A New Thing

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Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19

So often God does new things in our lives, and we don’t perceive them, do we? We all have ideas about life and they include, childhood, school and maybe, college. Careers or marriage and children, retirement. I like that life well planned commercial. I thought I had mine planned, but you know, I didn’t always see how God was moving and answering prayers, I didn’t always have a clue about how good He was and some of the new things would just have to wait. And He would make them beautiful in His time.

The new things He was doing for me, was a lot of intercession, because I simply could not be where He wanted me to be yet. And this is a prophetic word in Isaiah concerning Israel. As I wrote ahead  for November, I have had a lot of women agreeing and beginning to sense His imminent return, though we don’t know exactly when.

Jesus accomplished a lot of His ministry during the fall feasts and was crucified at Passover, could he come in the fall? It is possible. And hearing of  Iran’s nuclear capabilities being closer gives us cause to be concerned and while I believe in a pre-tribulation Rapture or catching away of the church, it never hurts to have a few  supplies in case of emergencies, keep a tank of gas, flashlights, canned goods and such, not to the extreme of going off the grid, but be aware things are falling into place, and the Antichrist will be revealed after the church is gone.

With the destruction in that time He will create a new heaven and earth. Israel will again be flowing with milk and honey and the streams will be in the desert, as the wandering in the wilderness ends, and they will look upon the one they pierced and know He really was and is the Messiah.

Have you ever been to Israel? I haven’t but I have seen the sweet breads and delicious fruits and vegetables, the feasts and weddings, the singing and dancing. I have seen the places Jesus walked, the shores of Galilee, I have purchased lotions made from the Dead Sea Minerals, and there is fragrant anoint oil made there.

Many Jews are not religious at all, like so many, and there is a need to pray for souls to know Jesus and also the peace of Jerusalem. While this verse was for the times ahead as Isaiah prophesied, the words are applicable to our spiritual lives, He works wonders, even the miraculous, and we may not perceive it, or see it, but we can by faith and through the Spirit. And one day there will be a whole new world that the Prince of Peace rules and that is a good thing, and a new one.


Mahdi Chigari / Unsplash

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