Speaking Peace

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Whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace be to this house!’ Luke 10:5

This was the instruction to His disciples, they were not taking money or anything with them as they went to visit people and to break bread or have Communion as we know it. It was still a practice in the early church and more recently people are taking it at home.

While shalom or peace is a greeting, it is more than hello or goodbye, more like, ” How is your peace? ” It has the suggestion of nothing missing or broken in their soul. So, as they disciples went to each house, they were to first speak peace to it. If a man of peace or woman as they visited women also, like Lydia, for instance, lived there and they were welcomed, accepted, even offered lodging or money for their ministry, the peace remained.

And if not they were to shake the dust from there feet an move on. First, let’s talk about being a disciple. In a way we are, but truly we are accepted into the beloved and are sons and daughters, we were crucified with Him and may hold the cross in esteem, but we need to see Him as resurrected, and realize we can’t carry that cross, He did it. And while we see Him with a full one, it was likely a cross beam, the other piece His fee would have been nailed to, and then lifted up. Such a horrible death for someone with so great a love.

As for money or donations, you can’t always donate to everyone, but people contributed to Jesus’ ministry. So, if a ministry blesses you, it is alright to give, and He does understand if you can’t always tithe. People are often upset with minister for being paid, believe me full time ones should be, the workman is worthy of his hire. And people in charge of larger ones, are criticized for having money, but look what the wise men brought Jesus. He did not leave heaven for us to languish in lack and poverty, another way we can see deceitfulness of riches.

That being said, in comparison to believers now, is the fact, they were told to speak His peace, a gift from John 14:27, and Jesus knew they would not always be welcomed. Hence the warning to shake the dust off. Dust is where the enemy was cursed to crawl, it is the real devil’s food in a sense, like the old ashes of sin, shake it off, and continue in peace.

We are already aware that we are to live as peaceably as possible and that it is not always possible, so we have to let go of things that hinder us or drag us through the mud, keep us in turmoil, shake them off and go on. Even in the Old Testament, God’s peace was spoken to houses.

And not just any old peace, His peace, the peace that passes understanding the peace of God, the peace of Christ and the peace we have in the Spirit. It is a blessing. Let me speak peace to you today and you take that authority as a believer and speak it over your situation.

Father, I speak to the body, peace to the bodies that are worried, tired and even afraid. Peace, peace, create the fruit of the lips and heal them, Isaiah 57:19. Peace to the body of Christ, restoration and wholeness. Shalom, the very peace of God.

Peace to homes and business and schools, churches, peace through hospitals, and with those in serve and first responders, peace to Jews and Gentiles, peace to Jerusalem. His peace, what a glorious day when the Prince of Peace arrives, I know you give every person every chance to know His love and sacrifice, His peace, in Jesus name, I speak His peace.


Jerzy Gorecki / Pixabay

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