Sin Unto Death

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If anyone sees his brother committing a sin not leading to death, he shall ask, and God will give him life—to those who commit sins that do not lead to death. There is sin that leads to death; I do not say that one should pray for that. 1 John 5:16

What in the world is a sin unto death you might ask? I used the KJV, but sin leading to death is appropriate. I have to say that I had to read a little more about it. A sin unto death is one that causes literal or spiritual death, some are sins that cause the person to have been excommunicated from the synagogue or church.

Most likely, you would think that is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, and I believe that could well be true. However, that was said to a certain group of people and in that context true believers in Christ would never willingly or knowingly do that. The fact you are even concerned about committing such a sin proves He is in you, Someone who had done this would not care. So, it is more.

Sins that lead to death are sins that you could be sentenced to death for, or stoned in those days, and there a lot of them. Even the returning prodigal son could have been stoned, and we know what the main ones were, murder, adultery, prostitution, idolatry. Without Jesus and having a chance, lots of people would be stoned now.

If we see them committing a sin that is not one to death, we can pray for them and God will give them a chance. He can restore them to the fold, if it is one that is to death, it says not to pray. Like I said, I had to think this through.

I lived close to a federal prison, in Atlanta. And there is one close to where I live that electrocutes people. I used to worry hearing that one was coming up, I hate to see anyone face an eternity of hell.  It worried me, so I would pray for the person. And lots of others some famous and some not, but now I don’t go to extremes, I know that God is merciful and offers everyone, every chance to repent. I am thankful He does. These super heinous crimes that have become standard as television shows, the kinds of people, even children, men and women too, have like committed this sin and pay with their life, or a life in prison.

Jesus never mentioned to my knowledge, the death penalty, but He forgave the thief on the cross, He didn’t say to let him down now, not that they would have. I believe in grace and forgiveness but people have to want to change, and you should see it. Some many red flags pop up in these kinds of sinners and I do believe that they have way to many chances and some people just have to be locked away.

People who remain in continual sins, drug use, promiscuity, alcoholism, just unbelief. There are many sins that will lead to death, eventually. The people who refuse to acknowledge any sin, never attempting to change or make amends, they are the ones guilty of this, and  pray a general prayer over them, I have dealt with sinful people, willing sinners, who are often given to lies, now the Lord has blessed me to pray for and encourage other believers.

It has been a load off my heart, the Spirit moved the mountains, the burden for lost souls included. For we know God sees hearts, and I cannot. Ultimately, He knows who will change or not.  I got into a conversation with a woman who believed that only a few certain people will be saved, and it is true that He calls many but chooses few. And true, that the road to heaven is straight, you have to stay on course and that the gate is narrow. But Jesus made the sacrifice and everyone has the chance to believe, He sent His Son to seek and save, and He included the world, but the world’s sin is that it rejects Him, why we who know Him, know His voice, and will make mistakes of be forgiven them, of but not sin unto death. Sounds like you are not repentant.

Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. Matthew 7:13

We all need to be aware of sin, and ask the Spirit to help us and pray for us, so we will never fall into traps that could lead to the sin of death, even ignoring the urge to drive home a different way or not to go to work, I could tell you stories, both of these instance of not listening to the Spirit, ended in death, but not the second, he did listen and it was a co-worker. instead.


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