


How Do You Feel About Pruning? Jesus Will.




Well, Jesus said it. Let’s take a look. Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5

I get inspiration from a lot of places. I was watching a show about the man who was the father of canning. Living in the south, it was common among older folks. I have canned my share of green beans, squash and even soup. I guess I just thought people had done it for years to keep food in the winter. As it turns out it took a man nearly thirteen years of trial and error before inventing canning and winning a prize from of  all people, Napoleon.

He sealed fruit and vegetables in glass and topped it with a cork, sealed it with wax and boiled it to rid the air out of it. After he stored it, a few months later, the taste test was proof, it was a success. But he was also confectioner, but remembered while drinking wine, that if you cut the branch, the oxygen is cut off and will keep the grapes from growing.

Jesus prunes us His way cutting off the dead leaves and things that are bad, it occurred to me that the things that oppress us are cutting us off from Jesus, the vine. He is our oxygen, our very breath of heaven. And we branches need Him desperately.

The Ruach Ha’Kodesh, the Holy Spirit, the wind, the pnuema, the breath that God breathed into man, created a living soul. So we must not be cut off from Jesus or His Spirit in Him. We should not be grieving the Holy Spirit.

We should always be praying in the Spirit. Remain in Jesus, the vine, letting Him prune the branches so we won’t be choked off and be like dry leaves thrown into the fire. Believe me, it is better to let Jesus prune us and not let the devil mess our good ground up, we have to have oxygen and not thorns. So let’s breathe and enjoy Jesus, and bear much fruit, just like He said. Rebecca Jones