Power Over Sin

Mateus Argolo

Death gets its power to hurt from sin, and sin gets its power from the Law. 1 Corinthians 15:56

This is a powerful verse isn’t it? This is from the Good News, others use the word sting for hurt. I had to simplify the subject because it is a deep one and people will complicate it with doctrine and their own take, but this its what the word says and God is coming full circle.

In the beginning, the was grace, even though people made sacrifices. But the Jews bragged and said they could obey any law. So they got ten and broke them right away, Moses even tossed them down as his own brother had given in to their demands for idolatry.

These demons and false practices were totally against His will just as they are now. There are still ancient spirits making a play for the souls of many in the end days, but the ancient of days is far above that.

People were not sin conscious until there was a law that pointed it out, and the more they focused on it or the more they tried not to sin, it was if they sinned all the more. God is patient for sure, it took a long time to bring Christ in, and then the ministry of grace.

Paul calls the law and what Christ fulfilled, the ministry of death. And people were saved. So how man more should be if they understood true grace, and the ministry of the Spirit? Jesus was the only perfect man, He was without sin and the perfect sacrifice. There was no need of more. But sin needed to be pointed out in order for us to be redeemed, Jesus even explains that in His ministry, to an even greater detail, they were putting more trust in the law, and their ability to keep it, than God.

Not only is that self righteous and hypocritical, but in a way, idolatrous. And people do put more faith into many things other than God, including money, government, and though vitamins can be good, people who follow certain diets or food rituals, are not necessarily following God.

Sin and death reigned from Adam to Christ, and now grace and truth reign in Christ, He took the sting and hurt of death, sin and death had no power over Him and now that He reigns in us, We have the power of the Holy Spirit, to resist and break the power of sin, tear down the strongholds the demonic forces and sin that brings death.

People still die, or better still just enter the presence of God because of His mercy and their belief in the Son, but man of us will be alive and remaining when He comes, because we know Him and have believed in His love, we are walking free indeed from the law of sin and death. There are people still who want no law, but they don’t really want grace or Christ, that is why there be those will follow a future Antichrist, but I believe the church is taken out first. That will be a time of a false peace that erupts into chaos and death. Don’t wait to make a decision about the love of Jesus.

Real grace is the love of Jesus that washes away sin by the power of His blood, and we are not bragging on ourselves but Him if we realize that. We are not so foolish as to say we have no sin and make Him a liar but we are wise enough to accept His wonderful gift of grace and His above and beyond sacrifice, that we receive His love and forgiveness, knowing He atoned for our sin and remembers them no longer. He has power over it and through Him we do.

And because you belong to Him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death. Romans 8:2 NLT


Mateus Argolo / Pixabay

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