A New Creation In Christ

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away. Behold, the new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17

We are all familiar with this beautiful verse about salvation. It is also relative to resurrection. When we accept Jesus as Lord, and are born again, truly repentant and forgive. It is like being crucified on the cross with Him, and risen again. We are supposed to be living our lives in Him.

As we follow Him and grow in grace, we are supposed to become more and more like Him, and when we do we have that adversary, and accuser, we have to not be ignorant of his devices, we have the power to overcome temptation and sin, but we are not greater than He is and often we can be offended and persecuted for Him, but we can take comfort in that when that happens, His Spirit is resting on us.

How are we a new creation? Like the butterfly, we beat our wings to gain strength and break free of the cocoon. Butterflies will die if they are cut out or helped out, and if not, they are crippled, and they don’t live long. Their life span is minimal anyway, the longest a few months.

But the comparison is very real because our life here is relatively short compared to the days of the Old Testament, and only a flicker against all eternity. God did Adam and Eve a favor by not allowing them to stay in the garden, they could have eaten from the tree of life and lived forever in a fallen state. Thankfully, He had a plan to redeem us.

And His name is Jesus, the one who suffered and died to give us a chance of having eternal life, to become new creations, our born again spirits, are like the butterflies, we need the Holy Spirit to comfort and teach, to guide us into all truths.

When we find ourselves wrestling against things that are not flesh and blood, we know the greater one is in us. And we have authority over ourselves, we are supposed to dead to sin, we should not want to, and be able to resist it by being in submission to God.

New creations with new lives in Him, how blessed we are, and like the butterfly, free to soar in Him, I see butterflies all the time and sometimes they even follow me and it is like they are dancing little angels, rejoicing over me, looking into my salvation, seeing me as a new creation.

annafill28 / pixabay

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