Transitioning To Peace

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Transitioning to peace, what a wonderful thought. I have to explain it to you. I never knew that God offered so much peace. And it came from Him even back in the Old Testament days when He offered the Israelites rest and they refused. His rest and His peace go together, so you have to study and receive His peace, and it comes from a spiritual rest, a very deep, refreshing rest. And it is a daily one, and sometimes, moment by moment but He will guide you through it.

His peace from John 14:27 is different than anything we know as peace, it is a blessed assurance, that Jesus is our Lord and a foretaste of His divine glory. everything is going wrong and you know He is the one to make it right, and if not right now, in the time He sees fit and that is beautiful.

How are you going to pay that bill, take care of the mortgage? Get to work? What about taking Covid shots? Look at all the turmoil in the world, what is something bad happens? You can have His peace. You can even sleep in a heavenly peace knowing that He never sleeps and never slumbers. And that He is control and His angels have been charged.

Peace is heavenly peace not just the absence of war or confusion, conflict, even spiritual warfare. So peace is a state of grace, even a state of continual grace, it is an ongoing process like salvation, and much like that you will have to grow into it. You have to sow peace to reap peace and not everyone will reciprocate. So, you need the Prince of Peace even more.

I know it sounds weird, but you are so not used to His peace. You might have to get comfortable in it, it will take some getting used to but we can do it, and then you will want to bathe in it, soak in it, and relish and enjoy every second of it and guess what? You will be transitioning to peace. Getting ready for heaven and perhaps even experiencing some heaven on earth for a change. 

What is it that you are going through today? What are you transitioning through? A new home? A new workplace of boss, college? Divorce? Spiritual warfare, attack on your mind and heart? Well, beloved of God, there is hope and His name is Jesus and He is the beloved Son of God who died for us and is also our great High Priest, easily touched by infirmities.

He know about sickness, disease and the cares or the world, He know we can get into the lust of the flesh and start looking toward other people for answers but He has them, He knows how needing money can deceive us too, and persecution. He knows and still He is the beloved Prince of Peace, not in a manger or tomb, but in heaven looking down on us and offering to transition us into His peace.


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