Remission Of Sin

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Indeed we may almost say that in obedience to the Law everything is sprinkled with blood, and that apart from the outpouring of blood there is no remission of sins. Hebrews 9:22 Weymouth

A lot of the translations say forgiveness of sin and that is accurate, growing up hearing mostly King James, I chose to use remission, meaning absolution, amnesty, forgiveness and pardon. excuse, plead and atone. All this w brought about by the shed blood of Christ on the cross. A willing Savior, He was a freewill, guilt, sin, grain, drink and even burnt offering, all of them once and for all who would believe.

He explains this as He institutes Holy Communion, many people  turned away from Him after that, and many remain terrified of taking part, which they should not if they aren’t repentant, if you are continually sinning, I would not. I take communion, many people have experienced healing from it, you can even take it at home. Don’t you need a priest? The Bible calls believers kings and priests. 

But you do have to know the meaning, the people that sleep or have died, didn’t understand it. His blood covers the sin, His body, healing. So, how did it all start? Back in the garden after the fall, the Bible says that God walked there in the cool of the day, personally, I think it was Jesus even then, because God is Spirit and Jesus was given authority and came in the flesh. And later as the Angel of the Lord.

However, it was, there was no asking forgiveness, fear had overwhelmed them and it would take an animal sacrifice to cover the sin, and likely it could have been a lamb even then, just my own speculation that it was Jesus making the sacrifice even then His heart wrenching. 

And so for thousands of years, and millions of sacrifices later, John will point out Jesus and then say  ” Behold , the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. ” And He did, He was the once and for all sacrifice for those who would believe. He brought grace and truth, by fulfilling the law.

Now, there were all kinds of sacrifices, Jesus covers them all. The high priest wound enter in to the Holy of Holies, and sprinkle blood. Jesus is now our High Priest and does the same on Yom Kippor, the Day of Atonement, it was almost two weeks ago, His blood is in heaven, the devil can’t run up there accusing us like he did Job, now he accuses us night and day, but we don’t have to listen to his nonsense.

We have weapons of spiritual warfare, the patriarchs and prophets could only dream of, His name, His Word and we can plead His blood, and then there is the Holy Spirit in us as believers, He only came upon people in the old days, now He resides in us, and the blood of Jesus is over the mercy seat  of our hearts, actually, all three abide will us as we accept and welcome Him, our heart is His home.

So, I hope you understand a little more about the importance of His blood, and the offering of His body, the Eucharist, or Communion, it is not to be taken lightly, how awful to think that we can by our turning away from His love that we can crucify Him  afresh. One day on a cross and three days and nights in tomb, was enough, no place for the beloved Son. ( it was three from Thursday  to Sunday, as Jews counted twelve hours for day and night ) 

It should never be far from our thoughts or hearts that Jesus paid the ultimate price to redeem us and is worthy of our praise, it should be in our very souls, the cost of our salvation, without His shed blood, no remission or forgiveness of sin.


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