Without Sin?

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I used to hear this message and preachers would be guessing what Jesus knelt to write as they were gathering stones. There were various answers, but the place where was would not have been ground but stone, was it a commandment? Or His new one to love?

I somehow doubt it was their sins or the names of women they had been with. Whatever it was was powerful enough to make a group of religious men, drop their stones in unison or one by one. There were non left to condemn, and Jesus wouldn’t.

The message is more about the forgiveness than sin. Jesus has every right to condemn, especially, coming to earth and being crucified. He could but He won’t, Romans 8:1 says that there is now no condemnation in Christ Jesus.

We are so quick to condemn others, and even have trouble forgiving ourselves, and others will condemn us, and the enemy certainly will, isn’t it then a blessing that Jesus won’t? He paid the price and offers us grace.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can keep being a willing sinner, but that if you do you can ask for forgiveness. I tell people to keep a repentant heart, and the Spirit will convict, just like at salvation, you know when you are wrong, and you can get back on track.

Women were mistreated in Bible times, just as they are now. They were considered property, and passed to a brother or family member if their husband died. Jesus reaches out here and gives the answer, that He does not condemn.

Those who would have are gone, for they were not without sin. There are lots of topics we could cover here. Divorce was permitted, because of adultery Jesus said in Matthew 5:8, that to look upon a woman with lust made you guilty of adultery already. So, He is not soft on the topic. Men are told how to treat wives in Galatians 5, and women who are loved respond in kind with faithfulness.

You can read a lot of the moral rules about this topic in the Old Testament. But Jesus freed women long before there were women’s rights. That does not mean they can go and sin. His response here is to sin no more. Sins against your body as a believer are worse to me being the temple of the Spirit. You can pass along more than you realize, including spiritual traps, I have seen the results on women and children in domestic violence.

Friends with benefits or one night stands are not worth the damage to you, body or soul but especially as a believer. You have but to look at the woman at the well, who may not have been a prostitute but just passed along, to see His concern for women.

I have seen a widower whose wife died of cancer, marry another woman, who died of cancer and within weeks, marry a third woman. I understand not wanting to be alone, but something was just wrong here, and he went to church. And I have seen a woman lose her husband and know that Jesus is loving her and caring for her. And a young man, a missionary and lover of Christ, stricken in another country, he never married, but he was loved. A woman who knew it was wrong to goo with a man, did and he killed her son. You can [ick up spirits, violent, evil and addictive ones with sins against the body, as an unbeliever, but Christians, knowing better are inviting trouble.

I tell people to wait for the right person, Jesus can bring the very person you are looking for, shouldn’t you be faithful? Just let Him love you until then, these sins are deceptive and cruel, give stronghold to people and enemies we do not want or need in our lives. Don’t trust these decisions to just anyone’s choosing or believer everyone claiming to be a Christian, the Spirit will guide you if you let Him, Jesus was the only one without sin, let’s let Him love and forgive us and sin no more. He really was without sin, and wants us to be.


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