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Don’t you just love the song, Silent Night? Sleep in heavenly peace. Is that possible? It sure is but it took me way too long to learn how. God has really sown peace into my heart these past years, I know He saw what He wanted my life to be, and what it actually was. It is hard for Him to get through to us when we are oppressed or depressed and I had been through a lot of spiritual warfare.

I began to study entering His rest, it was refused in Isaiah and it made God mad. Jesus offers this same rest in Matthew 28, Hebrews 4 expounds on it. It is the Sabbath rest, God’s work was finished and creation went on. Jesus finished His work on the cross, and the Spirit went on to teach and guide us, but do we receive?

The only real rest is in Him. Psalm 127:2 reminds us the vanity of laboring, getting up early and staying up late. But He gives sleep to the beloved. And that is us as believers in Christ. We toil, if not actual work, our minds are spiraling out of control in the night, we fall into fear and worry. That is not God’s best or even His will for us.

He wants us to be like the lilies who do not toil or spin but are even more adorned than Solomon, to realize that we are worth more than many sparrows and yet the God of heavenly peace gather each fallen one, He would have had none of His creation to ever face death, His plan was eternal. The gift of free will and Adam’s fall changed that, Jesus changed it back, while death is still present, Jesus defeated it, and eternal life is heavenly peace forever.

He wants us to know that we are crowned with His love and peace, robed in His righteousness, that He offers rest and left the gift of His peace. He wants us to know we are far above rubies, that He has embraced us, when we accepted Christ, God accepted us into the beloved, a spiritual marriage.

God has plans for all of us and while we may or may not accomplish what He desires, they are good plans and prosperous one, but we have to rest, to refresh and receive His heavenly peace. I sleep a lot more now, I still get things done. I have found it pays to be still and let Him fight. Exodus 14:14, Psalm 46:10.

Do you have trouble resting in Him, sleeping in heavenly peace, turn your mind off to cares and worry and see yourself as his beloved child, and fall asleep, safe in your Father’s arms.


fa barboza / unsplash   She is reading a Bible in Spanish.

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